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Paul Evans
Circle::FE::Gtk - Gtk2 frontend for the Circle application host
Circle::FE::Gtk::Tab in lib/Circle/FE/Gtk/Tab.pm
Circle::FE::Gtk::Widget::Box in lib/Circle/FE/Gtk/Widget/Box.pm
Circle::FE::Gtk::Widget::Entry in lib/Circle/FE/Gtk/Widget/Entry.pm
Circle::FE::Gtk::Widget::Label in lib/Circle/FE/Gtk/Widget/Label.pm
Circle::FE::Gtk::Widget::Scroller in lib/Circle/FE/Gtk/Widget/Scroller.pm
Changes for version 0.130560
  • Switched to date-based version numbering scheme
    • http://rjbs.manxome.org/rubric/entry/1749
  • Updates for Tangence 0.18
  • Use recent circle-be's new $moder argument to irc.mode

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