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Anders Ardö
Combine - Focused Web crawler framework
combineCtrl - controls a Combine crawling job
combineExport - export records in XML from Combine database
combineINIT - Initializations of MySQL and config directories
combineRank - calculates various Ranks for a Combine crawled database
combineReClassify - main program that reanalyse records in a combine database
combineRun - starts, monitors and restarts a combine harvesting process
combineSVM - generate a SVM model from good and bad examples
combineUtil - various operations on the Combine database
Combine::FromHTML - HTML parser in combine package
Combine::FromTeX - TeX parser in combine package
Combine::XWI - class for internal representation of a document record
Combine::selurl - Normalise and validate URIs for harvesting
classifyMPCA in PlugIns/MPCA/classifyMPCA.pm
classifyPlugInTemplate in templates/classifyPlugInTemplate.pm
Combine::Check_record in Combine/Check_record.pm
Combine::CleanXML2CanDoc in Combine/CleanXML2CanDoc.pm
Combine::Config in Combine/Config.pm
Combine::DataBase in Combine/DataBase.pm
Combine::FromImage in Combine/FromImage.pm
Combine::GraphAlgorithm in Combine/GraphAlgorithm.pm
Combine::LogSQL in Combine/LogSQL.pm
Combine::Lucene in templates/LuceneIntegration/Lucene.pm
Combine::myAnalyse in templates/myAnalyse.pm
Combine::MySQLhdb in Combine/MySQLhdb.pm
Combine::PosCheck_record in Combine/PosCheck_record.pm
Combine::Solr in Combine/Solr.pm
Combine::UA in Combine/UA.pm
Combine::XWI2XML in Combine/XWI2XML.pm
Combine::Zebra in Combine/Zebra.pm
PosCheck_MPCA_record in PlugIns/MPCA/PosCheck_MPCA_record.pm
Saa in PlugIns/MPCA/Saa.pm
Tana in PlugIns/MPCA/Tana.pm

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