use strict;
use warnings;

our $VERSION = '0.013';

use Net::Delicious::Simple;

sub as_bookmarks {
	my ($del) = @_;
	require Netscape::Bookmarks;

	my $root = Netscape::Bookmarks::Category->new({title => 'del.icio.us'});

	my %tags;
		$tags{$_} = Netscape::Bookmarks::Category->new({title => $_})
	) for $del->tags;

	for ($del->all_posts) {
		for my $tag (@{$_->{tags}}) {
				TITLE       => $_->{description},
				HREF        => $_->{href},
				DESCRIPTION => $_->{extended},
				ADD_DATE    => $_->{datetime},
				LAST_VISIT  => $_->{datetime},
				LAST_MODIFIED => $_->{datetime}


sub as_yaml {
	my ($del) = @_;
	require YAML;
	return YAML::Dump([ $del->all_posts ]);

my $config = Config::Auto::parse('.delicious')
	or die "can't find .delicious for configuration!";
my $del    = Net::Delicious::Simple->new($config)
	or die "can't create del.icio.us agent!";

die "usage: delbackup [-y|-ns]"  unless @ARGV;

if ($ARGV[0] eq '-ns') {
	print as_bookmarks($del);
} elsif ($ARGV[0] eq '-y') {
	print as_yaml($del);
} else {
	die "usage: delbackup [-y|-ns]";


=head1 NAME

delbackup - back up your del.icio.us posts

=head1 VERSION



 plumcake!rjbs% delbackup -y > delicious.yml


C<delbackup> is a simple utility to back up your del.icio.us posts.  It can
produce YAML output (using the C<-y> option) or Netscape-style bookmarks (using
the C<-ns> option).

It loads its configuration via L<Config::Auto>, looking for a file named
".delicious"  One simple format for this file would be as follows:

 user: plki
 pswd: secret