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Eric Rybski
forks - drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork()
forks::Devel::Symdump - dump symbol names or the symbol table
forks::shared - drop-in replacement for Perl threads::shared with forks()
forks::signals - signal management for forks
threads::shared::array - default class for tie-ing arrays to threads with forks
threads::shared::handle - default class for tie-ing handles to threads with forks
threads::shared::hash - default class for tie-ing hashes to threads with forks
threads::shared::scalar - default class for tie-ing scalars to threads with forks
Changes for version 0.36
  • **** Bug fixes *****
    • Fix a usage bug with an each iterator in manager process. (RT#56263) Improves compatibility with Perl 5.18 and later.
    • Support prompt from ExtUtils::MakeMaker when available. (RT#82781)
  • **** Miscellaneous changes *****
    • Support Makefile.PL env FORKS_SIMULATE_USEITHREADS=1 option to auto-install forks in
    • place of threads namespace for non-ithreaded Perl build. (RT#69880)
  • **** Threads API consistency changes *****
    • Bumped threads $VERSION to 1.92, threads::shared $VERSION to 1.39. to match
    • version-supported features and behavior.

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