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Changes for version 8.101

  • prefer http mirrors when using a mirrorlist, this avoids selecting an rsync mirror which prevents aria2 from being used
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  • proxy.cfg - urpmi proxy configuration file format.
  • rurpme - restricted urpme
  • rurpmi - restricted urpmi
  • urpme - rpm deinstaller
  • urpmf - Finds the packages matching some conditions
  • urpmi - rpm downloader, installer and dependency solver
  • urpmi.addmedia - adds a new rpm media to be used by urpmi
  • urpmi.cfg - urpmi option and media configuration file format
  • urpmi.files - files used by the urpmi tools
  • urpmi.removemedia - remove a rpm media from the known media of urpmi
  • urpmi.update - Updates package lists for specified media
  • urpmihowto - urpmi Advanced How-To
  • urpmq - urpmi database query tool.