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Pugs::Compiler::Perl6 - An experimental compiler for Perl 6
v6 - An experimental Perl 6 implementation
Pugs::Emitter::Perl6::Perl5 in lib/Pugs/Emitter/Perl6/Perl5.pm
Pugs::Grammar::Expression in lib/Pugs/Grammar/Expression.pm
Pugs::Grammar::P6Rule in lib/Pugs/Grammar/P6Rule.pm
Pugs::Grammar::Pod in lib/Pugs/Grammar/Pod.pm
Pugs::Runtime::Perl6::Routine in lib/Pugs/Runtime/Perl6.pm
Pugs::Runtime::Perl6::Scalar in lib/Pugs/Runtime/Perl6.pm
Pugs::Runtime::Perl6::Scalar::Alias in lib/Pugs/Runtime/Perl6.pm
Changes for version 0.006
    • we now no longer use Parse::Yapp
    • all expression parsing is done with Perl 6 grrammar
    • regex/token/rule declarations in Perl 6 are parsed
    • uses Moose 0.10 for Perl 6 classes and objects
    • squash warnings

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