Distributions Which Depend on CPANPLUS-Dist-Build
Release Uploaded
CPANPLUS-YACSmoke-1.02 Yet Another CPANPLUS Smoke Tester 08 Apr 2017 19:54:07 GMT
Task-BeLike-BINGOS-1.06 Be the most BINGOS you can be 29 Mar 2017 18:15:45 GMT
CPANPLUS-Shell-Default-Plugins-Prereqs-0.10 Plugin for CPANPLUS to automate the installation of prerequisites without installing the module 07 Mar 2012 23:33:40 GMT
CPANPLUS-Dist-Deb-0.12 CPANPLUS plugin to create debian packages on the fly 08 May 2009 10:44:00 GMT
CPANPLUS-Dist-PAR-0.02 Perl extension for blah blah blah 05 Oct 2006 15:15:59 GMT
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