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Distributions Which Depend on DBIx-Class-DeploymentHandler
Release Uploaded
Galileo-0.034 A simple modern CMS built on Mojolicious 31 May 2014 13:06:42 GMT
AproJo-0.008 A time recording application based on Mojolicious 08 May 2014 12:18:16 GMT
DBIx-Class-Migration-0.044 Tools to make migrating your DBIx::Class databases easier 25 Oct 2013 16:20:21 GMT
Task-BeLike-MELO-0.011 All the stuff I install with a fresh perl 13 Jul 2013 18:06:53 GMT
App-DH-0.001002 Deploy your DBIx::Class Schema to DDL/Database via DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler 07 Apr 2013 22:13:45 GMT

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