Distributions Which Depend on DBIx-Recordset
River gauge Release Uploaded
FreeRADIUS-Database-0.06 FreeRADIUS::Database - FreeRADIUS database manager 11 Mar 2012 01:24:15 GMT
XML-RDB-1.3 a perl script using the XML::RDB modules to create DDL from XML, load generated DDL and XML data, and able to extract the data back to XML. Tested with Postgreql 8.3, SQLite 3.6.16, and MySQL 5.0.51a. 30 Sep 2009 03:36:40 GMT
App-Repository-0.966 Logical data access layer for the App::Context Framework, providing a uniform API to access data in databases, file systems, remote web sites, etc. 27 Feb 2008 03:13:53 GMT
DBIx-Recordset-Playground-1.9 working sample usages of DBIx::Recordset 24 Oct 2003 14:35:18 GMT
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