Distributions Which Depend on Date-Extract
Release Uploaded
Bencher-Scenarios-HumanDateParsingModules-0.006 Benchmark human date parsing modules e.g. DF:Natural, DF:Alami, etc. 25 Jan 2017 08:22:40 GMT
Sort-Sub-by_date_in_text-0.007 Sort by date found in text or (if no date is found) ascibetically 18 Dec 2016 03:46:22 GMT
Bencher-Scenarios-DateTimeFormatAlami-0.004 A collection of scenarios to benchmark DateTime::Format::Alami 30 Jun 2016 12:22:42 GMT
App-ExtractDate-0.002 Extract date from lines of text 06 Apr 2016 15:55:40 GMT
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