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Distributions Which Depend on Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OSPrereqs
Release Uploaded
Term-Title-0.08 Portable API to set the terminal titlebar 14 Mar 2014 14:41:48 GMT
Capture-Tiny-0.24 Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs 06 Feb 2014 22:18:06 GMT
Task-LiveDVD-FrankfurtPM-0.03 All these modules are installed on LiveDVDs we give away 23 Oct 2013 12:07:55 GMT
Prophet-Devel-0.001 Installs the modules and tools needed for hacking on Prophet 20 May 2013 02:53:06 GMT
Task-Dist-Zilla-1.111681 task to install dist-zilla and all its plugins 17 Jun 2011 16:52:58 GMT

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