Distributions Which Depend on Getopt-Euclid
Release Uploaded
VSGDR-UnitTest-TestSet-1.32 Sealed class for Microsoft Visual Studio Database Edition UnitTest Utility Suite by Ded MedVed 16 Mar 2015 14:55:49 GMT
VSGDR-TestScriptGen-0.13 Unit test script support package for SSDT unit tests, Ded MedVed. 11 Mar 2015 14:49:19 GMT
VSGDR-StaticData-0.25 Static data script support package for SSDT post-deployment steps, Ded MedVed. 30 Sep 2014 10:49:11 GMT
NetHack-PriceID-0.05 identify NetHack items using shopkeepers 22 Jul 2014 14:21:43 GMT
Audio-MPD-2.000 class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers 11 Jun 2014 12:31:35 GMT
Bio-Community-0.001007 Modules to represent and manipulate communities of biological organisms 28 May 2014 06:28:28 GMT
Test-Approvals-v0.0.5 Capture human intelligence in your tests 11 May 2013 12:10:31 GMT
Module-Install-PodFromEuclid-0.01 Module::Install extension to make POD from 19 Nov 2012 06:38:11 GMT
Task-Cpanel-Internal-11.36.001 These modules are used for internal cPanel development. 19 Jul 2012 16:05:39 GMT
MARC-Record-Stats-v0.0.4 scans one or many MARC::Record and gives a statistics on the tags and subtags 02 Sep 2011 10:14:05 GMT
Games-RailRoad-1.101330 a train simulation game 13 May 2010 08:37:19 GMT