Distributions Which Depend on HTTP-BrowserDetect
Release Uploaded
HTTP-Headers-UserAgent-3.08 identify browser by parsing User-Agent string (deprecated) 10 Mar 2015 07:57:32 GMT
CGI-Lingua-0.52 Create a multilingual web page 24 Jan 2015 15:10:51 GMT
CGI-Info-0.51 Information about the CGI environment 03 Jan 2015 01:37:03 GMT
App-Cerberus-0.11 A pluggable Perl web service to preprocess web requests. Plugins can add geo, timezone and browser metadata, and throttle request rate. 12 Oct 2014 18:36:01 GMT
Puzzle-0.20 A Web framework 09 Jul 2014 13:27:41 GMT
Dancer-Plugin-Browser-1.141180 Provides an easy to have info of the browser. 28 Apr 2014 08:58:01 GMT
CatalystX-I18N-1.13 Catalyst internationalisation (I18N) framework 28 Jan 2014 19:48:21 GMT
Nginx-Log-Entry-0.05 This class represents a single line from the Nginx combined access log (the default access log format). It provides methods to extract information from the log entry, such as the browser, operating system, request type, ip address and more. If you want to gather statistics about an Nginx log, consider using Nginx::Log::Statistics which uses this class. 18 Nov 2013 02:31:33 GMT
Dancer-Plugin-Device-Layout-v0.1 Dancer v1 plugin Dancer::Plugin::Device::Layout dynamically changes layout to match user agent's best layout. 08 Jun 2013 18:34:55 GMT
Dancer-Plugin-Browser-1.130570 Easy to detect browser. 26 Feb 2013 14:30:11 GMT
Mojolicious-Plugin-BrowserDetect-0.003 HTTP::BrowserDetect integration for Mojolicious 21 Feb 2013 19:28:23 GMT
Plack-Middleware-BrowserDetector-0.04 Plack middleware to identify browsers 20 Sep 2012 20:05:37 GMT
Task-WebGUI-2.0000 Get all the prereqs for WebGUI 27 Jun 2012 21:25:35 GMT
Apache2-WebApp-Plugin-Validate-0.08 Common methods used for validating user input 08 Jan 2011 13:21:42 GMT
Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-BrowserDetect-0.02 Browser detection for Catalyst::Requests 22 Aug 2009 09:55:01 GMT
Egg-Release-3.14 lib/Egg/Release.pm 29 May 2008 16:11:16 GMT
CGI-Upload-1.11 CGI class for handling browser file uploads 07 Mar 2008 15:38:56 GMT
CGI-Application-Plugin-BrowserDetect-1.00 Browser detection plugin for CGI::Application 05 Feb 2008 21:58:16 GMT
Konstrukt-0.5-beta13 Web application/design framework 13 Dec 2007 19:46:13 GMT
Task-CVSMonitor-0.006004 Install all the CPAN modules needed by CVS Monitor 14 Nov 2007 00:27:32 GMT
FileUpload-Filename-0.02 Return the name of an uploaded file 06 Sep 2006 08:50:59 GMT
Bundle-CVSMonitor-1.06 A bundle to install all CVSMonitor modules 05 Oct 2004 00:39:46 GMT