Distributions Which Depend on MIME-Base64-URLSafe
River gauge Release Uploaded
Facebook-OpenGraph-1.24 Simple way to handle Facebook's Graph API. 05 Apr 2018 02:18:15 GMT
Net-Google-SafeBrowsing3-0.8 Perl extension for the Google Safe Browsing v3 API. (Google Safe Browsing v2 has been deprecated by Google.) 25 Jan 2018 01:58:41 GMT
Facebook-Graph-1.1204 A fast and easy way to integrate your apps with Facebook. 14 Jun 2017 16:30:57 GMT
Net-Google-SafeBrowsing2-1.13 Perl library for the Google Safe Browsing v2 API. (Google Safe Browsing v1 has been deprecated by Google.) 20 Mar 2016 05:25:03 GMT
Prophet-0.751 A distributed database system 20 May 2013 03:28:38 GMT
Facebook-0.102 Facebook SDK in Perl 29 Mar 2011 19:49:12 GMT
Crypt-Util-0.11 A lightweight Crypt/Digest convenience API 27 May 2010 09:58:24 GMT
Jifty-Plugin-Comment-1.00 Add comments to any record 26 Jun 2009 07:43:17 GMT
Crypt-Skip32-Base64URLSafe-0.33 Create URL-safe encodings of 32-bit values 08 Oct 2008 13:53:27 GMT
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