Distributions Which Depend on Sort-Key-Top
Release Uploaded
Algorithm-Evolutionary-Simple-0.2 Run a simple, canonical evolutionary algorithm in Perl 23 Mar 2016 17:49:18 GMT
Math-Vector-Real-kdTree-0.15 kd-Tree implementation on top of Math::Vector::Real 14 Apr 2015 14:54:39 GMT
rss2leafnode-78 Download RSS feeds or web pages to an NNTP news server. 08 Feb 2015 06:14:17 GMT
Math-Vector-Real-Farthest-0.02 Find the two more distant vectors from a set 26 Apr 2014 21:12:20 GMT
Audio-Analyzer-ToneDetect-0.04 Detect freq of tones in an audio file or stream 09 Sep 2013 02:14:05 GMT