Distributions Which Depend on WordNet-Similarity
Release Uploaded
WordNet-BestStem-0.2.2 get the best guess stem of a word. 25 Feb 2010 14:44:50 GMT
FrameNet-WordNet-Detour-1.1 a WordNet to FrameNet Detour. 11 Sep 2009 13:18:08 GMT
WordNet-SenseRelate-AllWords-0.19 Disambiguate All Words in a Text based on semantic similarity and relatedness in WordNet 28 May 2009 01:46:03 GMT
WordNet-SenseRelate-WordToSet-0.04 Find the WordNet Sense of a Target 07 Apr 2008 03:39:42 GMT
WordNet-SenseRelate-TargetWord-0.09 Perl modules that provides certain common WordNet tools. 24 Dec 2006 13:13:56 GMT
Lingua-EN-WSD-CorpusBased-0.11 Word Sense Disambiguation using a domain corpus 03 Oct 2006 17:24:00 GMT
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