Net::RDAP - an interface to the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Net::RDAP provides an interface to the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). RDAP is gradually replacing Whois as the preferred way of obtainining information about Internet resources (IP addresses, autonymous system numbers, and domain names). A...

GBROWN/Net-RDAP-0.14 - 06 Mar 2019 10:20:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Redis::JobQueue - Job queue management implemented using Redis server. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The main features of the package are: * Supports the automatic creation of job queues, job status monitoring, updating the job data set, obtaining a consistent job from the queue, removing jobs, and the classification of possible errors. * Contains v...

SGLADKOV/Redis-JobQueue-1.19 - 25 Feb 2017 08:04:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::Kit - Handy toolbox of things to ease development/debugging. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

From one line data dumping sanity checks to debug print statements in a large body of code I often found myself reinventing these basic solutions. Hence this module was born to help give a host of functions/functionality with a minimum of typing/effo...

DMUEY/Devel-Kit-0.81 - 15 Dec 2013 17:35:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Crypt::PBC - OO interface for the Stanford PBC library River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

JETTERO/Crypt-PBC-0.9000 - 30 Jul 2009 20:03:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Xslate - Scalable template engine for Perl5 River stage three • 78 direct dependents • 136 total dependents

Xslate is a template engine, tuned for persistent applications, safe as an HTML generator, and with rich features. There are a lot of template engines in CPAN, for example Template-Toolkit, Text::MicroTemplate, HTML::Template, and so on, but all of t...

SKAJI/Text-Xslate-v3.5.6 - 08 Jan 2018 06:41:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Jabber::Lite - Standalone library for communicating with Jabber servers. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Jabber::Lite is, as the name implies, a small 'lite' library for dealing with Jabber servers, implemented entirely in perl. Whilst it is small, it does try to be fairly complete for common tasks. Whats in the box? Jabber::Lite is able to connect to a...

BEECEE/Jabber-Lite-0.8 - 13 Feb 2007 06:11:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SSLeay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL River stage four • 135 direct dependents • 2267 total dependents

Net::SSLeay module contains perl bindings to openssl (<>) library. COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Net::SSLeay cannot be built with pre-0.9.3 openssl. It is strongly recommended to use at least 0.9.7 (as older versions are not tested during...

CHRISN/Net-SSLeay-1.88 - 10 May 2019 20:36:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest - Modules that calculate message digests River stage five • 73 direct dependents • 12697 total dependents

The "Digest::" modules calculate digests, also called "fingerprints" or "hashes", of some data, called a message. The digest is (usually) some small/fixed size string. The actual size of the digest depend of the algorithm used. The message is simply ...

GAAS/Digest-1.17 - 02 Oct 2011 10:14:32 GMT - Search in distribution

bootstrap-perl - Bootstrap Perl inclusive CPAN from git River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

SCHWIGON/App-Bootstrap-Perl-0.16 - 26 Apr 2019 08:48:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Session - Persistent session data management River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Data::Session is typically used by a CGI script to preserve state data between runs of the script. This gives the end user the illusion that the script never exits. It can also be used to communicate between 2 scripts, as long as they agree beforehan...

RSAVAGE/Data-Session-1.17 - 13 Feb 2016 22:45:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Redis::CappedCollection - Provides fixed size (determined by 'maxmemory' Redis server setting) collections with FIFO data removal. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Main features of the package are: * Support creation of capped collection, status monitoring, updating the data set, obtaining consistent data from the collection, automatic data removal, error reporting. * Simple API for inserting and retrieving dat...

SGLADKOV/Redis-CappedCollection-1.10 - 25 Feb 2017 08:11:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::SSH2 - Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2. River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 26 total dependents

Net::SSH2 is a Perl interface to the libssh2 (<>) library. It supports the SSH2 protocol (there is no support for SSH1) with all of the key exchanges, ciphers, and compression of libssh2. Even if the module can be compiled and l...

SALVA/Net-SSH2-0.70 - 17 Mar 2019 09:39:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Extorter - Import Routines By Any Means Necessary River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

The Extorter module allows you to create import lists which extract routines from the package(s) specified. It will import routines found in the package variables @EXPORT, @EXPORT_OK and %EXPORT_TAGS, or, extract routines defined in the package which...

AWNCORP/Extorter-0.10 - 02 Feb 2015 07:03:32 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Sig - A toolkit to help sign and verify XML Digital Signatures. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This perl module provides two primary capabilities: given an XML string, create and insert a digital signature, or if one is already present in the string verify it -- all in accordance with the W3C standard governing XML signatures....

BYRNE/XML-Sig-0.22 - 08 Dec 2009 18:00:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Myco::Admin - myco System Administration Guide. River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This guide is intended for the system administrator in charge of installing, configuring, or tuning a myco system....

SOMMERB/Myco-1.22 - 31 Mar 2006 19:22:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::Apps::MacPGP - Interface to MacPGP 2.6.3 River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MacPerl interface to MacPGP 2.6.3. Older versions WILL NOT WORK. The MIT version, MacPGP 2.6.2, does not support nearly the number of AppleEvents as does 2.6.3. For those outside the U.S., you will not be able to download the program; but there are I...

CNANDOR/Mac-Apps-MacPGP-1.20 - 06 Jan 1998 15:46:40 GMT - Search in distribution

MySQL::Packet - encode and decode the MySQL binary protocol River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This module exports various functions for encoding and decoding binary packets pertinent to the MySQL client/server protocol. It also exports some useful constants. It does NOT wrap an IO::Socket handle for you. This is ALPHA code. It currently groks...

TAVIN/MySQL-Packet-0.2007054 - 23 Feb 2007 22:33:25 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::SecureState - Transparent, secure statefulness for CGI programs River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

A Better Solution to the stateless problem. HTTP is by nature a stateless protocol; as soon as the requested object is delivered, HTTP severs the object's connection to the client. HTTP retains no memory of the request details and does not relate sub...

BEHROOZI/CGI-SecureState-0.36 - 03 Jan 2003 05:38:57 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Hashl - Partially hash files, check if files are equal etc. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

App::Hashl contains utilities to hash the first n bytes of files, store and recall them, check if another file is already in the database and optionally ignore file hashes....

DERF/App-Hashl-1.01 - 08 Jan 2017 10:12:31 GMT - Search in distribution

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