Apache2::AuthCASSimple - Apache2 module to authentificate through a CAS server River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::AuthCASSimple is an authentication module for Apache2/mod_perl2. It allow you to authentificate users through a Yale CAS server. It means you don't need to give login/password if you've already be authentificate by the CAS server, only ticke...

YVESAGO/Apache2-AuthCASSimple-0.10 - 10 May 2009 15:54:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthCookieDBI - An AuthCookie module backed by a DBI database. River stage zero No dependents

This module is an authentication handler that uses the basic mechanism provided by Apache2::AuthCookie with a DBI database for ticket-based protection. It is based on two tokens being provided, a username and password, which can be any strings (there...

MATISSE/Apache2-AuthCookieDBI-2.18 - 17 Aug 2019 19:41:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthenSecurID - Authentication via a SecurID server River stage zero No dependents

This module allows authentication against a SecurID server. It detects whether a user has a valid encrypted cookie containing their username and last activity time stamp. If the cookie is valid the module will change the activity timestamp to the pre...

TOBEYA/Apache2-AuthenSecurID-0.5 - 13 Dec 2007 07:26:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::xForwardedFor - Re-set remote_ip to incoming client's ip when running mod_perl behind a reverse proxy server. In other words, copy the first IP from X-Forwarded-For header, which was set by your reverse proxy server, to the remote_ip connection property. River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::xForwardedFor will let you do all this neat stuff migrate X-Forwarded-For headers into $c->remote_ip for proxied requests specify which reverse proxy servers your mod_perl app serves to using: a list of IPs you allow a list of IPs you prohib...

JVANASCO/Apache2-xForwardedFor-0.04 - 18 Aug 2006 23:37:37 GMT - Search in distribution

MasonX::Apache2Handler - experimental (alpha) Mason/mod_perl2 interface River stage zero No dependents

MasonX::Apache2Handler is highly experimental ( alpha ) and should only be used in a test environment. MasonX::Apache2Handler is a clone of HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler changed to work under a pure mod_perl2 environment. The external interface is uncha...

BEAU/MasonX-Apache2Handler-0.05 - 13 Apr 2004 20:35:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Catmandu::Importer::ApacheLog - Catmandu importer for importing log entries River stage zero No dependents

This importer reads every entry in the log file, and put the log entries (status, rhost ..) into a record. The original line is stored in the attribute '_log'....

NJFRANCK/Catmandu-Importer-ApacheLog-0.0112 - 17 May 2016 10:12:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Software::License::Apache_1_1 - The Apache Software License, Version 1.1 River stage four • 104 direct dependents • 1279 total dependents

LEONT/Software-License-0.103014 - 27 Nov 2018 22:16:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Markdown::ApacheHandler - Processes files with Markdown syntax for Apache River stage zero No dependents

KULP/Text-Markdown-ApacheHandler-0.04 - 01 Aug 2006 14:06:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthCookieLDAP - An Apache2::AuthCookie backend for LDAP based authentication River stage zero No dependents

This module acts as an authentication handler under Apache2 environment. It uses Apache2::AuthCookie as the base class and serves as a backend to provide user authentication against an LDAP server. Make sure that you have got a reachable LDAP server ...

KSOLOMKO/Apache2-AuthCookieLDAP-1.15 - 21 Aug 2013 13:33:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthTicketLDAP - Cookie Ticketing with LDAP Authentication River stage zero No dependents

This module builds upon the *Apache2::AuthTicket* database-backed, cookie ticketing system for websites. It provides for authentication and authorization against an LDAP database. It also implements *CHI*-based, mmap'd file caching of LDAP entries an...

LUYSEYAL/Apache2-AuthTicketLDAP-0.02 - 07 Oct 2012 16:16:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthenDBMCache - Authentication caching River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::AuthenDBMCache implements a caching mechanism in order to speed up authentication and to reduce the usage of system resources. It must be used in conjunction with a regular mod_perl2 authentication module (we use it to accelerate AuthenURL a...

REGGERS/Apache2-AuthenDBMCache-0.01 - 10 Apr 2006 18:58:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::ScoreBoardFile - Perl extension to the Apache HTTPD ScoreBoard River stage zero No dependents

"Apache2::ScoreBoardFile" provides an interface to the shared scoreboard file used by Apache HTTPD. Apache HTTPD can keep track of its activity in a memory section mapped into the address space of each of its processes. Provided that shared memory se...

OPI/Apache2-ScoreBoardFile-0.01 - 10 Sep 2010 14:26:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::TrapSubRequest - Trap a lookup_file/lookup_uri into a scalar River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Apache2::TrapSubRequest is a mixin to Apache2::SubRequest which enables you to collect the subrequest's response into a scalar reference. There is only one method, "run_trapped", which is demonstrated in the synopsis....

DORIAN/Apache2-TrapSubRequest-0.04 - 04 Jun 2013 04:06:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthLLDAPSympa - Authz module to authorize access asking sympa server if the user is subscribing a list. Usefull for working groups!! River stage zero No dependents

SEBDIAZ/AuthLLDAPSympa-1.0.0 - 22 Jul 2006 13:06:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Plack::App::FakeApache1 - Perl distro to aid in mod_perl1->PSGI migration River stage zero No dependents

CHISEL/Plack-App-FakeApache1-0.0.6 - 14 Sep 2018 11:14:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AutoIndex::XSLT - XSLT Based Directory Listings River stage zero No dependents

This module is designed as a drop in mod_perl2 replacement for the mod_dir and mod_index modules. It uses user configurable XSLT stylesheets to generate the directory listings. THIS CODE IS INCOMPLETE -- THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT RELEASE!...

NICOLAW/Apache2-AutoIndex-XSLT-0.04 - 14 Dec 2007 18:07:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::DirBasedHandler - Directory based Location Handler helper River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is designed to allow people to more quickly implement uri to function style handlers. This module is intended to be subclassed. A request for $r->location . qq[/foo/bar/baz/] will be served by the first of the following functions with is ...

APRIME/Apache2-DirBasedHandler-0.04 - 16 Oct 2016 03:41:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::OneTimeDownload - Tolerant mechanism for expiring downloads River stage zero No dependents

STEPHANJ/Apache2-OneTimeDownload-1.01 - 03 Apr 2009 15:19:39 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::RPC::Legacy::Server::Apache2 - JSON-RPC sever for mod_perl2 River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

Gets a client request. Parses its JSON data. Passes the server object and the object decoded from the JSON data to your procedure (method). Takes your returned value (scalar or arrayref or hashref). Sends a response. Well, you write your procedure co...

DMAKI/JSON-RPC-1.06 - 07 Oct 2014 01:59:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Authen::OdinAuth - A cookie-based single sign-on module for Apache. River stage zero No dependents

MPASTERN/Apache2-Authen-OdinAuth-0.8 - 05 Feb 2015 18:17:33 GMT - Search in distribution

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