Apache2::Filter::TagAware - Tag Awareness for Apache2::Filter River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Filter::TagAware is a subclass of "Apache2::Filter" which ensures that the read method will not return a split tag. What constitutes a split tag is definable by the filter. new $f = Apache2::Filter::TagAware->new($f,%args); tag_regexp a regu...

APRIME/Apache2-Filter-TagAware-0.02 - 07 Feb 2008 04:46:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::RequestRec::Time - Bring microseconds to Apache2::RequestRec River stage zero No dependents

The Apache2::RequestRec::Time extends the Apache2::RequestRec functionality with method request_duration_microseconds(). That makes it possible to retrieve from Perl information equivalent to Custom Log Format's %D: the time taken to serve the reques...

JANPAZ/Apache2-RequestRec-Time-1.1 - 04 Mar 2011 21:14:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::ScoreboardIsFull - set $r->pnotes('scoreboard_is_full' => 1) if no servers left River stage zero No dependents

Sets scoreboard_is_full pnotes when there are no available httpd children....

PHRED/Apache2-ScoreboardIsFull-0.01 - 20 Feb 2014 19:04:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::TieBucketBrigade - Perl extension which ties an IO::Handle to Apache's Bucket Brigade so you can use standard filehandle type operations on the brigade. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module has one usefull method "new_tie" which takes an Apache connection object and returns a tied IO::Handle object. It should be used inside a mod_perl protocol handler to make dealing with the bucket brigade bitz easier. FILENO will emulate a...

MOCK/Apache2-TieBucketBrigade-0.07 - 03 Aug 2005 22:21:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Filter::CSS::LESS - Apache2 LESS to CSS conversion filter River stage zero No dependents

Apache2::Filter::CSS::LESS is a mod_perl2 output filter which converts CSS LESS files into CSS on demand using "CSS::LESSp". Caching Conversion of LESS files to CSS requires considerably more CPU resources than simply serving up static CSS files. The...

MSCHOUT/Apache2-Filter-CSS-LESS-0.30 - 22 Nov 2009 05:06:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::FixupLastModified - Fixup handler for Last-Modified header River stage zero No dependents

Invoked as a Fixup handler, this module will adjust the Last-Modified header of a subrequested resource, should it be newer than the main request. Apache2::FixupLastModified is for use with resources that may arbitrarily include other resources (i.e....

DORIAN/Apache2-FixupLastModified-0.01 - 15 Aug 2006 00:35:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::Any::Adapter::Apache2 - Log::Any adapter for Apache2::Log River stage zero No dependents

This Log::Any adapter uses Apache2::Log for logging. There are no parameters. The logging level is specified in the Apache configuration file....

IVANYCH/Log-Any-Adapter-Apache2-0.02 - 20 Sep 2018 14:38:06 GMT - Search in distribution

PurpleWiki::Apache1Handler - Wiki text display handler for mod_perl 1 River stage zero No dependents

A simple display handler for web content files that are formatted as PurpleWiki wikitext. The handler reads in the *.wiki file, parses it to a PurpleWiki::Tree and presents it using the template defined in wikidb/template/handler.tt....

CDENT/PurpleWiki-0.94 - 11 Aug 2004 19:24:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Embperl.pm River stage zero No dependents

GRICHTER/HTML-Embperl-1.3.6 - 15 Feb 2003 19:33:11 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/Request.pm River stage two • 16 direct dependents • 19 total dependents

KURIHARA/HTTP-MobileAgent-0.36 - 24 Jul 2012 04:22:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthenNTLM::Cookie - Store NTLM identity in a cookie River stage zero No dependents

This module extends Apache2::AuthenNTLM with a cookie mechanism. The parent module Apache2::AuthenNTLM performs user authentication via Microsoft's NTLM protocol; thanks to this mechanism, users are automatically recognized from their Windows login, ...

DAMI/Apache2-AuthenNTLM-Cookie-1.02 - 05 Aug 2010 06:57:36 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 - experimental (alpha) Mason/mod_perl2 interface River stage zero No dependents

HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 is highly experimental ( alpha ) and should only be used in a test environment. HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler2 was written to allow Mason to run in a 'pure' mod_perl2/Apache2 environment using the mod_perl2 native request str...

BEAU/HTML-Mason-ApacheHandler2-0.01 - 05 Feb 2004 01:15:13 GMT - Search in distribution

MVC::Neaf::Request::Apache2 - Apache2 (mod_perl) driver for Not Even A Framework. River stage zero No dependents

KHEDIN/MVC-Neaf-0.2701 - 30 May 2019 10:14:25 GMT - Search in distribution

OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2 - Apache2 segments for OpenFrame 3 River stage zero No dependents

The OpenFrame::Segment::Apache2 distribution provides segments for OpenFrame 3 that convert from Apache2 requests to OpenFrame::Request objects and from OpenFrame::Response objects to produce an Apache2 response. It will be demonstrated with a simple...

LBROCARD/OpenFrame-Segment-Apache2-1.00 - 19 Dec 2002 15:51:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Response::FileMerge - Easily merge JavaScript and CSS into a single file dynamically. River stage zero No dependents

Problem(s) Solved There are a number of best practices on how to generate content into a web page. Yahoo!, for example, publishes such a document (http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html) and is relatively well respected as it contains a nu...

WAZZUTEKE/Apache2-Response-FileMerge-1.105 - 10 Mar 2011 18:38:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::FixupContentLanguage - Fixup handler for Last-Modified header River stage zero No dependents

Invoked as a Fixup handler, this module will adjust the Content-Language header of a subrequested resource, should it conflict from the main request. Apache2::FixupContentLanguage is for use with resources that may arbitrarily include other resources...

DORIAN/Apache2-FixupContentLanguage-0.01 - 15 Aug 2006 00:39:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::AuthCookieDBImg River stage zero No dependents

This module is an authentication handler that uses the basic mechanism provided by Apache2::AuthCookie with a DBI database for ticket-based protection. It is based on two tokens being provided, a username and password, which can be any strings (there...

CSA/Apache2-AuthCookieDBImg-2.2 - 31 Mar 2006 16:04:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Connection::SkipDummy - Skip main server requests to wake up child httpds River stage zero No dependents

End requests from the main httpd process to child processes which are only using for waking up processes listening for new connections. You can see this in your access log with the identifying user agent "(internal dummy connection)". You can remove ...

PHRED/Apache2-Connection-SkipDummy-0.01 - 23 May 2010 22:31:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Filter::Minifier::CSS - CSS minifying output filter River stage zero No dependents

"Apache2::Filter::Minifier::CSS" is a Mod_perl2 output filter which minifies CSS using "CSS::Minifier" or "CSS::Minifier::XS". Only CSS style-sheets are minified, all others are passed through unaltered. "Apache2::Filter::Minifier::CSS" comes with a ...

GTERMARS/Apache2-Filter-Minifier-CSS-1.05 - 25 Apr 2010 23:07:04 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Apache2/LogNotify.pm River stage zero No dependents

RIOS/Apache2-LogNotify-0.1 - 24 Sep 2008 17:23:06 GMT - Search in distribution

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