Task::BDFOY - All of BDFOY's distributions River stage zero No dependents

Task::BDFOY installs the modules authored or maintained by brian d foy. Although this Task module requires 5.008, some of the modules require higher versions. * App::Module::Lister * App::PPI::Dumper * App::scriptdist * Brick * Business::ISBN * Busin...

BDFOY/Bundle-BDFOY-20190721 - 21 Jul 2019 22:36:16 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI::App::ppi_version::BDFOY - brian d foy's rip off of Adam's ppi_version River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

I like what PPI::App::Version does, mostly, but I had to be different. Life would just be easier if Adam did things my way from the start....

BDFOY/PPI-App-ppi_version-BDFOY-0.141 - 23 May 2018 14:58:50 GMT - Search in distribution

cpan - easily interact with CPAN from the command line River stage three • 56 direct dependents • 611 total dependents

This script provides a command interface (not a shell) to CPAN. At the moment it uses CPAN.pm to do the work, but it is not a one-shot command runner for CPAN.pm. Options -a Creates a CPAN.pm autobundle with CPAN::Shell->autobundle. -A module [ modul...

ANDK/CPAN-2.27 - 03 Jul 2019 20:15:40 GMT - Search in distribution
  • App::Cpan - easily interact with CPAN from the command line
  • cpan-mirrors - Find the fatest CPAN mirrors nearby
  • CPAN::Mirrors - Get CPAN mirror information and select a fast one

dpan - create a DarkPAN from directories River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The "dpan" script takes a list of directories, indexes any Perl distributions it finds, and creates the PAUSE index files from what it finds. Afterward, you should be able to point a CPAN tool at the directory and install the distributions normally. ...

BDFOY/MyCPAN-App-DPAN-1.281 - 16 May 2018 18:29:58 GMT - Search in distribution

UI::KeyboardLayout - Module for designing keyboard layouts River stage zero No dependents

In this section, a "keyboard" has a certain "character repertoir" (which characters may be entered using this keyboard), and a mapping associating a character in the repertoir to a keypress or to several (sequential or simultaneous) keypresses. A sma...

ILYAZ/UI-KeyboardLayout-0.73 - 26 Nov 2017 02:31:17 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq - Frequently asked questions about Perl River stage zero No dependents

The perlfaq comprises several documents that answer the most commonly asked questions about Perl and Perl programming. It's divided by topic into nine major sections outlined in this document. Where to find the perlfaq The perlfaq is an evolving docu...

ETHER/perlfaq-5.20191102 - 02 Nov 2019 05:35:02 GMT - Search in distribution

IT::perlfaq8 River stage zero No dependents

ENRYS/POD2-IT-0.13 - 26 Aug 2009 16:35:44 GMT - Search in distribution

iphoto - a command line shell for iPhoto River stage zero No dependents

THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! IT'S ALSO UNMAINTAINED! This script provides a shell for iPhoto. Make a backup of your photo library, or use a test library, to play with this script....

ADOPTME/Mac-iPhoto-Shell-0.16 - 02 Jan 2015 00:37:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::Errors - constants for Mac error codes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The %MacErrors hash indexes error information by the error number or symbol. Each value is a "Mac::Errors" object which has the symbol, number, and description. The $MacError scalar performs some tied magic to translate MacPerl's $^E to the error tex...

BDFOY/Mac-Errors-1.192 - 20 Jun 2018 17:50:35 GMT - Search in distribution

perldoc - Consultar la documentación de Perl en formato Pod. River stage zero No dependents

ENELL/POD2-ES- - 01 Jan 2017 21:24:12 GMT - Search in distribution

perldoc - Look up Perl documentation in Pod format. River stage three • 28 direct dependents • 720 total dependents

perldoc looks up documentation in .pod format that is embedded in the perl installation tree or in a perl script, and displays it using a variety of formatters. This is primarily used for the documentation for the perl library modules. Your system ma...

MALLEN/Pod-Perldoc-3.28 - 16 Mar 2017 01:14:07 GMT - Search in distribution

iTunes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The "iTunes Music Library" file contains a series of variable length blocks. The first part of the file refers to iTunes in general and to the number of playlists the file contains. The middle part holds all of the MP3 data, which is only stored once...

ADOPTME/Mac-iTunes-1.23 - 02 Jan 2015 00:09:41 GMT - Search in distribution

release - give your Perl distros to the world River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This is the prototype program for using "Module::Release". You should modify it to fit your needs. If it doesn't do what you want, you can change it however you like. This is how I like to release my modules, and I'm happy to add features that do not...

BDFOY/Module-Release-2.125 - 27 Feb 2018 10:57:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Brick - Complex business rule data validation River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Class methods Brick->new Create a new "Brick". Currently this doesn't do anything other than give you an object so you can call methods. Future ideas? Maybe store several buckets or profiles? POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors,...

BDFOY/Brick-0.228 - 14 May 2018 12:43:46 GMT - Search in distribution

cross - output the cross product of two or more sets River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

BDFOY/Set-CrossProduct-2.003 - 27 Apr 2018 14:33:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Timer - test module to test/assert response times River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 49 total dependents

Test::Timer implements a set of test primitives to test and assert test times from bodies of code. The key features are subroutines to assert or test the following: * that a given piece of code does not exceed a specified time limit * that a given pi...

JONASBN/Test-Timer-2.11 - 06 Sep 2019 17:48:56 GMT - Search in distribution

scriptdist - create a distribution for a perl script River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The scriptdist program takes a script file and builds, in the current working directory, a Perl script distribution around it. You can add other files to the distribution once it is in place. This script is designed to be a stand-alone program. You d...

BDFOY/App-scriptdist-0.242 - 24 Apr 2017 05:45:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::File - test file attributes River stage four • 41 direct dependents • 4464 total dependents

This modules provides a collection of test utilities for file attributes. Some file attributes depend on the owner of the process testing the file in the same way the file test operators do. For instance, root (or super-user or Administrator) may alw...

BDFOY/Test-File-1.443 - 17 Apr 2017 08:43:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Output - Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages. River stage four • 181 direct dependents • 1979 total dependents

Test::Output provides a simple interface for testing output sent to "STDOUT" or "STDERR". A number of different utilities are included to try and be as flexible as possible to the tester. Likewise, Capture::Tiny provides a much more robust capture me...

BDFOY/Test-Output-1.031 - 29 Mar 2017 21:32:59 GMT - Search in distribution

github_creator - Create a Github repository from your local repository River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This is a short script you can run from within an existing git repository to create a remote repo on Github using a previously created account. This does not create Github accounts (and that violates the terms of service). If the "--name" and "--desc...

BDFOY/Git-Github-Creator-0.18 - 26 Aug 2013 16:23:34 GMT - Search in distribution

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