DBIx::Class::Indexer::WebService::Lucene - Automatic indexing of DBIx::Class objects via WebService::Lucene River stage zero No dependents

This is a DBIx::Class component to make full-text indexing a seamless part of database objects. All that is required is the registration of desired fields for the index. Notice that fields are not necessarily the same as columns. For instance, suppos...

BRICAS/DBIx-Class-Indexer-WebService-Lucene-0.02 - 02 May 2007 12:30:36 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Object::Enum - Allows a DBIx::Class user to define a Object::Enum column River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 19 total dependents

JMMILLS/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Object-Enum-0.06 - 30 May 2014 18:13:57 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::Storage::Debug::PrettyPrint - Pretty Printing DebugObj River stage three • 66 direct dependents • 590 total dependents

MSTROUT/SQL-Abstract-2.000001 - 23 Jan 2021 07:24:31 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Crypt::PBKDF2 - PBKDF2 support for DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn River stage zero No dependents

CNG/DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn-Crypt-PBKDF2-0.000002 - 20 Sep 2016 03:30:24 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn::Crypt::Scrypt - scrypt support for DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn River stage zero No dependents

FBELTON/DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn-Crypt-Scrypt-0.004 - 07 Mar 2014 22:37:51 UTC - Search in distribution

Book::Chinese::MasterPerlToday::DBIx-Class - DBIx::Class ORM River stage zero No dependents

本章主要描述如何组织你的 DBIx::Class ORM 的结构和一些用法。 声明 * DBIx::Class 是和 Catalyst 分开,两者各自独立。只是他们的作者之间有交集。 * DBIx::Class 不是为了性能而开发的。如果你的代码强烈要求性能的话,不建议你使用 DBIx::Class * 如果你觉得 DBIx::Class 很难用,这可能有两个原因,一是你用错了,二是它不是你喜欢的类型。 概念 * Schema Schema 在大部分情况下可以等同于 database * Res...

FAYLAND/Book-Chinese-MasterPerlToday-0.02 - 31 Aug 2009 05:35:44 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::MySQLHacks - Useful MySQL-specific operations for DBIx::Class River stage zero No dependents

This MySQL-specific ResultSet helper contains a series of hacks for various SQL operations that only work for MySQL. These hacks are exactly that, so it's possible that the SQL manipulation isn't as clean as it should be....

GSG/DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-MySQLHacks-v1.0.0 - 09 Feb 2021 19:45:16 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Math::Currency - Inflate and Deflate "decimal" columns into Math::Currency Objects River stage zero No dependents

This module can be used to automagically inflate database columns of data type "decimal" that are flagged with "is_currency" into Math::Currency objects. It is used similiar to other InflateColumn DBIx modules. Once your Result is properly defined yo...

DRZIGMAN/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Math-Currency-0.2.0 - 22 Mar 2015 23:01:49 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::EnumMethods - Automatically create search methods for enum columns. River stage zero No dependents

MAT/DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-EnumMethods-0.02 - 12 Jul 2019 07:48:07 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Markup::Unified - Automatically formats a text column with Textile, Markdown or BBCode. River stage zero No dependents

IDOPEREL/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Markup-Unified-0.021 - 29 Sep 2009 21:30:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class - A storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBIx::Class River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 21 total dependents

The Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class class provides access to authentication information stored in a database via DBIx::Class....

ILMARI/Catalyst-Authentication-Store-DBIx-Class-0.1506 - 02 Apr 2014 12:59:42 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer::JSYNC - Basic JSON Object Serialization Support for DBIx::Class. River stage zero No dependents

This is basically the only serialization backend I could find that wasn't "Dumper()", and actually seemed to work with arbitrary "bless()" package Foo::Result::Thing; __PACKAGE__->load_components('InflateColumn::Serializer', 'Core'); __PACKAGE__->tab...

KENTNL/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Serializer-JSYNC-0.002001 - 08 Mar 2017 14:03:52 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::BooleanMethods - Automatically create search methods for boolean columns. River stage zero No dependents

MAT/DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-BooleanMethods-0.05 - 15 Jul 2019 13:58:10 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Authen::Passphrase - Inflate/deflate columns to Authen::Passphrase instances River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

Provides inflation and deflation for Authen::Passphrase instances from and to either RFC 2307 or crypt encoding. To enable both inflating and deflating, "inflate_passphrase" must be set to a valid passphrase encoding. Currently the only supported enc...

ETHER/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Authen-Passphrase-0.03 - 30 Jun 2019 23:00:55 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTime::Duration - Auto create DateTime::Duration objects from columns River stage zero No dependents

This module inflates/deflates designated columns into DateTime::Duration objects....

CUBABIT/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-DateTime-Duration-0.01002 - 20 Aug 2010 16:17:21 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer::Hstore - Hstore Inflator River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

JEEN/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Serializer-Hstore-0.02 - 23 Sep 2013 05:22:48 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer::Sereal - Sereal based Serialization for DBIx Class Columns River stage zero No dependents

KENTNL/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Serializer-Sereal-0.001002 - 07 Mar 2017 20:11:22 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::ResultClass::HashRefInflator::UTF8 - Get raw hashrefs from a resultset with utf-8 flag River stage zero No dependents

DBIx::Class is faster than older ORMs like Class::DBI but it still isn't designed primarily for speed. Sometimes you need to quickly retrieve the data from a massive resultset, while skipping the creation of fancy result objects. Specifying this clas...

AKZHAN/DBIx-Class-ResultClass-HashRefInflator-UTF8-1.000005 - 09 Jul 2016 10:22:38 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTimeX::Immutable - Inflate/deflate DBIx::Class columns to DateTimeX::Immutable objects River stage zero No dependents

This is subclass of DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::DateTime which inflates and deflates columns to DateTimeX::Immutable objects. If functions exactly like its parent, but objects are re-blessed into DateTimeX::Immutable objections. See DBIx::Class::Infl...

MGRIMES/DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-DateTimeX-Immutable-0.33 - 06 Jan 2015 14:56:39 UTC - Search in distribution
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