ShardedKV - An interface to sharded key-value stores

This module implements an abstract interface to a sharded key-value store. The storage backends as well as the "continuum" are pluggable. "Continuum" is to mean "the logic that decides in which shard a particular key lives". Typically, people use con...

AVAR/ShardedKV-0.20 - 14 Jun 2014 16:54:57 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::PreQL - beat dynamic SQL into submission

This module generates queries based on a query template, a hash of related data, and possibly a list of wanted tags or a function that determines which tags are wanted. SQL Template This templating system adds only a handful of concepts to standard S...

DAOTOAD/DBIx-PreQL-0.01.00 - 19 Sep 2012 00:37:03 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::Preproc - Embed SQL in your Perl (ala SQL preprocessors)

A SQL preprocessor for Perl. Via Filter::Simple, embedded SQL statements are converted into DBI calls to perform the specified database operation. NOTE: The current release should be considered ALPHA release software, and subject to change at the whi...

DARNOLD/SQL-Preproc-0.10 - 27 Jan 2005 01:01:38 GMT - Search in distribution

UMLS::Interface - Perl interface to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)

This package provides a Perl interface to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). The UMLS is a knowledge representation framework encoded designed to support broad scope biomedical research queries. There exists three major sources in the UMLS. ...

BTMCINNES/UMLS-Interface-1.51 - 18 Oct 2016 16:25:20 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::LDAPSession - CGI cookie authentication against an LDAP database

When a user first authenticates the LDAP database is consulted. If the user is successfully authenticated the information is cached. For subsequent login attempts. The successful login is recorded in a database, and opaque references to this informat...

JEFF/CGISession - 15 Mar 2002 07:01:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Alzabo::Intro - Introductory information about Alzabo

This document provides an introduction to the basics of using Alzabo, primarily focused on the RDBMS-OO mapping functionality....

DROLSKY/Alzabo-0.92 - 22 Nov 2007 18:12:58 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Tabular - searching and editing flat tabular files

A *tabular file* is a flat text file containing data organised in rows (records) and columns (fields). This module provides database-like functionalities for managing tabular files : retrieving, searching, writing, autonumbering, journaling. However,...

DAMI/File-Tabular-0.72 - 04 Nov 2008 15:03:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Focus - generic getter/setter/traverser for complex data structures

tl;dr: This is a port of Haskell's lens-family-core <> package. Data::Focus provides a way to access data elements in a deep, complex and nested data structure. So it's just a complicated version of ...

TOSHIOITO/Data-Focus-0.03 - 20 Apr 2015 12:18:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojo::Pg - Mojolicious ♥ PostgreSQL

Mojo::Pg is a tiny wrapper around DBD::Pg that makes PostgreSQL <> a lot of fun to use with the Mojolicious <> real-time web framework. Database and statement handles are cached automatically, and will b...

SRI/Mojo-Pg-3.05 - 12 Mar 2017 11:42:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::DBI - Initiate a persistent database connection

This module initiates a persistent database connection. The database access uses Perl's DBI. For supported DBI drivers see: When loading the DBI module (do not confuse this with the Apache::DBI module) it checks if the environmen...

PHRED/Apache-DBI-1.12 - 12 Jun 2013 07:28:36 GMT - Search in distribution

ExtProc - Perl interface to the Oracle Perl External Procedure Library

The ExtProc module provides functions for interacting with the calling Oracle database from extproc_perl scripts....

JHORWITZ/extproc_perl-2.51 - 11 Aug 2006 13:33:26 GMT - Search in distribution

PGObject - A toolkit integrating intelligent PostgreSQL dbs into Perl objects

PGObject contains the base routines for object management using discoverable stored procedures in PostgreSQL databases. This module contains only common functionality and support structures, and low-level API's. Most developers will want to use more ...

EHUELS/PGObject-1.403.2 - 21 Nov 2016 17:19:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Bigtop::Docs::Cookbook - Bigtop syntax by example

PHILCROW/Bigtop-0.38 - 10 Jul 2010 22:08:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine::Gnu - Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library

Overview This is an implementation of Term::ReadLine <> using the GNU Readline/History Library <>. For basic functions object oriented interface is provi...

HAYASHI/Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.35 - 03 Nov 2016 14:36:40 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::pServer - Perl extension for writing pRPC servers

pRPC (Perl RPC) is a package that simplifies the writing of Perl based client/server applications. RPC::pServer is the package used on the server side, and you guess what Net::pRPC::Client is for. See Net::pRPC::Client(3) for this part. pRPC works by...

JWIED/pRPC-modules-0.1005 - 13 Aug 1998 00:28:38 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Session - persistent session data in CGI applications

CGI::Session provides an easy, reliable and modular session management system across HTTP requests....

MARKSTOS/CGI-Session-4.48 - 11 Jul 2011 13:02:37 GMT - Search in distribution

re::engine::PCRE2 - PCRE2 regular expression engine with jit

Replaces perl's regex engine in a given lexical scope with PCRE2 regular expressions provided by libpcre2-8. This provides jit support and faster matching, but may fail in corner cases. See pcre2compat <

RURBAN/re-engine-PCRE2-0.11 - 14 Apr 2017 20:41:05 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::SQLCrosstab - creates a server-side cross tabulation from a database

DBIx::SQLCrosstab produces a SQL query to interrogate a database and generate a cross-tabulation report. The amount of parameters needed to achieve the result is kept to a minimum. You need to indicate which columns and rows to cross and from which t...

GMAX/DBIx-SQLCrosstab-1.17 - 16 Jan 2004 11:59:35 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::phpBB - phpBB2 forum scraper

This module can be used to scrape a phpBB2 instalation using the web interface. It requires a local phpBB2 setup (you can download the old 2.x versions from ) that will be overwritten and it can ...

STEFANT/WWW-phpBB-0.09 - 04 May 2011 20:56:40 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::Shell - Interactive command shell for the DBI

The DBI::Shell module (and dbish command, if installed) provide a simple but effective command line interface for the Perl DBI module. DBI::Shell is very new, very experimental and very subject to change. Your mileage *will* vary. Interfaces *will* c...

TLOWERY/DBI-Shell-11.95 - 14 Feb 2008 20:44:13 GMT - Search in distribution

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