Math::MatrixDecomposition - matrix decompositions and its applications River stage zero No dependents

The design goals of this package are listed in the following table. * Pure Perl code, that means no external dependencies except core modules and other pure Perl modules. * Native data types for operands, that means no dedicated classes for vectors a...

RALPH/Math-MatrixDecomposition-1.03 - 30 Jul 2014 20:57:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::MultiplicationTable - Perl extension for generate multiplication table. River stage zero No dependents

Math::MultiplicationTable is just generate multiplication table. EXPORT None....

PMINT/Math-MultiplicationTable-0.01 - 18 Oct 2006 18:21:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::PhaseOnlyCorrelation - calculate the phase only correlation River stage zero No dependents

This module calculate Phase Only Correlation coefficients. This measures degree of similarity between two waves (signals) heed to only phase component, so this method is not affected by an amplitude difference. The more similar two signals (waves), c...

MOZNION/Math-PhaseOnlyCorrelation-0.06 - 17 Dec 2012 18:12:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::InterpolationCompiler - Compile interpolations into perl coderefs River stage zero No dependents

This module is much the same theme as Math::Interpolate and Math::Interpolator::Linear but it compiles the interpolations into actual Perl code, and pre-calculates all the numbers so that the end result is Log2(N) comparisons and a multiply and an ad...

NERDVANA/Math-InterpolationCompiler-0.002000 - 24 Mar 2015 18:16:11 GMT - Search in distribution

test::4.math River stage zero No dependents

GMPASSOS/ePod-0.05 - 16 Oct 2004 22:40:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Math::XS - Math is HARD (faster!) River stage zero No dependents

This is a tiny example "XS" module. It was written to show how one would write the same thing using Inline::Module, Inline, Inline::C and Inline::CPP. It has a pure "XS" version and "Alt"(ternate) modules for all the common CPAN module frameworks. Th...

INGY/Alt-Acme-Math-XS-ModuleBuild-0.0.6 - 25 Dec 2014 07:48:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Bot::IRC::Math - Bot::IRC evaluate math expressions and return results River stage zero No dependents

This Bot::IRC plugin gives the bot the capability to evaluate math expressions and return the results. See Math::Expression for details. Message text is evaluated with "Parse" and "EvalToScalar" from Math::Expression. If there's a value generated, th...

GRYPHON/Bot-IRC-1.25 - 17 Jul 2019 16:45:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::DWT::UDWT - Pure Perl 1-D Undecimated Discrete Wavelet Transform. River stage zero No dependents

KROH/Math-DWT-UDWT-0.01 - 29 Jun 2016 21:58:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Gauss::XS - Gaussian distribution function and its inverse, fast XS version River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module just rewrites the Math::Gauss module in XS. The precision and exported function remain the same as in the original. The benchmark results are Benchmark: timing 30000000 iterations of pp/pdf, xs/pdf... pp/pdf: 15 wallclock secs (14.99 usr ...

BINARY/Math-Gauss-XS-0.02 - 21 Feb 2017 02:05:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::LP::Solve - perl wrapper for the lp_solve linear program solver River stage zero No dependents

Math::LP::Solve is a wrapper around the freeware lp_solve library, which solves linear and mixed linear/integer programs. Most functions and data structures in the file lpkit.h of the lp_solve distribution are made available in the Math::LP::Solve na...

WIMV/Math-LP-Solve-3.03 - 06 Apr 2001 11:54:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Prime::XS - Detect and calculate prime numbers with deterministic tests River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

"Math::Prime::XS" detects and calculates prime numbers by either applying Modulo operator division, the Sieve of Eratosthenes, a Summation calculation or Trial division....

KRYDE/Math-Prime-XS-0.27 - 03 Sep 2016 04:08:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Utils::XS - Some math utility functions implemented in XS River stage zero No dependents

GONZUS/Math-Utils-XS-0.000005 - 18 Apr 2018 09:49:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Meta::Math::Pad - pad numbers with zeros. River stage zero No dependents

This module handles padding numbers to achieve a certain presentation. This module currently provides just a single function but may provide decimal point padding and other functions in the future....

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Math::Tutor - lets one generate exercises for mathematical topic River stage zero No dependents

Provides a command line tool to generate math (calculating) exercides....

REHSACK/App-Math-Tutor-0.005 - 11 Nov 2014 19:50:53 GMT - Search in distribution

JE::Object::Math - JavaScript Math object River stage two • 6 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This class implements the JavaScript Math object....

SPROUT/JE-0.066 - 27 Oct 2014 00:19:07 GMT - Search in distribution
  • JE - Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine
  • JE::Types - JavaScript types and objects

Math::Calc::Euro - convert between EUR and the old currencies River stage zero No dependents

The Math::Calc::Euro module provides for an object oriented interface for converting to/from EUR. new / clone Takes one argument: the currency. Either one of these: LUF ATS BEF NLG FIM FRF DEM GRD IEP ITL PTE ESP or a number indicating how much the n...

JUERD/Math-Calc-Euro-0.02 - 18 Jan 2002 10:41:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Factor::XS - Factorize numbers and calculate matching multiplications River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

"Math::Factor::XS" factorizes numbers by applying trial divisions....

KRYDE/Math-Factor-XS-0.40 - 16 Aug 2012 00:39:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Random::MT - The Mersenne Twister PRNG River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 21 total dependents

The Mersenne Twister is a pseudorandom number generator developed by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura. It is described in their paper at <URL:>. This algorithm has a very uniform distribution ...

FANGLY/Math-Random-MT-1.17 - 27 Nov 2015 19:22:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Random::OO - Consistent object-oriented interface for generating random numbers River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

CPAN contains many modules for generating random numbers in various ways and from various probability distributions using pseudo-random number generation algorithms or other entropy sources. (The "SEE ALSO" section has some examples.) Unfortunately, ...

DAGOLDEN/Math-Random-OO-0.22 - 09 Jun 2013 19:08:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Round::Var - Variations on rounding. River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This module gives you the ability to round numbers to either decimal or fractional precision while encapsulating the rounding precision in an object. This allows scripts and modules to maintain multiple precision values as objects. It also implements...

EWILHELM/Math-Round-Var-v1.0.0 - 09 Mar 2008 16:52:06 GMT - Search in distribution

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