Cache::FastMmap - Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache River stage two • 26 direct dependents • 62 total dependents

In multi-process environments (eg mod_perl, forking daemons, etc), it's common to want to cache information, but have that cache shared between processes. Many solutions already exist, and may suit your situation better: * MLDBM::Sync - acts as a dat...

ROBM/Cache-FastMmap-1.48 - 11 Apr 2019 01:52:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Safe::World - Create multiple virtual instances of a Perl interpreter that can be assembled together. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

With *Safe::World* you can create multiple virtual instances/compartments of a Perl interpreter, that will work/run without touch the other instances/compartments and mantaining the main interpreter normal. Actually each Each instance (WORLD object),...

GMPASSOS/Safe-World-0.14 - 12 Sep 2004 23:33:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DB::Object::Tutorial - A guided tour of the basics of Rose::DB::Object River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

JSIRACUSA/Rose-DB-Object-0.815 - 23 Mar 2015 18:10:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Date - Class for easy date and time manipulation River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 17 total dependents

This module is intended to provide a general-purpose date and datetime type for perl. You have a Class::Date class for absolute date and datetime, and have a Class::Date::Rel class for relative dates. You can use "+", "-", "<" and ">" operators as wi...

YANICK/Class-Date-1.1.17 - 01 Jun 2018 13:11:48 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::Server - toolkit for building RDF servers River stage zero No dependents

RDF::Server provides a flexible framework with which you can design your own RDF service. By dividing itself into several areas of responsibility, the framework allows you to mix and match any capabilities you need to create the service that fits you...

JSMITH/RDF-Server-0.08 - 18 Mar 2008 19:03:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::DxHash - keeps insertion order; allows duplicate keys River stage zero No dependents

This module was written to allow the use of rewrite rules in Apache configuration files written with Perl Sections. However, a potential user has stated that he needs it to support the use of multiple ScriptAlias directives within a single Virtual Ho...

KRUSCOE/Tie-DxHash-1.05 - 25 Feb 2009 23:55:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::Memcached::Managed - provide API for managing cached information River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

ELIZABETH/Cache-Memcached-Managed-0.24 - 24 May 2012 11:40:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::SetWWWTheme - Standard theme generation, including sidebars and navigation bars River stage zero No dependents

The SetWWWTheme module provides a server-based look-and-feel configuration for an entire webtree. This module allows the server to introduce a common navigation side-bar. It also provides mechanisms to control the background color and background pict...

CHOGAN/Apache-SetWWWTheme-1.06 - 24 Mar 2000 18:32:22 GMT - Search in distribution

LittleORM::Tutorial - what is and how to use LittleORM River stage zero No dependents

EUGENEK/LittleORM-0.25 - 24 Jul 2015 15:49:32 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Pager - generate HTML pagination linkage easily. River stage zero No dependents

CGI::Pager performs the "dirty work" necessary to program paginated data display in a web application. Based on given resultset size, page size, and offset value sensed from current URI, it constructs links for navigation between results pages. It ca...

EGORSH/CGI-Pager-1.01 - 10 Jun 2014 15:50:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::RDF - Perl extension for mapping objects to RDF and back River stage zero No dependents

Class::RDF is a perl object layer over an RDF triplestore. It is based on Class::DBI, the perl object / RDBMS package. Thus it works with mysql, postgresql, sqlite etc. Look in the sql/ directory distributed with this module for database schemas. It ...

ZOOLEIKA/Class-RDF-0.20 - 11 Aug 2004 09:55:01 GMT - Search in distribution

XAO::Utils - Utility functions widely used by XAO suite River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This is not an object, but a collection of useful utility functions....

AMALTSEV/XAO-Base-1.25 - 27 Feb 2019 23:58:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::CGIForm - Form Data Interface. River stage zero No dependents

Data::CGIForm is yet another way to parse and handle CGI form data. The main motivation behind this module was a simple specification based validator that could handle multiple values. You probably don't want to use this module. CGI::Validate is a mu...

TWILDE/Data-CGIForm-0.5 - 25 Jun 2010 14:51:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::NYTProf - Powerful fast feature-rich Perl source code profiler River stage two • 35 direct dependents • 43 total dependents

Devel::NYTProf is a powerful, fast, feature-rich perl source code profiler. * Performs per-line statement profiling for fine detail * Performs per-subroutine statement profiling for overview * Performs per-opcode profiling for slow perl builtins * Pe...

TIMB/Devel-NYTProf-6.06 - 04 Jun 2018 14:24:11 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::DataStore River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

DBIx::DataStore is designed to abstract away the oft-repeated parts of DBI and to simplify the way you issue SQL statements to your database(s)....

JSIME/DBIx-DataStore-0.097 - 08 Dec 2016 02:15:33 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Builder - Framework to build simple or complex web-apps River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This is the starting point of the documentation of the CGI Builder Framework (CBF). You should read this documentation before any other documentation in any other module that extends the CBF....

DOMIZIO/CGI-Builder-1.36 - 26 Mar 2006 14:33:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Debuggit::Manual - Details for using Debuggit to the fullest River stage zero No dependents

BAREFOOT/Debuggit-2.07 - 09 Apr 2018 08:10:24 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Seamstress - HTML::Tree subclass for HTML templating via tree rewriting River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

TBONE/HTML-Seamstress-6.112830 - 10 Oct 2011 16:08:41 GMT - Search in distribution

benchmark_template_engines - Test the relative performance of several different types of template engines. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

benchmark_template_engines builds a test template according to various commandline parameters (or some "sensible" defaults) and then benchmarks the performance of a number of templating systems at running the template. It groups the template systems ...

SGRAHAM/Template-Benchmark-1.09 - 18 Oct 2010 09:30:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::InsideOut - a safe, simple inside-out object construction kit River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 77 total dependents

This is a simple, safe and streamlined toolkit for building inside-out objects. Unlike most other inside-out object building modules already on CPAN, this module aims for minimalism and robustness: * Does not require derived classes to subclass it * ...

DAGOLDEN/Class-InsideOut-1.14 - 02 Apr 2017 17:53:38 GMT - Search in distribution

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