Latin8 - Source code filter to escape Latin-8 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-Latin8-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:42:18 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Elatin8 - Run-time routines for

Latin9 - Source code filter to escape Latin-9 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-Latin9-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:42:19 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Elatin9 - Run-time routines for

TIS620 - Source code filter to escape TIS-620 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-TIS620-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:44:08 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Etis620 - Run-time routines for

phpbb2 - API for phpBB2 River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/phpBB2-Simple-0.04 - 10 Jul 2017 14:57:39 GMT - Search in distribution

todo River stage zero No dependents

CORION/Dancer-SearchApp-0.06 - 14 Dec 2016 21:42:14 GMT - Search in distribution

plackup - Run PSGI application with Plack handlers River stage four • 736 direct dependents • 2033 total dependents

plackup is a command line utility to run PSGI applications from the command line. plackup automatically figures out the environment it is run in, and runs your application in that environment. FastCGI, CGI, AnyEvent and others can all be detected. Se...

MIYAGAWA/Plack-1.0047 - 10 Feb 2018 09:25:30 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Plack - Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit)
  • Plack::Test::Suite - Test suite for Plack handlers

Luka - Exception handling and reporting framework River stage zero No dependents

Luka is an exception handling and reporting framework. It's useful to look at it as an event handling framework. It comes from operational understanding of networks. Scenario that Luka is addressing is following: on a network with multiple hosts runn...

TPG/Luka-1.07 - 17 Jul 2006 22:08:14 GMT - Search in distribution

PXB: River stage zero No dependents

MPG/XML-RelaxNG-Compact-PXB-0.15.5 - 23 Feb 2011 17:46:46 GMT - Search in distribution

depak - Pack your dependencies onto your script file River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

depak*) is a CLI application to pack your dependencies (required pure-Perl modules) along with your Perl script into a single file. It will trace what modules your script requires using one of several available methods, and include them inside the sc...

PERLANCAR/App-depak-0.581 - 20 Jun 2019 13:53:18 GMT - Search in distribution

ddsel - Select Perl data structure elements using CSel (CSS-selector-like) syntax River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Note that this operates against Perl data structure, not Perl source code elements (see ppisel for that). File is Perl source code that defines data structure, e.g.: { summary => 'This is a hash', # this is an array inside a hash array => [ 1, 2, 3, ...

PERLANCAR/App-CSelUtils-0.084 - 09 Aug 2019 03:36:55 GMT - Search in distribution

instopt - Download and install software River stage zero No dependents

STATUS: Early, experimental release. Many things can change without notice. instopt is an opinionated tool to automate downloading and installing software binaries (by default to /opt, hence the name: "install to /opt"). To describe how it works, I'l...

PERLANCAR/App-instopt-0.010 - 07 Aug 2019 13:44:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Redis - Perl binding for Redis database River stage two • 72 direct dependents • 84 total dependents

Pure perl bindings for <> This version supports protocol 2.x (multi-bulk) or later of Redis available at <>. This documentation lists commands which are exercised in test suite, but additional commands...

DAMS/Redis-1.995 - 22 Jul 2019 10:45:50 GMT - Search in distribution

note - a perl script for maintaining notes. River stage zero No dependents

note is a small console program written in perl, which allows you to manage notes similar to programs like "knotes" but from the commandline. Note can use different database-backends for notes-storage. It ships with a DBI-based mysql-module(which can...

TLINDEN/note-1.3.26 - 02 Nov 2018 15:22:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Fuse - write filesystems in Perl using FUSE River stage two • 16 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

This lets you implement filesystems in perl, through the FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) kernel/lib interface. FUSE expects you to implement callbacks for the various functions. In the following definitions, "errno" can be 0 (for a success), -EINVAL, ...

DPATES/Fuse-0.16 - 16 Sep 2013 05:22:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Oryx - Meta-Model Driven Object Persistance with Multiple Inheritance River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Oryx is an object persistence framework which supports both object-relational mapping as well as DMB style databases and as such is not coupled with any particular storage back-end. In other words, you should be able to swap out an RDMBS with a DBM s...

RHUNDT/Oryx-0.24 - 18 Jun 2006 19:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Event - Event loop processing River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

ALERT: Marc Lehmann may have taken over the future of event loops in Perl. Check out his libev library and EV Perl module. 25 Aug 2009 The Event module provide a central facility to watch for various types of events and invoke a callback when these e...

ETJ/Event-1.27 - 17 Nov 2018 05:02:03 GMT - Search in distribution

mercury - A message broker for WebSockets River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This is a message broker that enables some common messaging patterns over WebSockets. WebSockets are a powerful tool, enabling many features previously impossible, difficult, or ugly for web developers to implement. Where once only an HTTP request co...

PREACTION/Mercury-0.016 - 15 Mar 2018 20:05:15 GMT - Search in distribution

only - Load specific module versions; Install many River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The "" facility allows you to load a MODULE only if it satisfies a given CONDITION. Normally that condition is a version. If you just specify a single version, 'only' will only load the module matching that version. If you specify multiple ver...

INGY/only-0.28 - 25 Apr 2005 15:21:47 GMT - Search in distribution

git-deploy - automate the git steps required for a deploying code from a git repository River stage zero No dependents

git-deploy is a tool written to make deployments so easy that you'll let new hires do them on their first day. Conceived and introduced at in 2008, it has changed deployments from being something that took hours, to being so easy that dep...

AVAR/git-deploy-6.01 - 19 Dec 2012 16:58:12 GMT - Search in distribution

cryp-arbit - Cryptocurrency arbitrage utility River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/App-cryp-arbit-0.009 - 03 Dec 2018 09:13:04 GMT - Search in distribution

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