abgrep - Print lines matching a pattern River stage zero No dependents

This is a grep-like utility that is based on AppBase::Grep, mainly for demoing and testing the module....

PERLANCAR/App-abgrep-0.003 - 29 Jan 2018 17:04:28 GMT - Search in distribution

diffwc - diff + /w/ord highlighting + /c/olor River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is a wrapper for the GNU command-line utility diff. It adds word highlighting and colors (note that GNU diff 3.4 or later supports "--color" already)....

PERLANCAR/App-diffwc-0.004 - 26 Feb 2018 05:44:27 GMT - Search in distribution

bcvi - Back-channel vi, a shell utility to proxy commands back over ssh River stage zero No dependents

This utility works with SSH to allow commands issued on the SSH server host to be 'proxied' back to the SSH client host. For example: * user sally establishes an SSH connection from her workstation to a server named pluto and runs the command "bcvi ....

GRANTM/App-BCVI-3.09 - 24 Mar 2014 08:47:13 GMT - Search in distribution
  • App::BCVI - Back-channel vi, a shell utility to proxy commands back over ssh
  • App::BCVI::Plugins - Documentation about the bcvi plugin API

Gantry - Web application framework for mod_perl, cgi, etc. River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Note, if you want to know how to use Gantry, you should probably start by reading Gantry::Docs::QuickStart or Gantry::Docs::Tutorial. Perl Web application framework for Apache/mod_perl. Object Oriented design for a pragmatic, modular approach to URL ...

TKEEFER/Gantry-3.64 - 13 Jan 2010 17:34:43 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq - Frequently asked questions about Perl River stage zero No dependents

The perlfaq comprises several documents that answer the most commonly asked questions about Perl and Perl programming. It's divided by topic into nine major sections outlined in this document. Where to find the perlfaq The perlfaq is an evolving docu...

ETHER/perlfaq-5.20190126 - 26 Jan 2019 04:40:32 GMT - Search in distribution

configit - Tool for generating files from configuration and templates. River stage zero No dependents

This program generates files from a metaconfig, configuration and templates. The metaconfiguration file contains two important pieces of information – the schema, which says how the config should be parsed and the description of config files and temp...

BULB/Config-Maker-0.007 - 17 Apr 2005 20:39:22 GMT - Search in distribution

trash-u - Trash files, with undo/redo capability River stage zero No dependents

This command-line program is an interface to File::Trash::Undoable, which in turn uses File::Trash::FreeDesktop. Features: undo/redo, dry run mode, per-filesystem trash dir. This program is relatively new and have not yet been tested extensively. Use...

PERLANCAR/App-trash-u-0.20 - 27 Dec 2016 16:18:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Latin10 - Source code filter to escape Latin-10 script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-Latin10-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:40:04 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Elatin10 - Run-time routines for Latin10.pm

USASCII - Source code filter to escape US-ASCII script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-USASCII-1.15 - 02 May 2019 03:44:18 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Eusascii - Run-time routines for USASCII.pm

SmotifTF River stage zero No dependents

SmotifTF will carry out template-free structure prediction of a protein from its sequence to model its complete structure using the Smotif library....

AFISER/SmotifTF-0.09 - 12 Nov 2015 15:13:55 GMT - Search in distribution

SOOT - Use ROOT from Perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

SOOT is a Perl extension for using the ROOT library. It is very similar to the Ruby-ROOT or PyROOT extensions for their respective languages. Specifically, SOOT was implemented after the model of Ruby-ROOT. Please note that SOOT is to be considered h...

SMUELLER/SOOT-0.17 - 25 Dec 2011 15:11:01 GMT - Search in distribution

OOPS - Object Oriented Persistent Store River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The goal of OOPS is to make perl objects easily and transparently persistent. OOPS handles deeply nested and cross-linked objects -- even object hierarchies that are too large to fit in memory and (with a hint) individual hash tables that are too lar...

MUIR/OOPS-0.2005 - 13 Mar 2012 16:07:46 GMT - Search in distribution

MMapDB - a simple database in shared memory River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

"MMapDB" implements a database similar to a hash of hashes of hashes, ..., of arrays of data. It's main design goals were: * very fast read access * lock-free read access for massive parallelism * minimal memory consumption per accessing process * tr...

OPI/MMapDB-0.15 - 10 Sep 2012 10:40:17 GMT - Search in distribution

cover - report coverage statistics River stage three • 59 direct dependents • 115 total dependents

Report coverage statistics in a variety of formats. The summary option produces a short textual summary. Other reports are available by using the report option. The following reports are currently available: html - detailed HTML reports (default) htm...

PJCJ/Devel-Cover-1.33 - 26 Apr 2019 16:49:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Moops - Moops Object-Oriented Programming Sugar River stage two • 16 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

Moops is sugar for declaring and using roles and classes in Perl. The syntax is inspired by MooseX::Declare, and Stevan Little's p5-mop-redux project (which is in turn partly inspired by Perl 6). Moops has fewer than half of the dependencies as Moose...

TOBYINK/Moops-0.036 - 09 Aug 2018 14:19:54 GMT - Search in distribution

biotree - Tree manipulations based on BioPerl River stage zero No dependents

Designed as a UNIX-like utility, biotree reads a tree file and reformats branches and nodes based on these BioPerl modules: Bio::TreeIO, Bio::Tree::Tree, Bio::Tree::Node, and Bio::Tree::TreeFunctionsI. Trees can be in any format supported by Bio::Tre...

ROCKY/Bio-BPWrapper-1.12 - 15 Aug 2017 20:30:37 GMT - Search in distribution

gitwrap - Git wrapper script River stage zero No dependents

"gitwrap" is a script that will eventually exec() the "git" binary. But before it does that, it can do some things first. It will first search for configuration file gitwrap.conf in one of these locations: ~/.config, ~, or /etc. It then will execute ...

PERLANCAR/App-gitwrap-0.006 - 10 Jul 2017 11:28:12 GMT - Search in distribution

TPath - general purpose path languages for trees River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

TPath provides an xpath-like language for arbitrary trees. You implement a minimum of two methods -- "children" and "tag" -- and then you can explore your trees via concise, declarative paths. In tpath, "attributes" are node attributes of any sort an...

DFH/TPath-1.007 - 05 Aug 2014 16:26:44 GMT - Search in distribution
  • TPath::Forester - a generator of TPath expressions for a particular class of nodes

exifshow - Show EXIF information in a file River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/App-ExifUtils-0.001 - 22 Jun 2018 01:36:51 GMT - Search in distribution

manwhich - Get path to manpage River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/App-ManUtils-0.001 - 27 Oct 2016 10:53:03 GMT - Search in distribution

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