Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS - General-purpose content-addressed storage (CAS) for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

This controller provides a simple content-addressed storage backend for Catalyst applications. The concept of content-addressed storage ("CAS") is to store arbitrary content in a simple indexed key/value database where the "key" is the SHA1 checksum ...

VANSTYN/Catalyst-Controller-SimpleCAS-1.002 - 26 Jan 2018 23:54:05 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::reCAPTCHA - authenticate people and read books! River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

ZARQUON/Catalyst-Controller-reCAPTCHA-0.8 - 09 Oct 2011 07:39:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets - Automatic asset serving via sha1-based URLs River stage zero No dependents

Fast, convenient and extendable serving of assets (CSS, JavaScript, Images, etc) at URL path(s) containing sha1 checksums. This is an alternative/supplement to Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple or external/webserver for serving of an application's "ne...

VANSTYN/Catalyst-Controller-AutoAssets-0.40 - 03 Feb 2017 01:03:35 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::Mobile::JP - decode/encode with Encode::JP::Mobile River stage zero No dependents

Catalyst::Controller::Mobile::JP works as a base controller that automatically decode()/encode() with the recommended encoding lead from values of UserAgent. You can use unicode in your app that includes cross-carrier pictograms. このモジュールは Catalyst::C...

TOMITA/Catalyst-Controller-Mobile-JP-0.02 - 30 Jul 2008 06:19:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::FormBuilder - Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This base controller merges the functionality of CGI::FormBuilder with Catalyst and the following templating systems: Template Toolkit, Mason and HTML::Template. This gives you access to all of FormBuilder's niceties, such as controllablefield sticki...

MSTROUT/Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder-0.06 - 26 Jan 2011 13:10:28 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::LeakTracker - Inspect leaks found by Catalyst::Plugin::LeakTracker River stage zero No dependents

This controller uses Catalyst::Controller::LeakTracker to display leak info on a per request basis....

WREIS/Catalyst-Controller-LeakTracker-0.08 - 29 Apr 2013 15:23:13 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::MovableType - Run Movable Type through Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

Runs Movable Type 5 through Catalyst. Download Movable Type 5 from

OKKO/Catalyst-Controller-MovableType-0.004 - 18 Jan 2012 11:03:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Helper::Controller::CMS - Helper for CatalystX::CMS::Controller River stage zero No dependents

Helper for CatalystX::CMS::Controller. METHODS mk_compclass Makes a CatalystX::CMS::Controller class for you. mk_comptest Makes tests....

KARMAN/CatalystX-CMS-0.011 - 14 Jul 2011 02:44:33 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::RequestToken - Handling transaction tokens across forms River stage zero No dependents

This controller enables to enforce a single transaction across multiple forms. Using a token, you can prevent duplicate submits and protect your app from CSRF atacks. This module REQUIRES Catalyst::Plugin::Session to store server side token....

HIDE/Catalyst-Controller-RequestToken-0.07 - 09 Aug 2012 09:46:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::VersionedURI - Revert Catalyst::Plugin::VersionedURI's munging River stage zero No dependents

This controller creates actions to catch the versioned uris created by "Catalyst::Plugin::VersionedURI" with the *in_path* parameter set to *true*....

YANICK/Catalyst-Plugin-VersionedURI-1.2.0 - 25 May 2016 22:59:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::ElasticSearch - Thin proxy for ElasticSearch with some protection River stage zero No dependents

This controller base class provides some basic protection for your ElasticSearch server. This will allow you to publish individual indices and types through your Catalyst application. The controller will prevent malicious requests such as huge size p...

PERLER/Catalyst-Controller-ElasticSearch-0.1.0 - 04 Apr 2013 23:08:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::FlashRemoting - Catalyst controller for Flash Remoting River stage zero No dependents

Catalyst::Controller::FlashRemoting is a Catalyst controller that provide easy interface for Flash Remoting. Flash Remoting is RPC subsystem and that use AMF (Action Message Format) as message body format....

TYPESTER/Catalyst-Controller-FlashRemoting-0.02 - 08 Aug 2008 04:25:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::MessageDriven River stage zero No dependents

A Catalyst controller base class for use with Catalyst::Engine::Stomp, which handles YAML-serialized messages. A top-level "type" key in the YAML determines the action dispatched to....

PMOONEY/Catalyst-Engine-Stomp-0.17 - 18 Oct 2011 14:58:45 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::FormValidator - check form data River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

CHISEL/Parley-1.2.1 - 29 Apr 2009 21:32:16 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::Ping - Provides a ping action for consuming controllers River stage zero No dependents

Ever wanted to monitor a web app? With this simple role, you can easily add an action to "ping" to test if the app is up and running. You can even define a "model_name" and a "model_method" to call so it perihperally tests the app's connection to the...

NPEREZ/Catalyst-TraitFor-Controller-Ping-0.001 - 30 Mar 2010 21:01:47 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::Validation::DFV - Form validation and refilling River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

Form-validation using a Catalyst controller and Data::FormValidator...

CHISEL/Catalyst-Controller-Validation-DFV-0.0.8 - 10 Dec 2012 22:38:14 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Scaffold - Helper for Scaffolding River stage zero No dependents

Helper for Scaffolding. Templates are TT so you'll need a TT View Component and a forward in your end action too. This can be accomplished with Catalyst::Plugin::DefaultEnd. Note that you have to add these lines to your CDBI class... use Class::DBI::...

AGRUNDMA/Catalyst-Helper-Controller-Scaffold-0.04 - 21 Dec 2005 18:43:54 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::Transaction - Encloses actions into transactions River stage zero No dependents

THIS MODULE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED DEPRECATED. What is currently understood as a better practice is to enclose the code requiring a transaction into a proper model class. The point is that business logic should not be in the controller. This module ena...

DRUOSO/Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-Transaction-0.4 - 03 May 2010 13:57:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::DirectoryDispatch - Simple directory listing with built in url dispatching River stage zero No dependents

Provides a simple configuration based controller for listing local system directories and dispatching them as URLs. Example Usage If you created the controller at http://localhost/mydir and set root to '/home/user1' then browsing to the controller mi...

AGORMAN/Catalyst-Controller-DirectoryDispatch-1.03 - 16 May 2016 16:16:51 UTC - Search in distribution
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