DBD::ODBC - ODBC Driver for DBI

Change log and FAQs Please note that the change log has been moved to DBD::ODBC::Changes. To access this documentation, use "perldoc DBD::ODBC::Changes". The FAQs have also moved to DBD::ODBC::FAQ.pm. To access the FAQs use "perldoc DBD::ODBC::FAQ". ...

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DBD::Chart - DBI driver abstraction for Rendering Charts and Graphs

The DBD::Chart provides a DBI abstraction for rendering pie charts, bar charts, box&whisker charts (aka boxcharts), histograms, Gantt charts, and line, point, and area graphs. For detailed usage information, see the included dbdchart.html webpage. Se...

DARNOLD/DBD-Chart-0.82 - 22 May 2006 18:54:25 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::mysql - MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)

DBD::mysql is the Perl5 Database Interface driver for the MySQL database. In other words: DBD::mysql is an interface between the Perl programming language and the MySQL programming API that comes with the MySQL relational database management system. ...

MICHIELB/DBD-mysql-4.042 - 08 Mar 2017 20:32:52 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Excel - A class for DBI drivers that act on Excel File.

This is still alpha version. The DBD::Excel module is a DBI driver. The module is based on these modules: * Spreadsheet::ParseExcel reads Excel files. * Spreadsheet::WriteExcel writes Excel files. * SQL::Statement a simple SQL engine. * DBI Of course...

KWITKNR/DBD-Excel-0.06 - 12 Nov 2002 21:22:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Mimer - Mimer SQL Driver for DBI

DBD::Mimer is a Perl5 database interface for the Mimer SQL database. Using this module is one of several ways of accessing Mimer SQL from the Perl programming language. The most portable way is to use DBD::ODBC through a driver manager. The driver ma...

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DBD::PgSPI - PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module


APILOS/DBD-PgSPI-0.02 - 06 Dec 2004 05:30:27 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::MaxDB - MaxDB database driver for the DBI module version 7.7.5 BUILD 000-000-000-000

DBD::MaxDB is a Perl module which provides access to the MaxDB databases using the DBI module. It is an interface between the Perl programming language and the MaxDB programming API SQLDBC that comes with the MaxDB relational database management syst...

MAXDB/DBD-MaxDB- - 01 Feb 2008 13:14:20 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Unify - DBI driver for Unify database systems

DBD::Unify is an extension to Perl which allows access to Unify databases. It is built on top of the standard DBI extension and implements the methods that DBI requires. This document describes the differences between the "generic" DBD and DBD::Unify...

HMBRAND/DBD-Unify-0.87 - 27 Mar 2015 16:54:15 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Yaswi - A DBI interface to SWI-Prolog

SALVA/DBD-Yaswi-0.01 - 22 Feb 2005 00:46:45 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Solid - DBD driver to access Solid database

This module is the low level driver to access the Solid database using the DBI interface. Please refer to the DBI documentation for using it....

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  • DBD::Sybase - Sybase database driver for the DBI module

DBD::Multi - Manage Multiple Data Sources with Failover and Load Balancing

This software manages multiple database connections for failovers and also simple load balancing. It acts as a proxy between your code and your database connections, transparently choosing a connection for each query, based on your preferences and pr...

DWRIGHT/DBD-Multi-0.18 - 09 Apr 2013 22:02:41 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Neo4p - A DBI driver for Neo4j via REST::Neo4p

DBD::Neo4p is a DBI-compliant wrapper for REST::Neo4p::Query that allows for the execution of Neo4j Cypher language queries against a Neo4j <http://neo4j.org> graph database. DBD::Neo4p requires REST::Neo4p v0.2220 or greater....

MAJENSEN/DBD-Neo4p-0.1003 - 25 Apr 2015 22:24:26 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Crate - DBI driver for Crate db

DBD::Crate is a DBI driver for Crate DB <https://Crate.io>, DBD::Crate is still in early development so any feedback is much appreciated....

MAMOD/DBD-Crate-0.0.3 - 27 Aug 2016 17:47:06 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::XBase - DBI driver for XBase compatible database files

DBI compliant driver for module XBase. Please refer to DBI(3) documentation for how to actually use the module. In the connect call, specify the directory containing the dbf files (and other, memo, etc.) as the third part of the connect string. It de...

JANPAZ/DBD-XBase-1.08 - 16 Jan 2017 09:50:34 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::PgLite - PostgreSQL emulation mode for SQLite

The module automatically and transparently transforms a broad range of SQL statements typical of PostgreSQL into a form suitable for use in SQLite. This involves both (a) parsing and filtering of the SQL; and (b) the addition of several PostgreSQL-co...

GRUBER/DBD-PgLite-0.11 - 21 Nov 2008 14:39:29 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Google - Treat Google as a datasource for DBI

"DBD::Google" allows you to use Google as a datasource; Google can be queried using SQL *SELECT* statements, and iterated over using standard DBI conventions. WARNING: This is still alpha-quality software. It works for me, but that doesn't really mea...

DARREN/DBD-Google-0.51 - 15 Mar 2009 21:54:15 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Sprite - Perl extension for DBI, providing database emmulation via flat files.

DBD::Sprite is a DBI extension module adding database emulation via flat-files to Perl's database-independent database interface. Unlike other DBD::modules, DBD::Sprite does not require you to purchase or obtain a database. Every thing you need to pr...

TURNERJW/DBD-Sprite-6.11 - 19 Jan 2016 20:36:06 GMT - Search in distribution
  • JSprite - Modified version of Sprite to manipulate text delimited flat-files as databases using SQL emulating Oracle. The remaining documentation is based on Sprite.

DBD::Ingres - DBI driver for Ingres database systems

DBD::Ingres is a database driver for the perl DBI system that allows access to Ingres databases. It is built on top of the standard DBI extension and implements the methods that DBI requires. This document describes the differences between the "gener...

SREAGLE/DBD-Ingres-0.53 - 30 Sep 2009 14:55:10 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Wire10 - Pure Perl MySQL, Sphinx, and Drizzle driver for DBI.

"DBD::Wire10" is a Pure Perl interface able to connect to MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle servers, utilizing Net::Wire10 for the actual driver core....

DUBEX/DBD-Wire10-1.08 - 12 Apr 2010 23:37:31 GMT - Search in distribution

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