Dancer::Plugin::Lexicon - Flexible I18N using Locale::Maketext::Lexicon for Dancer apps

Dancer::Plugin::Lexicon uses Locale::Maketext::Lexicon to provide I18N functionality to your Dancer application. Translations are stored in PO or MO (compiled PO) gettext files in the "languages/" dir. You can generate or update your PO files by auto...

DRTECH/Dancer-Plugin-Lexicon-0.06 - 03 Aug 2014 07:32:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::XML::RSS - Dancer plugin for using XML::RSS to parse or create RSS feeds

Provides a simple way to parse RSS files by using "XML::RSS". It will hold onto currently parsed feed or keyword 'rss' will return object instance for application use. Using the 'rss_output' command it will first create correct content type and then ...

LCARMICH/Dancer-Plugin-XML-RSS-0.01 - 03 Jun 2011 17:05:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Paginate - HTTP 1.1 Range-based Pagination for Dancer apps.

HTTP 1.1 Range-based Pagination for Dancer apps. Provides a simple wrapper to provide pagination of results via the HTTP 1.1 Range headers for AJAX requests....

CASAO/Dancer-Plugin-Paginate-1.0.2 - 11 May 2014 03:28:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Database - easy database connections for Dancer applications

Provides an easy way to obtain a connected DBI database handle by simply calling the database keyword within your Dancer application Returns a Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core::Handle object, which is a subclass of DBI's "DBI::db" connection handle obj...

BIGPRESH/Dancer-Plugin-Database-2.13 - 13 Aug 2016 12:58:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Async - Dancer plugin to write async request handlers with Twiggy

This plugin helps you to write async web applications (or partly async web apps) using Twiggy and Dancer. It provides the "async" keyword and a default Application that you can use with Plack....

MSTPLBG/Dancer-Plugin-Async-0.001 - 17 Apr 2011 15:27:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Redis - easy database connections for Dancer applications

Provides an easy way to obtain a connected Redis database handle by simply calling the redis keyword within your Dancer application....

CELOGEEK/Dancer-Plugin-Redis-0.8 - 03 Feb 2014 19:56:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::ExtDirect - ExtDirect plugin for Dancer

AAR/Dancer-Plugin-ExtDirect-1.03 - 05 Jun 2012 16:15:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::ProxyPath - Provides user-perspective paths

AJKALD/Dancer-Plugin-ProxyPath-0.03 - 14 May 2011 11:41:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::DebugDump - dump objects to debug log with Data::Dump [DEPRECATED]

Provides a "debug_dump" keyword, which takes an optional label and an object or reference to dump, and calls Dancer's "debug" keyword after dumping the object / reference with Data::Dump. Allows quick and easy debugging by dumping stuff to your log/c...

BIGPRESH/Dancer-Plugin-DebugDump-0.03 - 14 Nov 2011 17:06:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Auth::CAS - CAS sso authentication for Dancer

Cancer::Plugin::Auth::CAS provides single-sign-on (sso) authentication via JASIGs Central Authentication Service (CAS). See <>...

JSTEBENS/Dancer-Plugin-Auth-CAS-1.128 - 20 Jan 2015 14:51:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::TTHelpers - Useful routines for generating HTML for use with Dancer + TT

NOTE: this module is very alpha code. *Use at your own risk* Background I was working on a Dancer app and got tired of using the normal Template Toolkit mechanisms for generating forms. Also, I got tired of writing the boiler-plate for CSS and Javasc...

DUFF/Dancer-Plugin-TTHelpers-0.005 - 02 Oct 2012 19:59:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Formatter - Data formatter for Dancer

Provides an easy way to reformat time/date and other data in templates....

SHOORICK/Dancer-Plugin-Formatter-0.05 - 02 Feb 2015 18:22:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::WebDAV - Defines routes for methods of HTTP WebDAV

Dancer::Plugin::WebDAV provides the routes controllers to define routes for WebDAV. Just like the routes controllers any, get, patch, post, del, options and put. Please making sure your server implementation accepts HTTP methods from WebDAV. The bin/...

SHELLING/Dancer-Plugin-WebDAV-0.0.5 - 11 Nov 2012 18:15:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::StatsD - Dancer Plugin for StatsD support

WWOLF/Dancer-Plugin-StatsD-0.0001 - 12 Dec 2013 21:13:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::StreamData - stream long responses instead of sending them in one piece

This plugin is useful for situations in which a Dancer application wants to return a large set of data such as the results from a database query. This is especially important where the result set might total tens or hundreds of megabytes, which would...

MMCCLENN/Dancer-Plugin-StreamData-0.9 - 02 Oct 2014 01:41:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Controller - interface between a model and view

MBOGDANOV/Dancer-Plugin-Controller-0.153 - 27 Sep 2014 19:33:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Log::DB - log arbitrary messages into a database from within your Dancer application.

Provides an easy way to add arbitrary logging messages into a database for your Dancer application. Supports more than one common field ('message') to add bits of information into. You can add as many fields as you wish in your database table and fil...

NAVI/Dancer-Plugin-Log-DB-0.04 - 21 Nov 2012 10:55:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::SiteMap - Automated site map for the Dancer web framework.

This plugin now supports Dancer 1 and 2! Plugin module for the Dancer web framwork that automagically adds sitemap routes to the webapp. Currently adds /sitemap and /sitemap.xml where the former is a basic HTML list and the latter is an XML document ...

JAMESR/Dancer-Plugin-SiteMap-0.14 - 22 May 2014 14:18:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::MongoDB - MongoDB connections as provided by Mango.

Dancer::Plugin::MongoDB implements the "Mango" driver from the Mojolicious team. It also uses some of the connection pooling features that the Dancer::Plugin::Database module implements. For the most part, read the Mango documentation for full implem...

THARDISON/Dancer-Plugin-MongoDB-0.35 - 21 Apr 2014 18:31:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::FakeCGI - run CGI methods or Perl-files under Dancer

Supports to run CGI perl files on CGI methods under Dancer....

KOCEASY/Dancer-Plugin-FakeCGI-0.63 - 03 Jan 2016 17:00:53 GMT - Search in distribution

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