Image::Magick::Thumbnail::Simple - The thumbnail image is easily made without uselessness. River stage zero No dependents

The thumbnail image can be easily made by using Image::Magick. A basic setting is the same as Image::Magick. Only the processing of the resize of the image is treated. The version opened to the public is 0.10. In 0.12, it came to return a size that c...

ARUTEIDO/Image-Magick-Thumbnail-Simple-0.12 - 03 Apr 2008 14:29:02 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::Magick::Thumbnail::NotFound - Create thumbnails as http requests for them fail River stage zero No dependents

This was written to create thumbnails on a *per request* basis. That is, create a thumbnail on an Apache 404 error. To be more specific, it makes thumbnails as http requests for them *fail*, and *only* when they fail. Thumbnails are stored mirroring ...

LEOCHARRE/Image-Magick-Thumbnail-NotFound-1.008 - 09 Aug 2006 05:57:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Plugin::Upload::Image::Magick - Image information plugin for Catalyst::Request::Upload River stage zero No dependents

SRCHULO/Catalyst-Plugin-Upload-Image-Magick-0.04 - 28 Feb 2013 06:26:59 UTC - Search in distribution

GD::SecurityImage::Magick River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 17 total dependents

Includes GD method emulations for Image::Magick. Used internally by GD::SecurityImage. Nothing public here....

BURAK/GD-SecurityImage-1.75 - 24 Dec 2018 11:35:30 UTC - Search in distribution

Quiq::ImageMagick - Konstruiere eine ImageMagick-Kommandozeile River stage zero No dependents

ImageMagick Online-Dokumentation: <> Ein Objekt der Klasse repräsentiert eine ImageMagick-Kommandozeile. Die Klasse verfügt einerseits über *elementare* (Objekt-)Methoden, um eine solche Kommandozeile sukzessive aus i...

FSEITZ/Quiq-1.192 - 09 Dec 2020 07:36:13 UTC - Search in distribution

Alien::ImageMagick - cpanm compatible Image::Magick packaging. River stage zero No dependents

This package's purpose is to make the installation of the official Image Magick library and Perl interface compatible with cpanm ( <> ) and perlbrew ( <

AMBS/Alien-ImageMagick-0.08 - 12 Apr 2021 20:37:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::ImageMagick - Convert and manipulate images on the fly River stage zero No dependents

This module uses the Image::Magick library to process an image on the fly. It is able to convert the source image to any type you request that is supported by Image::Magick (e.g. TIFF, PPM, PGM, PPB, GIF, JPEG and more). The requested fileformat is d...

GRICHTER/Apache-ImageMagick-2.0b7 - 20 Sep 2002 15:27:25 UTC - Search in distribution

App::ImageMagickUtils - Utilities related to ImageMagick River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/App-ImageMagickUtils-0.004 - 21 Jan 2021 00:05:17 UTC - Search in distribution
  • downsize-image - Reduce image size, by default via compressing to JPEG quality 40 and downsizing to 1024p
  • calc-image-resized-size - Given size of an image (in WxH, e.g. "2592x1944") and ImageMagick-like resize instruction (e.g. "1024p>"), calculate new resized image
  • image-resize-notation-to-human - Translate ImageMagick-like resize notation (e.g. "720^>") to human-friendly text (e.g. "shrink shortest side to 720px")

Plack::App::ImageMagick - Create and manipulate images with Image::Magick River stage zero No dependents

Use Image::Magick to create and manipulate images for your web applications....

AJGB/Plack-App-ImageMagick-1.110990 - 09 Apr 2011 23:23:12 UTC - Search in distribution

Tree::Cladogram::ImageMagick - Render a cladogram using Imager or Image::Magick River stage zero No dependents

See "Description" in Tree::Cladogram....

RSAVAGE/Tree-Cladogram-1.04 - 01 Feb 2021 23:57:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Labyrinth::DIUtils::ImageMagick - Digital Image utilities driver for ImageMagick. River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Handles the driver software for ImageMagick image manipulation; Do not use this module directly, access via Labyrinth::DIUtils....

BARBIE/Labyrinth-DIUtils-ImageMagick-5.08 - 08 Jan 2015 08:06:11 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/CGI/Uploader/Transform/ River stage zero No dependents

MARKSTOS/CGI-Uploader-2.18 - 02 Feb 2011 03:41:57 UTC - Search in distribution

CSS::SpriteBuilder::ImageDriver::ImageMagick - Class for image manipulation using Image::Magick module. River stage zero No dependents

YOREEK/CSS-SpriteBuilder-0.03 - 20 Aug 2013 22:52:14 UTC - Search in distribution

IIIF::Magick - transform image with IIIF Image API Request using Image Magick River stage zero No dependents

This module maps IIIF ImageAPI <> request parameters to ImageMagick <> command line arguments. See i3f (command line) and IIIF::ImageAPI (web service) for applications that make use of it....

VOJ/IIIF-0.07 - 09 Dec 2019 12:22:25 UTC - Search in distribution
  • IIIF - IIIF Image API implementation
  • i3f - apply IIIF Image API requests on the command line
  • IIIF::ImageAPI - IIIF Image API implementation as Plack application

GD::Barcode::Image - Create Image::Magick object for a barcode River stage zero No dependents

This module adds minor extensions in functionality to the GD::Barcode module. See the documentation for GD::Barcode and all its barcode symbology types for additional information on the use of this module. new() *$oGdBarIm* = GD::Barcode::Image->new(...

AVINASH/GD-Barcode-Image-1.03 - 26 Aug 2007 17:12:58 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::MIFF - Read Magick Image File Format meta information River stage two • 27 direct dependents • 27 total dependents

This module contains routines required by Image::ExifTool to read MIFF (Magick Image File Format) images....

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-12.16 - 21 Jan 2021 17:51:28 UTC - Search in distribution

GD::Image - Image class for the GD image library River stage three • 94 direct dependents • 151 total dependents

See GD...

RURBAN/GD-2.73 - 24 Sep 2020 13:01:57 UTC - Search in distribution

Wx::Perl::Imagick - A drop-in replacement for Wx::Image with all functionality of Image::Magick River stage zero No dependents

This class is meant to be a replacement for Wx::Image, adding all functionality of Image::Magick. Hence the name Wx::Perl::Imagick. Most of the API of Wx::Image has been copied for backwards compatibility, but you can also call any method of Image::M...

JOUKE/Wx-Perl-Imagick-0.02 - 16 Jun 2005 12:19:04 UTC - Search in distribution

Graphics::DZI - DeepZoom Image Pyramid Generation River stage zero No dependents

This base package generates tiles from a given image in such a way that they follow the DeepZoom image pyramid scheme. Consequently this image becomes zoomable with tools like Seadragon. As this is a base class,...

DRRHO/Graphics-DZI-0.05 - 23 Apr 2010 12:13:06 UTC - Search in distribution
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