Authen::Simple::Kerberos - Simple Kerberos authentication River stage zero No dependents

Kerberos authentication....

CHANSEN/Authen-Simple-Kerberos-0.1 - 04 Jan 2006 00:26:01 GMT

Authen::Simple::WebForm - Simple authentication against existing web based forms. River stage zero No dependents

Authentication against a variety of login forms. This wraps up the LWP (libwww-perl) calls needed to attempt a login to a site that uses an HTML form for logins. It supports logins that require cookies, various form variables, special headers, and mo...

UNRTST/Authen-Simple-WebForm-0.02 - 05 Nov 2009 22:09:41 GMT

Authen::Simple::Adapter - Adapter class for implementations River stage two • 23 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

Adapter class for implementations....

CHANSEN/Authen-Simple-0.5 - 19 Apr 2012 17:01:48 GMT

Authen::Simple::ActiveDirectory - Simple ActiveDirectory authentication River stage zero No dependents

Authenticate against Active Directory. This implementation differs from Authen::Simple::LDAP in way that it will try to bind directly as the users principial....

CHANSEN/Authen-Simple-LDAP-0.3 - 19 Apr 2012 10:06:08 GMT

LWP::Authen::OAuth2::ServiceProvider::Line - Access Line OAuth2 API v2 River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

DOMM/LWP-Authen-OAuth2-0.16 - 25 Feb 2019 20:41:59 GMT

Authen::PluggableCaptcha::ErrorLoggingObject River stage zero No dependents

JVANASCO/Authen-PluggableCaptcha-0.05 - 27 Feb 2007 23:56:14 GMT

Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Authen::Simple - Verify credentials with the Authen::Simple framework River stage zero No dependents

This module helps your Cataylst Application authenticate against a lot of credential databases thanks to the Authen::Simple framework....

MRUIZ/Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-Authen-Simple-0.09 - 25 Oct 2012 22:53:04 GMT

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