Catalyst::Plugin::Images - Generate image tags for static files. River stage zero No dependents

This plugin provides a quick and easy way to include your images on the page, automatically extracting and caching image metadata. It's automatically extendable, just pass whatever attribute you require as a key/value pair, and it will be added to th...

BOBTFISH/Catalyst-Plugin-Images-0.02 - 20 Jan 2009 00:05:51 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv - Allows you to set up the environment from Catalyst's config file. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

MRAMBERG/Catalyst-Plugin-Setenv-0.03 - 18 Apr 2009 11:48:26 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Starch - Catalyst session plugin via Starch. River stage zero No dependents

Integrates Starch with Catalyst providing a compatible replacement for Catalyst::Plugin::Session. Is is recommended that as part of implementing this module in your site that you also create an in-house unit test using Test::Starch. Note that this pl...

BLUEFEET/Catalyst-Plugin-Starch-0.06 - 06 Mar 2019 07:40:05 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Assets - Manage and minify .css and .js assets in a Catalyst application River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Catalyst::Plugin::Assets integrates File::Assets into your Catalyst application. Essentially, it provides a unified way to include .css and .js assets from different parts of your program. When you're done processing a request, you can use $catalyst-...

RKRIMEN/Catalyst-Plugin-Assets-0.036 - 18 Feb 2010 20:41:46 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Statsd - Log Catalyst stats to statsd River stage zero No dependents

This plugin will log Catalyst timing statistics to statsd. CONFIGURATION __PACKAGE__->config( 'Plugin::Statsd' => { disable_stats_report => 0, }, ); "disable_stats_report" Enabling stats will also log a table of statistics to the Catalyst log. If you...

RRWO/Catalyst-Plugin-Statsd-v0.7.2 - 31 Jul 2020 13:32:14 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Widget - Simple way to create reusable HTML fragments River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Termin *widget* means kind of object that knows about current Catalyst context and can be easily stringified to text representation. A typical example of a widget - CatalystX::Widget::Paginator module....

LONERR/Catalyst-Plugin-Widget-0.04 - 18 Nov 2010 17:17:02 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::ClamAV - ClamAV scanning Plugin for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

This plugin add virus scan method (using ClamAV) for Catalyst. Using ClamAV::Client module....

FUJIWARA/Catalyst-Plugin-ClamAV-0.03 - 28 Feb 2007 07:56:08 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Imager - Imager Plugin for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

This module's intention is to make the wonders of Imager easily accesible within a Catalyst application via the Catalyst::Plugin interface. It adds the method "imager" to the "Catalyst" namespace....

DAMBAR/Catalyst-Plugin-Imager-0.01 - 17 May 2007 18:38:46 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Apoptosis - Stop Execution Of A Catalyst App River stage zero No dependents

Sometimes you're bound by the amount of memory you can use, so you want your long-running app to exit gracefully. This plugin overrides handle_request() and attempts to exit the application when such conditions area reached....

DMAKI/Catalyst-Plugin-Apoptosis-0.00002 - 18 Sep 2007 08:42:44 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Message - The great new Catalyst::Plugin::Message! River stage zero No dependents

CHUNZI/Catalyst-Plugin-Message-0.03 - 06 Apr 2006 14:22:45 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode - Unicode aware Catalyst (old style) River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

On request, decodes all params from UTF-8 octets into a sequence of logical characters. On response, encodes body into UTF-8 octets. Note that this plugin tries to autodetect if your response is encoded into characters before trying to encode it into...

BOBTFISH/Catalyst-Plugin-Unicode-0.93 - 17 Mar 2010 22:37:17 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Browser - DEPRECATED: Browser Detection River stage zero No dependents

Extends your applications request class with browser detection....

FLORA/Catalyst-Plugin-Browser-0.08 - 02 Dec 2010 08:14:13 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::JSONRPC - Dispatch JSON-RPC methods with Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

Catalyst::Plugin::JSONRPC is a Catalyst plugin to add JSON-RPC methods in your controller class. It uses a same mechanism that XMLRPC plugin does and actually plays really nicely. METHODS $c->json_rpc(%attrs) Call this method from a controller action...

MIYAGAWA/Catalyst-Plugin-JSONRPC-0.01 - 04 Jan 2006 08:58:27 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Observe - Observe Engine Events River stage zero No dependents

Observe Engine events, for debugging purposes. Subclasses Class::Publisher. "Catalyst::Plugin::Observe" allows you to register your own callbacks to specific Engine events (method calls), and to be notified through the callback when they occur. When ...

MRAMBERG/Catalyst-Plugin-Observe-0.02 - 11 Jul 2005 08:53:29 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Sitemap - Sitemap support for Catalyst. River stage zero No dependents

Catalyst::Plugin::Sitemap provides a way to semi-automate the creation of the sitemap of a Catalyst application....

YANICK/Catalyst-Plugin-Sitemap-1.0.3 - 30 Oct 2019 15:00:05 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Shorten - The great ancient URI shortner! River stage zero No dependents

LNATION/Catalyst-Plugin-Shorten-0.06 - 10 Oct 2019 14:44:43 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Captcha - create and validate Captcha for Catalyst River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This plugin create, validate Captcha. Note: This plugin uses GD::SecurityImage and requires a session plugins like Catalyst::Plugin::Session...

DIEGOK/Catalyst-Plugin-Captcha-0.04 - 03 Apr 2010 17:02:35 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Textile - Textile for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

Persistent Textile processor for Catalyst. METHODS $c->textile; Returns a ready to use Text::Textile object....

BOBTFISH/Catalyst-Plugin-Textile-0.01 - 22 Jan 2010 03:17:58 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Firebug - Catalyst plugin for Firebug Lite River stage zero No dependents

Catalyst plugin for Firebug Lite. If you load this plugin, and your app running on debug mode or $ENV{FIREBUG_DEBUG} is set, this plugin insert firebug lite tags to its output automaticaly....

TYPESTER/Catalyst-Action-Firebug-0.01 - 13 Mar 2007 05:12:00 UTC

Catalyst::Plugin::Twitter - simple sending of tweets from within Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

Twitter (<>) is a micro-blogging service that lets you post little updates (up to 140 characters) about yourself. It is used for everything from documenting the trivial events of a person's day to providing instantanous updates ...

EVDB/Catalyst-Plugin-Twitter-0.01 - 04 Apr 2009 19:34:47 UTC

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