HTML::FillInForm::Lite - Lightweight FillInForm module in Pure Perl River stage two • 6 direct dependents • 30 total dependents

This module fills in HTML forms with Perl data, which re-implements "HTML::FillInForm" using regexp-based parser, not using "HTML::Parser". The difference in the parsers makes "HTML::FillInForm::Lite" about 2 times faster than "HTML::FillInForm"....

GFUJI/HTML-FillInForm-Lite-1.15 - 21 Aug 2016 11:34:11 GMT

Test::HTML::Content::NoXPath - HTML::TokeParser fallback for Test::HTML::Content River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

This is the module that gets loaded when Test::HTML::Content can't find its prerequisites : XML::XPath HTML::Tidy EXPORT Nothing. It stomps over the Test::HTML::Content namespace....

CORION/Test-HTML-Content-0.09 - 06 Feb 2013 19:01:17 GMT

WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C - Access the W3Cs online HTML validator River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C provides access to the W3C's online Markup validator. As well as reporting on whether a page is valid it also provides access to a detailed list of the errors and where in the validated document they occur....

STRUAN/WebService-Validator-HTML-W3C-0.28 - 18 Jan 2012 18:55:40 GMT

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