Gungho::Plugin - Gungho Plugin Base Class River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

DMAKI/Gungho-0.09008 - 28 Jul 2008 10:37:52 UTC

Froody::Plugin River stage zero No dependents

Froody plugins let you extend an implementation and add functionality without scary messing around with superclasses. They have a chance to get involved in the pre_process step of the request, and can add accessors to the importing class and instance...

FOTANGO/Froody-42.034 - 23 Mar 2007 17:45:08 UTC

AxKit2::Plugin - base class for all plugins River stage zero No dependents

An AxKit2 plugin allows you to hook into various parts of processing requests and modify the behaviour of that request. This class is the base class for all plugins and this document covers both the details of the base class, and the available hooks ...

MSERGEANT/AxKit2-1.1 - 09 Sep 2006 21:26:43 UTC

Nephia::Plugin - Base Class of Nephia Plugin River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

This class is a base class of Nephia Plugin. If you want to create a plugin for Nephia, your plugin have to inherit it....

YTURTLE/Nephia-0.87 - 02 Jan 2014 19:23:33 UTC

Plugin::Simple - Load plugins from files or modules. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

There are many plugin modules available on the CPAN, but I wrote this one just for fun. It's very simple, extremely lightweight, and is extremely minimalistic in what it does. It searches for modules in installed packages or non-installed files, and ...

STEVEB/Plugin-Simple-1.01 - 11 Feb 2018 16:18:22 UTC

Plugin::Loader - finding and loading modules in a given namespace River stage zero No dependents

Note: this module has now been renamed to Module::Loader. In the slim chance that you'd started using "Plugin::Loader", my apologies, and please switch to using Module::Loader. "Plugin::Loader" will eventually be removed from CPAN. This module provid...

NEILB/Plugin-Loader-0.05 - 05 Oct 2014 12:35:07 UTC

Nagios::Plugin - Removed from CPAN by request of Nagios Enterprises, succeeded by Monitoring::Plugin River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

MSTROUT/Nagios-Plugin-0.990001 - 14 Dec 2015 21:26:46 UTC

Raisin::Plugin - Base class for Raisin plugins River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Provides the base class for creating Raisin plugins....

RTKH/Raisin-0.90 - 22 Jun 2020 14:25:05 UTC

Siesta::Plugin - base class for Siesta Plugins River stage zero No dependents

RCLAMP/Siesta-0.66 - 17 Oct 2003 13:40:06 UTC

Tanker::Plugin - a base class for all Tanker plugins River stage zero No dependents

If a plugin is placed in a Tanker pipeline then (almost) every request that comes down the pipeline will be passed to it via the handle method. It's then free to munge it as it wants....

SIMONW/Tanker-0.021 - 22 Feb 2002 16:16:51 UTC

Limper::Plugin - placeholder for the Limper::Plugin namespace River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

See Limper::Extending for how to write Limper plugins....

ASHLEYW/Limper-0.015 - 30 Apr 2019 20:01:03 UTC

Dancer::Plugin - helper for writing Dancer plugins River stage three • 213 direct dependents • 217 total dependents

Create plugins for Dancer...

BIGPRESH/Dancer-1.3513 - 29 Jan 2020 21:03:12 UTC

Resque::Plugin - Syntactic sugar for Resque plugin's River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

A Resque::Plugin allows to add moose roles to any of Resque, Resque::Worker and Resque::Job created during the lifetime of a given Resque instance. This means you can add, replace or augment any method of those objects. You will define which roles wi...

DIEGOK/Resque-0.37 - 10 Dec 2018 20:23:58 UTC

Gideon::Plugin - Plugin base class River stage zero No dependents

This is the base class all plugins inherit from...

DICHI/Gideon-0.0.3 - 09 Sep 2013 13:58:54 UTC

Xacobeo::Plugin - Parent class for all plugins. River stage zero No dependents

Parent class for all plugins. It provides a common framework for all plugins....

POTYL/Xacobeo-0.15 - 02 Sep 2013 11:45:14 UTC

PiFlash::Plugin - plugin extension interface for PiFlash River stage zero No dependents

The PiFlash::Plugin module has class methods which manage all the plugins and instance methods which are the base class inherited by each plugin. PiFlash::Hook can be used to receive callback events at various stages of the PiFlash run. To create a p...

IKLUFT/PiFlash-0.4.3 - 23 Mar 2019 17:36:04 UTC

Otogiri::Plugin - make Otogiri to pluggable River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Otogiri::Plugin provides Teng-like plugin function to Otogiri....

TSUCCHI/Otogiri-Plugin-0.03 - 07 Jun 2014 07:48:57 UTC

Dancer2::Plugin - base class for Dancer2 plugins River stage three • 143 direct dependents • 161 total dependents

Writing the plugin "use Dancer2::Plugin" The plugin must begin with use Dancer2::Plugin; which will turn the package into a Moo class that inherits from Dancer2::Plugin. The base class provides the plugin with two attributes: "app", which is populate...

CROMEDOME/Dancer2-0.301001 - 17 Mar 2021 12:56:09 UTC

Blosxom::Plugin - Base class for Blosxom plugins River stage zero No dependents

This module enables Blosxom plugins to create class attributes and load additional components. Blosxom never creates instances of plugins, and so they can't have instance attributes. This module creates class attributes instead, and always undefines ...

ANAZAWA/Blosxom-Plugin-0.02004 - 26 Nov 2012 21:42:32 UTC

Plagger::Plugin - Base class for Plagger Plugins River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This is the base class for plagger plugins. Pretty much everything is done by plugins in Plagger. To write a new plugin, simply inherit from Plagger::Plugin: package Plagger::Plugin; use base qw(Plagger::Plugin); Then register some hooks: # register ...

MIYAGAWA/Plagger-0.7.17 - 05 Dec 2006 07:40:09 UTC

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