Test::Effects - Test all effects at once (return value, I/O, warnings, exceptions, etc.) River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

Test::Effects provides a single exported subroutine: "effects_ok" This sub expects a block of code (or sub ref) as its first argument, followed by an optional hash ref as its second, and an optional string as its third. The first argument specifies s...

DCONWAY/Test-Effects-0.001005 - 15 Sep 2014 02:46:53 GMT

Test::Pockito - Inspired by Mockito, a library to build mock objects for test driven development River stage zero No dependents

A mock object is a thing that imitates something else that may be hard to setup or can be brittle. Examples of such are databases, network connections, and things deemed non trivial that may involve state. The following is an overly complicated class...

EXUSSUM/Test-Pockito-0.02 - 27 Jul 2010 20:04:16 GMT

Test::STDmaker - generate test scripts, demo scripts from a test description short hand River stage zero No dependents

The "Test::STDmaker" program module provides the following capabilities: 1 Automate Perl related programming needed to create a test script resulting in reduction of time and cost. 2 Translate a short hand Software Test Description (STD) file into a ...

SOFTDIA/Test-STDmaker-0.23 - 24 May 2004 16:45:33 GMT

Test::CallFlow - trivial planning of sub call flows for fast unit test writing. River stage zero No dependents

KORPIQ/Test-CallFlow-0.03 - 25 Jan 2009 11:10:21 GMT

Test::Subunits - Extract subunit tests from within complex source code River stage zero No dependents

*"Unit testing is right. Unit testing works. Unit testing clarifies. Unit testing, for lack of a better word, is good."* ...but unit testing can also be expensive. In particular, unit testing requires that your code be composed from a large number of...

DCONWAY/Test-Subunits-0.000003 - 28 Apr 2015 22:17:34 GMT

Catalyst::Test - Test Catalyst Applications River stage three • 609 direct dependents • 681 total dependents

This module allows you to make requests to a Catalyst application either without a server, by simulating the environment of an HTTP request using HTTP::Request::AsCGI or remotely if you define the CATALYST_SERVER environment variable. This module als...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90124 - 18 Jan 2019 22:36:07 GMT

Test::Warnings - Test for warnings and the lack of them River stage four • 200 direct dependents • 8786 total dependents

If you've ever tried to use Test::NoWarnings to confirm there are no warnings generated by your tests, combined with the convenience of "done_testing" to not have to declare a test count, you'll have discovered that these two features do not play wel...

ETHER/Test-Warnings-0.027 - 28 Sep 2019 04:07:02 GMT

Bio::Root::Test - common base for all BioPerl test scripts River stage two • 71 direct dependents • 74 total dependents

This provides a common base for all BioPerl test scripts. It safely handles the loading of Test::Most, itself a simple wrapper around several highly used test modules: Test::More, Test::Exception, Test::Warn, Test::Deep, and Test::Diff. It also prese...

CDRAUG/BioPerl-1.7.6 - 28 Aug 2019 11:42:06 GMT

Test::Log::Log4perl - test log4perl River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

This module can be used to test that you're logging the right thing with Log::Log4perl. It checks that we get what, and only what, we expect logged by your code. The basic process is very simple. Within your test script you get one or more loggers fr...

CLKAO/Test-Log-Log4perl-0.32 - 16 Feb 2013 09:41:18 GMT

Test::Aggregate - Aggregate *.t tests to make them run faster. River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

WARNING: this is ALPHA code. The interface is not guaranteed to be stable. Further, check out Test::Aggregate::Nested (included with this distribution). It's a more robust implementation which does not have the same limitations as "Test::Aggregate". ...

RWSTAUNER/Test-Aggregate-0.375 - 28 Jan 2017 23:59:09 GMT

Test::AutoBuild - Automated build engine controller River stage zero No dependents

This module provides the build controller, tieing together various subsystems to form an integrated engine. It is wholely reponsible for loading the various runtime objects (stages, modules, repositories, package types, monitors, publishers) based on...

DANBERR/Test-AutoBuild-1.2.4 - 01 Sep 2011 21:11:37 GMT

Test::Exception - Test exception-based code River stage four • 2156 direct dependents • 8986 total dependents

This module provides a few convenience methods for testing exception based code. It is built with Test::Builder and plays happily with Test::More and friends. If you are not already familiar with Test::More now would be the time to go take a look. Yo...

EXODIST/Test-Exception-0.43 - 29 Dec 2015 19:55:14 GMT

Test::LeakTrace - Traces memory leaks River stage four • 43 direct dependents • 6529 total dependents

"Test::LeakTrace" provides several functions that trace memory leaks. This module scans arenas, the memory allocation system, so it can detect any leaked SVs in given blocks. Leaked SVs are SVs which are not released after the end of the scope they h...

LEEJO/Test-LeakTrace-0.16 - 18 Jun 2017 00:26:13 GMT

Test::Tarantool - The Swiss army knife for tests of Tarantool related Perl and lua code. River stage zero No dependents

REZNIKOV/Test-Tarantool-0.03 - 29 Jun 2014 11:55:18 GMT

Test::Smoke::Util - Take out some of the functions of the smoke suite. River stage zero No dependents

ABELTJE/Test-Smoke-1.73 - 13 Aug 2019 09:10:25 GMT

Test::Assertions - a simple set of building blocks for both unit and runtime testing River stage three • 12 direct dependents • 121 total dependents

Test::Assertions provides a convenient set of tools for constructing tests, such as unit tests or run-time assertion checks (like C's ASSERT macro). Unlike some of the Test:: modules available on CPAN, Test::Assertions is not limited to unit test scr...

BBC/Test-Assertions-1.054 - 11 Aug 2006 10:24:22 GMT

Test::Class::Most - Test Classes the easy way River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 82 total dependents

When people write test classes with the excellent "Test::Class", you often see the following at the top of the code: package Some::Test::Class; use strict; use warnings; use base 'My::Test::Class'; use Test::More; use Test::Exception; # and then the ...

OVID/Test-Class-Most-0.08 - 22 Nov 2012 10:09:29 GMT

Test::Proto::Base - Base Class for Test Prototypes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

PERRETTDL/Test-Proto-0.027 - 25 Dec 2013 22:00:03 GMT

Test::Harness::KS River stage zero No dependents

KIVILAHTI/Test-Harness-KS-0.004 - 31 Aug 2018 13:33:58 GMT

Test::NoWarnings - Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing River stage four • 500 direct dependents • 6343 total dependents

In general, your tests shouldn't produce warnings. This modules causes any warnings to be captured and stored. It automatically adds an extra test that will run when your script ends to check that there were no warnings. If there were any warings, th...

ADAMK/Test-NoWarnings-1.04 - 01 Dec 2011 01:20:05 GMT

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