LIMS::Controller - Perl object layer controlling the LIMS database and its web interface River stage zero No dependents

LIMS::Controller is a versatile object-oriented Perl module designed to control a LIMS database and its web interface. Inheriting from the LIMS::Web::Interface and LIMS::Database::Util classes, the module provides automation for many core and advance...

CJONES/LIMS-Controller-1.6b - 26 Aug 2008 10:46:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::MonitorSites - Monitor availability and function of a list of websites River stage zero No dependents

HESCO/Test-MonitorSites-0.15 - 20 Jun 2008 10:59:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::FormBuilder - Create CGI::FormBuilder objects from simple text descriptions River stage zero No dependents

This module is intended to extend the idea of making it easy to create web forms by allowing you to describe them with a simple langauge. These *formspecs* are then passed through this module's parser and converted into CGI::FormBuilder objects that ...

PEICHMAN/Text-FormBuilder-0.14 - 14 Mar 2012 04:26:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Lace - Logic-less, strongly typed, and componentized HTML templates. River stage zero No dependents

Template::Lace is a toolkit that makes it possible to bind HTML templates to plain old Perl classes as long as they provide a defined interface. These templates are fully HTML markup only; they contain no display logic, only valid HTML and component ...

JJNAPIORK/Template-Lace-0.017 - 05 Dec 2017 14:40:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::ParamParser - Provides complex parameter list parsing River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This Perl 5 object class implements two methods which inherited classes can use to tidy up parameter lists for their own methods and functions. The two methods differ in that one returns a HASH ref containing named parameters and the other returns an...

DUNCAND/Class-ParamParser-1.041 - 17 Mar 2003 06:28:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Release::Checklist - A QA checklist for CPAN releases River stage zero No dependents

HMBRAND/Release-Checklist-0.08 - 03 Apr 2018 19:31:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Alien::Tidyp - Building, finding and using tidyp library - River stage zero No dependents

KMX/Alien-Tidyp-v1.4.7 - 31 May 2011 07:32:17 GMT - Search in distribution

HTTP::OAIPMH::Validator - OAI-PMH validator class River stage zero No dependents

SIMEON/HTTP-OAIPMH-Validator-1.06 - 28 Nov 2017 18:48:34 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Acid - Reformat HTML fragment to strict criteria River stage zero No dependents

Fragments of HTML returned by a rich text editor tend to be not entirely standards compliant. "img" tags tend not to be closed. Paragraphs breaks might be represented by double "br" tags rather than "p" tags. Of course we also need to do all the XSS ...

SILASMONK/HTML-Acid-v0.0.3 - 23 Mar 2011 14:30:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Advent - POD Formatter for The Perl Advent Calendar River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a POD formatter that is designed to facilitate the create of submissions for The Perl Advent Calendar (<>) by providing authors with simple markup that will be automatically transformed to full-fill the sp...

DAVIDRW/Pod-Advent-0.24 - 21 Feb 2011 18:28:37 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Grammar::Vered - a vered by any other name will translate as sweet. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

Vered-XML is a custom (and incredibly ad-hoc) XML grammar, which was created for the ability to more easily write and maintain the “Perl Elements to Avoid” page over at <> . You may find it suitable, but c...

SHLOMIF/XML-Grammar-Vered-0.0.9 - 17 Feb 2014 13:24:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::FIBO - Leonardo Pisano a.k.a. Fibonacci River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Hi! I am FIBO <>, an italian mathematician. I graduated in 2005 at Università degli Studi di Genova <> and since then I work doing Business Intelligence and Web Analytics. My boss said: you nee...

FIBO/Task-BeLike-FIBO-0.19 - 05 Jul 2015 16:53:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Template::Simple - Simple text template engine River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This document describes version 0.90 of "Text::Template::Simple" released on "5 July 2016". This is a simple template module. There is no extra template/mini language. Instead, it uses Perl as the template language. Templates can be cached on disk or...

BURAK/Text-Template-Simple-0.90 - 04 Jul 2016 23:02:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::LESPEA - Modules that LESPEA uses on a daily basis River stage zero No dependents

LESPEA/Task-BeLike-LESPEA-2.005000 - 12 Mar 2014 14:47:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::RJBS - be more like RJBS -- use the modules he likes! River stage zero No dependents

RJBS/Task-BeLike-RJBS-20150423.001 - 23 Apr 2015 17:26:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::AndyA - Basic working environment. River stage zero No dependents

Nice things to have installed....

ANDYA/Bundle-AndyA-1.12 - 27 Oct 2010 18:43:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::MasteringPerl - Modules used in Mastering Perl, 2nd Edition River stage zero No dependents

Task::MasteringPerl installs the modules mentioned in Mastering Perl. Some of them might not install everywhere. * AnyDBM_File * Apache::PerlRun * Apache::Perldoc * Apache::Pod * App::Smbxfer * AutoLoader * AutoSplit * B::Deobfuscate * B::Deparse * B...

BDFOY/Task-MasteringPerl-1.005 - 07 Jun 2018 15:12:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Petal::Cookbook - Recipes for building templates with Petal River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

This document contains some examples of Petal template usage. Most of these examples deal with using Petal to generate HTML files from HTML templates....

NINE/Petal-2.24 - 16 Feb 2017 12:11:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Garden - bootstrap Rose::DB::Object and Rose::HTML::Form classes River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Rose::DBx::Garden bootstraps Rose::DB::Object and Rose::HTML::Form based projects. The idea is that you can point the module at a database and end up with work-able RDBO and Form classes with a single method call. Rose::DBx::Garden creates scaffoldin...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-Garden-0.193 - 10 Jul 2014 13:07:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Theory - A bundle to install all of Theory's favorite modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle contains all of Theory's most-used CPAN modules. These are essentials whenever he builds a new system....

DWHEELER/Bundle-Theory-1.08 - 19 Jun 2011 04:45:49 GMT - Search in distribution

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