Tree::Cladogram::Imager - Render a cladogram using Imager or Image::Magick River stage zero No dependents

See "Description" in Tree::Cladogram....

RSAVAGE/Tree-Cladogram-1.03 - 04 Sep 2016 07:59:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Treemap::Output::Imager River stage zero No dependents

Implements Treemap::Output methods which allows Treemap to call appropriate Imager methods for rendering a raster image of a Treemap....

SPDITNER/Treemap-0.2 - 18 Jun 2004 12:29:13 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Ex::Recipes::Imager - Implements image mangement! River stage zero No dependents

NOTE: this is just a draft. Nothing is implemented. Manages display and recise of images. If an image is already recised and stored in the temp directory, just creates an img tag with src attribute pointing to the ready for display image. If the imag...

BEROV/CGI-Ex-Recipes-0.08 - 05 Sep 2012 07:36:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Plugin::Imager - Imager Plugin for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

This module's intention is to make the wonders of Imager easily accesible within a Catalyst application via the Catalyst::Plugin interface. It adds the method "imager" to the "Catalyst" namespace....

DAMBAR/Catalyst-Plugin-Imager-0.01 - 17 May 2007 18:38:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::Imager::Thumbnail - Produces thumbnail images with Imager River stage zero No dependents

This module uses the Imager library to create a thumbnail image with no side bigger than you specify....

EBRUNI/Image-Imager-Thumbnail-0.01 - 09 Oct 2007 21:41:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Imager::Filter::Autocrop - Automatic crop filter for Imager. River stage zero No dependents

This module extends "Imager" functionality with the autocrop filter, similar to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick "trim". It does have a few additional features as well, such as support for the border or detection-only mode. The distribution also includ...

LEADER/Imager-Filter-Autocrop-1.23 - 08 Oct 2016 10:56:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::Imager - Plugin interface to Imager River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface to the Imager library. See Imager for a complete description of the Imager library. Be aware that due to Template::Toolkit merging named parameters into hashrefs while Imager's methods expect hash parameters you have...

TKREMER/Template-Plugin-Imager-0.01 - 28 Jul 2009 11:49:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Imager::Filter::Bakumatsu - Photo vintage filter River stage zero No dependents

Bakumatsu (幕末) is a name of the 19th century middle in the history of Japan. (<>) This filter makes the photograph old likes taken in the Bakumatsu era. POD ERRORS Hey! The above document had some coding errors, ...

TOMITA/Imager-Filter-Bakumatsu-0.05 - 08 Sep 2016 05:30:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Imager::Filter::Statistic - Provide statistica-based pixel filters. River stage zero No dependents

This module provide a "statistic" type of image filter to work with Imager. The filter does a sliding window scan. For each pixel in the image, the pixel value is replaced by the summerizing its surroundings with a statistic method. The parameter "ge...

GUGOD/Imager-Filter-Statistic-0.001 - 03 Dec 2014 20:37:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Video::Capture::V4l::Imager - Capture images from a video webcam River stage zero No dependents

Video::Capture::V4l::Imager captures still images from a USB video cam connected to your Linux box. The pictures come back as Imager objects (see the Imager module on CPAN for details) and can be easily manipulated and saved to disk. Video::Capture::...

MSCHILLI/Video-Capture-V4l-Imager-0.01 - 24 Feb 2007 22:30:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::Imager - generate scaled or mangled images River stage zero No dependents

A Catalyst Controller that generates image files in any size you request and optionally converts the image format. Images are taken from a cache directory if possible and desired or generated on the fly. The Cache-directory has a structure that is ve...

WKI/Catalyst-Controller-Imager-0.06 - 12 Jan 2015 19:12:35 GMT - Search in distribution

jQuery::File::Upload::Imager - Server-side solution for blueimp jQuery file upload plugin River stage zero No dependents

jQuery::File::Upload::Imager makes integrating server-side with the jQuery File Upload <> plugin simple. It provides many features, such as: 1 the ability to SCP file uploads to remote servers 2 the abili...

RSAVAGE/jQuery-File-Upload-Imager-1.01 - 30 May 2013 06:24:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Imager::Filter::RoundedCorner - Make nifty images with Imager River stage zero No dependents

This filter fill image's corner with 'bg' color as rounded corner. Filter parameters are: radius corner's radius bg background color aa antialias flag. 1 = on (default: 0) border_width border width (default: 0) border_color border color (default: #00...

TYPESTER/Imager-Filter-RoundedCorner-0.02 - 15 Jun 2006 14:35:59 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Devel::Benchmarker::Imager - Automatically converts the benchmark data into images River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

It will parse the YAML output from the benchmark data and calls it's plugins to generate any charts necessary and place them in the 'images' directory under the plugin's name. This module only does the high-level stuff, and leaves the actual chart ge...

APOCAL/POE-Devel-Benchmarker-0.05 - 27 Jan 2009 18:04:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Chart::Sequence::Renderer::Imager - Render a sequence diagram with River stage zero No dependents

RBS/Chart-Sequence-0.002 - 05 Mar 2003 10:23:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Algorithm::Accounting::Report::Imager - generate text version report River stage zero No dependents

GUGOD/Algorithm-Accounting-0.08 - 23 Jan 2005 18:13:34 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Application::PhotoGallery::Imager - Imager-based graphics adaptor River stage zero No dependents

BRICAS/CGI-Application-PhotoGallery-0.16 - 15 Mar 2013 18:55:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Runops::Movie::TM::Output::Imager - (fork of Treemap) River stage zero No dependents

Implements Treemap::Output methods which allows Treemap to call appropriate Imager methods for rendering a raster image of a Treemap....

JJORE/Runops-Movie-0.03 - 06 Jun 2010 00:47:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::WxProf::Treemap::Output::Imager River stage zero No dependents

Imager Output for Devel::WxProf::Treemap. Based on Treemap::Output::Imager....

MKUTTER/Devel-WxProf-0.0.1 - 14 Apr 2008 19:27:41 GMT - Search in distribution

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