PDF::Imposition - Perl module to manage the PDF imposition River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MELMOTHX/PDF-Imposition-0.25 - 12 May 2018 16:04:12 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::CreateSimple River stage zero No dependents

This module let you create simple PDF files using a set of eary to use function. You can either create a file from scratch or start using an already existing file....

EVANZS/PDF-CreateSimple-1-1 - 25 Oct 2006 12:42:02 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::ReportWriter River stage zero No dependents

PDF::ReportWriter is designed to create high-quality business reports, for archiving or printing....

DKASAK/PDF-ReportWriter-1.5 - 10 Feb 2008 04:58:16 GMT - Search in distribution

App::PDF::Link - insert document links in PDF River stage zero No dependents

When invoked without a --targets option, this program will process the PDF document using the associated CSV as table of contents. For every item in the PDF that has one or more additional files (files with the same name as the title, but differing e...

JV/App-PDF-Link-0.24 - 27 Jul 2019 14:50:53 GMT - Search in distribution
  • pdflink - insert document links in PDF
  • pdflink - insert document links in PDF documents

CAM::PDF::Annot - Perl extension for appending annotations on PDFs River stage zero No dependents

CAM::PDF::Annot is an extension to "CAM::PDF" to ease the appending of Annotation objects to pdf documents. EXPORT This module does not export any functions....

SZABGAB/CAM-PDF-Annot-0.09 - 08 Sep 2014 17:10:30 GMT - Search in distribution

URI::Title::PDF - get titles of PDF files River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 48 total dependents

BOOK/URI-Title-1.902 - 30 Sep 2019 08:35:15 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::FDF::Simple - Read and write (Acrobat) FDF files. River stage zero No dependents

Helps creating and extracting the content of FDF files. It is meant to be a simple replacement for the Adobe FdfToolkit. Therefore some of it's behavior, especially handling of diverse whitespace/newline artefacts is orientated on FdfToolkit's handli...

SCHWIGON/PDF-FDF-Simple-0.21 - 07 May 2009 19:00:24 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::API2::Ladder - Creates PDFs a line at a time, much like the rungs on a ladder. River stage zero No dependents

PDF::API2::Ladder is a simplified way of creating PDFs using the awesome module PDF::API2. PDF::API2::Ladder builds PDFs in a top down fashion much like rungs on a ladder. The exception to the rung style is what is called a Blob. Blobs do not have a ...

LJR/PDF-API2-Ladder-0.03 - 25 Sep 2013 03:48:37 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::API2::Simple - Simplistic wrapper for the excellent PDF::API2 modules River stage zero No dependents

REDTREE/PDF-API2-Simple-1.1.4u - 11 Feb 2008 04:10:32 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::API2::Tweaks - Assorted handy additions to PDF::API2. River stage zero No dependents

JV/PDF-API2-Tweaks-0.09 - 28 Dec 2014 09:12:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::PDF::rescale - A stupid module just to get trained with CPAN. River stage zero No dependents

Overview I just wrote this module to learn how to upload something on CPAN. Anyway, you may find the pdfrescale script useful. It is installed with the module. It has its own documentation. It allows to rescale a pdf file, using a dirty trick : it cr...

HERVE/Acme-PDF-rescale-0.2 - 19 Jun 2009 09:16:52 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Extract::PDF - Extract Text From PDF River stage zero No dependents

DMAKI/File-Extract-0.07000 - 18 Nov 2007 13:35:51 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::HTMLDoc::PDF - Resulting Document generated by HTML::HTMLDoc River stage zero No dependents

This Module is the result of a HTML::HTMLDoc PDF-generation....

MFRANKL/HTML-HTMLDoc-0.10 - 26 Oct 2005 09:15:35 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Report::Table - Adds table support to PDF::Report River stage zero No dependents

Add tables to PDF::Report....

MITTI/PDF-Report-Table-1.01 - 06 Dec 2005 19:19:14 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Reuse::Barcode - Create barcodes for PDF documents with PDF::Reuse River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is a sub-module to PDF::Reuse. It creates barcode "images" to be used in PDF documents. It uses GD::Barcode and its sub-modules: GD::Barcode::Code39, COOP2of5, EAN13 and so on, to calculate the barcode pattern. For Code128 it uses Barcode::Code1...

CNIGHS/PDF-Reuse-Barcode-0.07 - 12 Dec 2014 03:38:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::PDF - Read PDF meta information River stage two • 28 direct dependents • 29 total dependents

This code reads meta information from PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files. It supports object streams introduced in PDF-1.5 but only with a limited set of Filter and Predictor algorithms, however all standard encryption methods through PDF-1.7...

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-11.70 - 10 Oct 2019 13:04:36 GMT - Search in distribution

PDF::Reuse::Tutorial - How to produce PDF-files with PDF::Reuse River stage zero No dependents

In this tutorial I will show some aspects of PDF::Reuse, so you should be able to use it in your own programs. Most important is how to produce and reuse PDF-code, and then if you are interested, you can look at Graphics and JavaScript, so you can to...

CNIGHS/PDF-Reuse-Tutorial-0.11 - 12 Dec 2014 03:05:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Pcore::Ext::Lib::PDF River stage zero No dependents

ZDM/Pcore-Ext-v0.38.0 - 06 Nov 2019 20:36:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Printer::ESCPOS::PDF - a hacky drop-in replacement for redirect Printer::ESCPOS output to a PDF file instead of a printer River stage zero No dependents

DSONNTAG/Printer-ESCPOS-PDF-0.003 - 08 Jul 2017 10:43:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Flute::PDF - PDF generator for HTML templates River stage zero No dependents

Template::Flute::PDF is a PDF generator based on Template::Flute and PDF::API2. OUTPUT To obtain the PDF as a string instead of writing it to a file, please simply leave out the file parameter when creating the Template::Flute::PDF object: $pdf = Tem...

HORNBURG/Template-Flute-PDF-0.0042 - 17 Jul 2012 17:50:03 GMT - Search in distribution

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