cpan-mirror-tiny - CPAN::Mirror::Tiny command line interface River stage zero No dependents

This is a command line interface for CPAN::Mirror::Tiny. You can easily create your darkpan with this script. TYPICAL USAGE Let's create your darkpan in "./darkpan" directory. First inject distributions into your darkpan with "inject" command: # from...

SKAJI/CPAN-Mirror-Tiny-0.20 - 15 Jul 2017 13:30:53 UTC - Search in distribution

peri-htserve - Serve Perl modules over HTTP(S) using Riap::HTTP protocol River stage zero No dependents

For now, please see source code for more details (or --help)....

PERLANCAR/App-PerinciUtils-0.112 - 20 Jan 2019 13:39:15 UTC - Search in distribution

POD2::RU::PSGI::FAQ - Часто задаваемые вопросы и ответы River stage zero No dependents

VTI/POD2-RU-PSGI-0.003 - 10 Aug 2014 11:02:27 UTC - Search in distribution

DateTime::Locale - Localization support for River stage four • 26 direct dependents • 3876 total dependents

DateTime::Locale is primarily a factory for the various locale subclasses. It also provides some functions for getting information on all the available locales. If you want to know what methods are available for locale objects, then please read the "...

DROLSKY/DateTime-Locale-1.28 - 28 Aug 2020 22:20:33 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Server::ZMQ - Preforking ZeroMQ job server River stage zero No dependents

"Net::Server::ZMQ" is a Net::Server personality based on Net::Server::PreFork, providing an easy way of creating a preforking ZeroMQ job server. It uses ZMQ::FFI for ZeroMQ integration, independent of the installed "libzmq" version. You will need to ...

IDOPEREL/Net-Server-ZMQ-0.001001 - 09 Feb 2015 22:20:25 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Dochazka::REST::Guide - Dochazka REST server guide River stage zero No dependents

SMITHFARM/App-Dochazka-REST-0.558 - 11 Feb 2020 18:50:29 UTC - Search in distribution

Martian River stage zero No dependents

ALTREUS/Martian-0.08 - 31 Jan 2018 15:31:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Business::Cart::Generic - Basic shopping cart River stage zero No dependents

Business::Cart::Generic implements parts of osCommerce and PrestaShop in Perl. o Placing orders Use the GUI, or see and o Outputting orders as HTML files See o Outputting orders as HTML vi...

RSAVAGE/Business-Cart-Generic-0.85 - 18 May 2012 04:31:20 UTC - Search in distribution

Grimlock - KING OF CMS River stage zero No dependents


DHOSS/Grimlock-0.11 - 22 Feb 2012 22:02:47 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Cerberus - A pluggable Perl web service to preprocess web requests. Plugins can add geo, timezone and browser metadata, and throttle request rate. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

There is a bunch of things we want to know about our web users, such as: * Geo-location * Time zone * User-agent info * Are they a spider? * Are they making too many requests? Should we throttle them? To get all the above information reliably can eas...

BABF/App-Cerberus-0.11 - 12 Oct 2014 18:36:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Dezi::Architecture - all about the Dezi innards River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This document describes the Dezi architecture. The chief assumption in this document is that you are using the Apache Lucy library (<>) backend via Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy. Lucy is the default engine type for Dezi. In ...

KARMAN/Dezi-0.004003 - 16 May 2018 02:24:24 UTC - Search in distribution

Message::Passing - a simple way of doing messaging. River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

A library for building high performance, loosely coupled and reliable/resilient applications, structured as small services which communicate over the network by passing messages. BASIC PREMISE You have data for discrete events, represented by a hash ...

MSTROUT/Message-Passing-0.117 - 28 Apr 2020 16:36:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Mason::Manual::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Mason River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 17 total dependents

JSWARTZ/Mason-2.24 - 16 May 2015 20:12:09 UTC - Search in distribution

Monitoring::Spooler - Notification queue for Zabbix, Nagios, River stage zero No dependents

TEX/Monitoring-Spooler-0.05 - 08 Jul 2014 18:07:14 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Padadoy - Simply deploy PSGI applications River stage zero No dependents

*This is an early preview release, be warned! Design changes are likely, at least until a stable carton 1.0 has been released!* Padadoy is a command line application to facilitate deployment of PSGI applications, inspired by <>. Pa...

VOJ/App-Padadoy-0.125 - 08 May 2012 13:53:12 UTC - Search in distribution

RDF::Generator::HTTP - Generate RDF from a HTTP message River stage zero No dependents

This module simply takes a HTTP::Message object, and based on its content, especially the content the HTTP::Header object(s) it contains, creates a simple RDF representation of the contents. It is useful chiefly for recording data when crawling resou...

KJETILK/RDF-Generator-HTTP-0.003 - 15 Dec 2014 22:46:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Dancer2::Plugin::WebService - RESTful Web Services with login, persistent data, multiple in/out formats, IP security, role based access River stage zero No dependents

MPOURASG/Dancer2-Plugin-WebService-4.3.6 - 24 Aug 2020 19:03:26 UTC - Search in distribution

Geo::OGC::Service - Perl extension for geospatial web services River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Geo::OGC::Service is a subclass of Plack::Component and a middleware between a web client and an actual content providing service object. A Geo::OGC::Service object has a to_app method for booting a web service. A Geo::OGC::Service object creates a s...

AJOLMA/Geo-OGC-Service-0.14 - 11 Sep 2017 09:27:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Plack::App::URLMap - Map multiple apps in different paths River stage four • 756 direct dependents • 2070 total dependents

Plack::App::URLMap is a PSGI application that can dispatch multiple applications based on URL path and host names (a.k.a "virtual hosting") and takes care of rewriting "SCRIPT_NAME" and "PATH_INFO" (See "HOW THIS WORKS" for details). This module is i...

MIYAGAWA/Plack-1.0048 - 30 Nov 2020 00:21:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::Server::PSGI - basic Net::Server based PSGI HTTP server class River stage two • 41 direct dependents • 99 total dependents

If you want a more fully featured PSGI experience, it would be wise to look at the Plack and Starman set of modules. Net::Server::PSGI is intended as an easy gateway into PSGI. But to get the most out of all that PSGI has to offer, you should review ...

RHANDOM/Net-Server-2.009 - 10 Aug 2017 21:13:01 UTC - Search in distribution

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