lib/Weather/YR/Lang/ River stage zero No dependents

TOREAU/Weather-YR-0.38 - 27 May 2016 09:49:39 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/PostScript/File/Metrics/sym/ River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

CJM/PostScript-File-2.23 - 10 Oct 2015 14:39:24 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/PDF/API2/Resource/Font/CoreFont/ River stage two • 31 direct dependents • 42 total dependents

SSIMMS/PDF-API2-2.037 - 05 Feb 2020 22:12:23 UTC - Search in distribution

Unicode::Japanese - Convert encoding of japanese text River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

The Unicode::Japanese module converts encoding of japanese text from one encoding to another. FEATURES * An instance of Unicode::Japanese internally holds a string in UTF-8. * This module is implemented in two ways: XS and pure perl. If efficiency is...

HIO/Unicode-Japanese-0.49 - 26 Feb 2012 15:37:40 UTC - Search in distribution

PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::CoreFont::symbol - font-specific information for the Symbol font River stage zero No dependents

PMPERRY/PDF-Builder-3.019 - 28 Jul 2020 00:56:56 UTC - Search in distribution

Lib::SymbolRef - Manage tied references to symbol table hash entries. River stage zero No dependents

Provides tied symbol table objects for Tk::Browser....

RKIES/Tk-Browser-0.82-1 - 23 Apr 2015 17:26:30 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Chart::SymbolMatch - loose matching of symbols River stage zero No dependents

This module is used for loose symbol entry on the command line and in the Open dialog (see App::Chart::Gtk2::OpenDialog). It's only a separate module to keep a tricky bit of code away from other things....

KRYDE/App-Chart-269 - 15 Mar 2020 08:38:27 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Bencher/ScenarioR/ManipulatingSymbolTable/ River stage zero No dependents

This module is automatically generated by Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Bencher::Scenario during distribution build. A Bencher::ScenarioR::* module contains the raw result of sample benchmark and might be useful for some stuffs later....

PERLANCAR/Bencher-Scenarios-ManipulatingSymbolTable-0.001 - 06 Jan 2019 13:08:00 UTC - Search in distribution

WWW::Webrobot::SymbolTable - Symbol table for Webrobot properties River stage zero No dependents

STRCEK/webrobot-0.81 - 13 Nov 2006 16:10:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Rinchi::CIGIPP::SymbolClone - Perl extension for the Common Image Generator Interface - Symbol Clone data packet. data packet. River stage zero No dependents

The Symbol Clone packet is used to create an exact copy of a symbol. The copy will inherit all attributes that were defined by the Symbol Text Definition, Symbol Circle Definition, Symbol Line Definition, or Symbol Clone packet that was used to creat...

BMAMES/Rinchi-CIGIPP-0.02 - 01 May 2009 13:20:49 UTC - Search in distribution

complete-perl-builtin-symbol - complete-perl-builtin-symbol River stage zero No dependents

Currently using @Symbols from B::Keywords....

PERLANCAR/App-CompleteCLIs-0.146 - 03 Aug 2020 00:05:35 UTC - Search in distribution

ecl - Perl extension for ECL lisp River stage zero No dependents

ecl is a bit easier to use than Language::Lisp because of embeddable nature of ECL lisp. Language::Lisp uses different approach because they are other way down: Lisp calls Perl and not vice versa. new() The "new" method used to create "ecl" object wh...

VKON/ecl-0.62 - 18 Mar 2016 20:20:20 UTC - Search in distribution

Finance::MoneyNetSymbolLookup - Look up a stock symbol from MoneyNet River stage zero No dependents

This module looks up stock symbols from MoneyNet. The symbollookup function will return an array of lists, each containing the following items: 0 Symbol 1 Company name 2 Security type (typically B<STOCK> or B<MUTUAL FUND>)...

DJPADZ/Finance-MoneyNetSymbolLookup-0.02 - 22 Nov 1998 07:52:42 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Babble/ River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

MSTROUT/Babble-0.090007 - 23 Aug 2018 16:48:12 UTC - Search in distribution River stage zero No dependents

RKIES/Lib-Module-0.7 - 03 Apr 2014 17:00:30 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/AutoCode/ River stage zero No dependents

I hope this module is enough for spying the every bit of Perl's symbol table. The methods are categoried to answer 2 types of questions * What are in the module or symbol table? * Is something in the module or symbol table? PKG_exists CODE_exists...

JUGUANG/AutoCode-0.2 - 25 Mar 2004 12:10:01 UTC - Search in distribution

PPIx::XPath - an XPath implementation for the PDOM River stage zero No dependents

This module augments PPI's classes with the methods required by Tree::XPathEngine, allowing you to perform complex XPath matches against any PDOM tree. See Tree::XPathEngine for details about its methods. Mapping the PDOM to the XPath data model * Ea...

DAKKAR/PPIx-XPath-2.02 - 29 Aug 2016 15:52:45 UTC - Search in distribution

SymObj - an easy way to create symbol-tables and objects. River stage zero No dependents provides an easy way to create and construct symbol-tables and objects. With a simple hash one defines the fields an object should have, and the desired accessors and a constructor subroutine will be automatically generated. Subroutines whi...

SDAODEN/S-SymObj-0.8.2 - 24 Oct 2016 17:30:23 UTC - Search in distribution

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