Array::Transpose - Transposes a 2-Dimensional Array River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This package exports one function named transpose. In linear algebra, the transpose of a matrix A is another matrix A' created by any one of the following equivalent actions: * write the rows of A as the columns of A' * write the columns of A as the ...

MRDVT/Array-Transpose-0.06 - 29 Dec 2013 09:05:20 UTC

Array::Columnize - arrange list data in columns. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

In showing long lists, sometimes one would prefer to see the values arranged and aligned in columns. Some examples include listing methods of an object, listing debugger commands, or showing a numeric array with data aligned. OPTIONS displaywidth the...

ROCKY/Array-Columnize-1.04 - 12 Jun 2013 01:33:52 UTC

Array::PrintCols - Print or format array elements in vertically sorted columns. River stage zero No dependents

This module exports two subroutine names: "print_cols" and "format_cols". The "print_cols" subroutine prints the items of "@*array*" in multiple, alphabetically & vertically sorted columns. In the case of the first argument being a HASH or HASHREF, o...

AKSTE/Array-PrintCols-2.6 - 01 Mar 2014 20:06:30 UTC

Array::DeepUtils - utilities for the manipulation of nested arrays River stage zero No dependents

This module is a collection of subroutines for the manipulation of deeply nested arrays. It provides routines for iterating along coordinates and for setting, retrieving and deleting values. The functions binary and unary are provided for applying ar...

TOMK/Array-DeepUtils-0.2 - 18 Oct 2011 13:40:58 UTC

Array::FileReader - Lazily tie files to arrays for reading River stage zero No dependents

Plenty of times I've wanted to run up and down a file like this: @foo = <FILE>; for (0..100) { print $foo[$_]; } print $foo[10], $foo[20], $foo[30]; Of course, this is hugely inefficient since you have to load the entire file into an array in memory....

OVID/Array-FileReader-0.03 - 07 Oct 2005 04:45:49 UTC

Array::LineReader - Access lines of a file via an array River stage zero No dependents

Array::LineReader gives you the possibility to access lines of some file by the elements of an array. This modul inherites methods from "Tie::Array" (see Tie::Array). You save a lot of memory, because the file's content is read only on demand, i.e. i...

BHOLSTEN/Array-LineReader-1.01 - 10 Jun 2004 18:28:28 UTC

Bio::MAGE::Array::Array - Class for the MAGE-OM API River stage zero No dependents

From the MAGE-OM documentation for the "Array" class: The physical substrate along with its features and their annotation...

JASONS/Bio-MAGE-20030502.3 - 14 May 2007 10:56:09 UTC

Array::KeepGrepped - Like grep, only keeps the stuff it filters out River stage zero No dependents

Works like the built-in Perl 'grep', but instead of just skipping over the entries that don't match, puts them instead into a seperate array that's returned (by reference) as the first item of the returned list. Primary use for this is when you want ...

ONEONETWO/Array-KeepGrepped-5 - 27 Mar 2013 10:12:30 UTC

EntityModel::Array - wrapper object for dealing with arrayrefs River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Primarily intended as an abstract interface for use with EntityModel backend storage....

TEAM/EntityModel-Class-0.016 - 17 Aug 2014 08:53:40 UTC

Tie::Array - base class for tied arrays River stage five • 10947 direct dependents • 31411 total dependents

This module provides methods for array-tying classes. See perltie for a list of the functions required in order to tie an array to a package. The basic Tie::Array package provides stub "DESTROY", and "EXTEND" methods that do nothing, stub "DELETE" an...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.32.0 - 20 Jun 2020 20:38:54 UTC

Array::PseudoScalar - Arrays that behave like scalars River stage zero No dependents

Motivation Sometimes lists of values need to be alternatively treated as arrays or as scalars (joined by a separator character), depending on the context. This is often the case for example with parameters of an HTTP query, or with "varray" columns i...

DAMI/Array-PseudoScalar-1.02 - 28 Dec 2012 23:10:27 UTC

Array::OrdHash - ordered associative array with array-like, hash-like and OO interface. River stage zero No dependents

This module implements Perl arrays that have both numeric and string indices, similar to PHP arrays or Collections, therefore the array keys are unique strings. The order in which the elements were added is preserved just like Tie::IxHash does this. ...

WOWASURIN/Array-OrdHash-1.03 - 09 Mar 2011 23:33:49 UTC

Array::PatternMatcher - Pattern matching for arrays. River stage zero No dependents

Array::PatternMatcher is based directly on the pattern matcher in Peter Norvig's excellent text "Paradigms of AI Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp". All in all, it basically offers a different way to work with an array. Instead of manually ind...

TBONE/Array-PatternMatcher-0.04 - 26 Dec 2001 21:27:04 UTC

lib/ORM/Meta/ River stage zero No dependents

AKIMOV/ORM-0.85.1 - 14 Apr 2013 11:36:38 UTC

lib/Sidef/Types/Array/ River stage zero No dependents

TRIZEN/Sidef-3.96 - 20 Jul 2020 16:23:44 UTC

Tie::Array::CSV - A tied array which combines the power of Tie::File and Text::CSV River stage zero No dependents

This module allows an array to be tied to a CSV file for reading and writing. The array is a standard Perl 2D array (i.e. an array of array references) which gives access to the row and column of the user's choosing. This is done using the well estab...

JBERGER/Tie-Array-CSV-0.08 - 07 Oct 2019 15:44:29 UTC

FFI::C::Array - Array instance for FFI River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

PLICEASE/FFI-C-0.10 - 23 Sep 2020 09:17:44 UTC

ORLite::Array - Array based objects for ORLite River stage zero No dependents

ORLite is a light weight ORM specifically designed for used with SQLite databases. By changing ORLite's hash based objects to using array based objects we can cut away some time spend in DBI slicing the objects. For some sample examples this has show...

PMAKHOLM/ORLite-Array-0.02 - 15 Oct 2009 09:32:30 UTC

Meta::Ds::Array - data structure that represents a array table. River stage zero No dependents

This is a library to let you create an array like data structure. "Why should I have such a data strcuture ?" you rightly ask... Perl already supports arrays as built in structures. But the usage of the perl array is cryptic and non object oriented (...

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 UTC

SQL::OOP::Array - An Abstract class for any combination of snippets River stage zero No dependents

This is an abstract class which represents array of SQL snippets....

JAMADAM/SQL-OOP-0.21 - 29 May 2014 12:49:49 UTC

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