your - Perl pragma to declare use of other package's variables River stage zero No dependents

You should use variables from other packages with care, but as long as you're going to, it doesn't hurt to predeclare it. Currently, if you use another package's variables and only use it once, Perl will throw a "variable used only once" warning. var...

MSCHWERN/your-1.00 - 30 Aug 2007 12:52:00 GMT - Search in distribution

DT - DateTime wrapper that tries hard to DWYM River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

DT is a very simple and thin wrapper over DateTime::Moonpig, which in turn is a wrapper over DateTime. DateTime::Moonpig brings immutability and saner operator overloading at the cost of a cartoonish name but also lacks date/time parsing capabilities...

NOHUHU/DT-0.5.0 - 27 Jul 2018 04:10:09 GMT - Search in distribution

wt - test one or more web pages River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This program runs tests using Perl module HTTP::WebTest on web pages containing Perl/JSP/HTML/JavaScript/etc. and generates a detailed test report. This program expects given input file(s) to be in format of wtscript file. If no files are given then ...

ILYAM/HTTP-WebTest-2.04 - 05 Sep 2003 20:27:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Oz - Perl interface for executing applications in the Oz programming language River stage zero No dependents

Oz is a Perl wrapper for the Oz programming language and the Mozart Oz compiler. It provides a convenient mechanism for taking simple Oz scripts, compiling them, executing them, and capturing the resulting output. About Oz and Mozart The Mozart Progr...

ADAMK/Oz-0.01 - 24 May 2011 10:19:12 GMT - Search in distribution

fb - Frontend script for Text::FormBuilder River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Parses a formspec file from the command line and creates an output file. The sort of output file depends on the value given to the "-o" option. If it ends in .pm, a standalone module is created. If it ends in .pl or .cgi, a skeleton CGI script is cre...

PEICHMAN/Text-FormBuilder-0.14 - 14 Mar 2012 04:26:47 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Examples - Sample uses of Text::FormBuilder
  • Text::FormBuilder - Create CGI::FormBuilder objects from simple text descriptions

mg - a command line client for MtGox River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

BEPPU/WebService-MtGox-0.05 - 09 Jun 2011 11:51:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Wx - interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit River stage three • 60 direct dependents • 122 total dependents

The Wx module is a wrapper for the wxWidgets (formerly known as wxWindows) GUI toolkit. This module comes with extensive documentation in HTML format; you can download it from

MDOOTSON/Wx-0.9932 - 18 Apr 2017 01:22:32 GMT - Search in distribution

yt - YAML Tester for Perl Implementations River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This command line tool, "yt", can be used to run the entire YAML-Tests suite against a particular Perl YAML implementation. "yt" is basically a wrapper around "prove". As such, it accepts and passes along "prove" command line options. The main differ...

INGY/YAML-Tests-0.06 - 22 Jun 2007 01:07:42 GMT - Search in distribution

ec - Mail reader and composer for Unix and Perl/Tk. River stage zero No dependents

Ec can send and receive mail to and from remote POP3 and SMTP servers, or route mail using sendmail, qmail, or exim. Ec can filter and store incoming messages in user configurable folders. With no additional configuration, ec routes mail to the Incom...

RKIES/ec-1.28 - 03 Mar 2004 01:25:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Amb - non-deterministic operators River stage zero No dependents

There exist two kinds of non-deterministic operators, 'angelic' and 'demonic', that accept two parameters, and return one of them depending whether the result will lead to failure ("die", in perl world) or success. Angelic operators will return the p...

KARASIK/Amb-0.02 - 03 Sep 2008 12:56:56 GMT - Search in distribution

IRI - Internationalized Resource Identifiers River stage three • 5 direct dependents • 123 total dependents

The IRI module provides an object representation for Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) as defined by RFC 3987 <> and supports their parsing, serializing, and base resolution....

GWILLIAMS/IRI-0.009 - 30 Oct 2018 15:25:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Tak - Multi host remote control over ssh (then I wrote Object::Remote) River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

MSTROUT/Tak-0.001004 - 08 Jan 2016 19:16:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Zed - Remote execution shell over SSH River stage zero No dependents

Zed is remote execution shell over SSH with many plugins to help you to manage servers. Features below: execution over SSH transfer file over scp port detection flexible way to manage targets easy to type cmd with completion (Servers will not disconn...

ZUYIS/Zed-0.03 - 19 Sep 2016 03:55:27 GMT - Search in distribution

TM - Topic Maps, Base Class River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This class implements directly so-called *materialized* topic maps, i.e. those maps which completely reside in memory. Non-materialized and non-materializable maps can be implemented by deriving from this class by overloading one or all of the sub-in...

DRRHO/TM-1.56 - 08 Nov 2010 06:58:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Cv - helps you to make something around computer vision. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

"Cv" is the Perl interface to the OpenCV computer vision library that originally developed by Intel. I'm making this module to use the computer vision more easily like a slogan of perl *"Easy things should be easy, hard things should be possible."* T...

YUTA/Cv-0.29 - 02 Jun 2013 13:20:16 GMT - Search in distribution

mm - a CLI to manage a cluster of Monit daemons River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

"mm" is a CLI tool to talk with a bunch of Monit daemons in your network. The Monit daemon currently implements a HTTP web interface that the user can use to manage the Monit daemon currently running on that particular host. however, if you have a bu...

DJZORT/Monit-HTTP-0.04 - 19 Dec 2018 10:14:27 GMT - Search in distribution

UR - rich declarative transactional objects River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

UR is a class framework and object/relational mapper for Perl. It starts with the familiar Perl meme of the blessed hash reference as the basis for object instances, and extends its capabilities with ORM (object-relational mapping) capabilities, obje...

BRUMMETT/UR-0.47 - 06 Aug 2018 14:29:10 GMT - Search in distribution

UV - Perl interface to libuv River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This module provides an interface to libuv <>. We will try to document things here as best as we can, but we also suggest you look at the libuv docs <> directly for more details on how things work. Event loops tha...

CAPOEIRAB/UV-1.000009 - 07 Feb 2019 17:44:06 GMT - Search in distribution

cs - Search and/or replace text (with some intelligence) River stage zero No dependents

The "cs" command is aimed at searching large quantities of text files with the ability to easily select searching files by type (or excluding files of a certain type). Also by default "cs" excludes version control directories eg .svn or .git. Example...

IVANWILLS/File-CodeSearch-v0.7.5 - 25 Oct 2017 07:28:20 GMT - Search in distribution

JE - Pure-Perl ECMAScript (JavaScript) Engine River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

JE, short for JavaScript::Engine (imaginative, isn't it?), is a pure-Perl JavaScript engine. Here are some of its strengths: - Easy to install (no C compiler necessary*) - The parser can be extended/customised to support extra (or fewer) language fea...

SPROUT/JE-0.066 - 27 Oct 2014 00:19:07 GMT - Search in distribution

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