Catalyst::Model::RapidApp::CoreSchema - DBIC model for the CoreSchema database

This is the Catalyst model which is automatically injected by the RapidApp::CoreSchema plugin and is not intended to be loaded directly. With the default configuration, this model automatically initializes and deploys itself to an SQLite database fil...

VANSTYN/RapidApp-1.3100 - 01 Dec 2017 22:07:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::LDAP::FromAuthentication - Provides an LDAP model bound as the user who logged in.

BOBTFISH/Catalyst-Model-LDAP-FromAuthentication-0.02 - 13 Aug 2010 13:00:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::DBIx::Connector - Catalyst model base class for DBI connections using DBIx::Connector

Catalyst::Model::DBIx::Connector is a simple base class that can be used to easily add DBI connections to your Catalyst apps. It uses "DBIx::Connector" to add disconnect detection and automatic reconnection to the database once a connection has dropp...

PRAVUS/Catalyst-Model-DBIx-Connector-0.01 - 07 Jan 2014 20:33:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::HTMLFormhandler - Proxy a directory of HTML::Formhandler forms

Assuming a project namespace 'MyApp::Form' with HTML::Formhandler forms. like the following example: package MyApp::Form::Email; use HTML::FormHandler::Moose; extends 'HTML::FormHandler'; has aaa => (is=>'ro', required=>1); has bbb => (is=>'ro', requ...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Model-HTMLFormhandler-0.009 - 31 Aug 2016 21:19:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::InjectionHelpers::PerRequest - Adaptor that returns a request scoped model

Injection helper adaptor that returns a new model once for each request, scoped to the request. See Catalyst::Plugin::InjectionHelpers for details....

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Plugin-InjectionHelpers-0.010 - 21 Aug 2017 16:26:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::WebService::MyGengo - Catalyst Model providing access to the WebService::MyGengo library

NHEINRIC/Catalyst-Model-WebService-MyGengo-0.002 - 17 Jan 2012 05:14:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::Role::RunAfterRequest - run code after the response has been sent

See Catalyst::Plugin::RunAfterRequest for full documentation....

FLORA/Catalyst-Plugin-RunAfterRequest-0.04 - 26 Aug 2010 12:09:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::DBI::SQL::Library - SQL::Library DBI Model Class

This is the "SQL::Library" model class. It provides access to "SQL::Library" via sql accessor. Additional caching options are provided for increased performance via sqlcache and sqlcache_use_mtime, these options can only be used when sql strings are ...

ALEXP/Catalyst-Model-DBI-SQL-Library-0.19 - 04 May 2013 06:16:24 GMT - Search in distribution


MAJUSCULE/Catalyst-Model-MetaCPAN-0.001 - 14 Mar 2013 00:44:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Helper::Model::CDBI::Plain - Helper for CDBI Plain Model

Help for CDBI Plain Model. METHODS mk_compclass...

MRAMBERG/Catalyst-Model-CDBI-Plain-0.03 - 03 Nov 2005 15:37:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema::QueryLog - (DEPERCATED) DBIx::Class::QueryLog Model Class

Generally, you should check the document of Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema. this module extends it, and only provide extra two methods below....

FAYLAND/Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema-QueryLog-0.10 - 17 Jun 2009 03:35:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Shortcut - shortcuts support for DBIC models

If you got tired of writting "$c->model('DB::Actor')" each time, or if you use auto-completion intensively, you could look at this trait. Just use this role in your application class, and you'll have shortcuts auto-created for all DBIx::Class-based m...

CUB/Catalyst-TraitFor-Model-DBIC-Shortcut-0.01 - 08 Feb 2010 17:07:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema::PerRequest - Per request clone of a DBIC model with additional parameters

Allows you to get a clone of an existing Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema model with additional parameters passed to the DBIx::Class::Schema clone....

ROMANF/Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema-PerRequest-0.002002 - 17 Feb 2015 17:58:46 GMT - Search in distribution



ARCANEZ/Reaction-0.002005 - 08 Mar 2011 14:01:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::Text::MicroTemplate::ViewData - Default model for Catalyst::View::Text::MicroTemplate::PerRequest

This is the default model used by Catalyst::View::Text::MicroTemplate::PerRequest to collect information that will be presented as data to the client. Generally you will access this via '$c->view->data'. However it is setup as a per request model in ...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-View-Text-MicroTemplate-PerRequest-0.005 - 12 Mar 2016 04:50:04 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::CRUD::Model - base class for CRUD models

CatalystX::CRUD::Model provides a high-level API for writing Model classes. CatalystX::CRUD::Model methods typically return CatalystX::CRUD::Object objects. This documentation is intended for Model developers....

KARMAN/CatalystX-CRUD-0.57 - 08 Dec 2015 04:09:51 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::Declare::Keyword::Model - Declare Catalyst Models

This handler is a simple extension of CatalystX::Declare::Keyword::Component and defaults to Catalyst::Model as superclass. Additionally, CLASS will be imported. See "class" in MooseX::Declare for more information on usage, since this keyword is subc...

JJNAPIORK/CatalystX-Declare-0.015 - 06 Oct 2010 01:24:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Result - PerRequest Result from Catalyst Request

Its a common case to get the result of a DBIx::Class '->find' based on the current Catalyst request (typically from the Args attribute). This is an experimental trait to see if we can usefully encapsulate that common task in a way that is not easily ...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-TraitFor-Model-DBIC-Schema-Result-0.006 - 23 Jan 2017 19:41:52 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::CRUD::Model::RDBO - Rose::DB::Object CRUD

CatalystX::CRUD::Model::RDBO is a CatalystX::CRUD implementation for Rose::DB::Object....

KARMAN/CatalystX-CRUD-Model-RDBO-0.302 - 13 May 2014 15:35:31 GMT - Search in distribution

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