Template::Recall - "Reverse callback" templating system River stage zero No dependents

Template::Recall works using what I call a "reverse callback" approach. A "callback" templating system (i.e. Mason, Apache::ASP) generally includes template markup and code in the same file. The template "calls" out to the code where needed. Template...

GILAD/Template-Recall-0.21 - 24 Dec 2014 15:25:46 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::RT - CPAN Bundle for RT Dependencies River stage zero No dependents

RSPIER/Bundle-RT-0.030601 - 12 Aug 2006 04:53:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Text::MiniTmpl - Compile and render templates River stage zero No dependents

Compile templates with embedded perl code into anonymous subroutines. These subroutines can be (optionally) cached, and executed to render these templates with (optional) parameters. Perl code in templates will be executed with: package PACKAGE_WHERE...

POWERMAN/Text-MiniTmpl-v2.0.1 - 03 Apr 2018 16:58:43 UTC - Search in distribution

Spork::Config - Spork Configuration Class River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

INGY/Spork-0.21 - 10 Jun 2011 16:29:05 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::Theory - A bundle to install all of Theory's favorite modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle contains all of Theory's most-used CPAN modules. These are essentials whenever he builds a new system....

DWHEELER/Bundle-Theory-1.08 - 19 Jun 2011 04:45:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Cache::BerkeleyDB - implements the Cache::Cache interface. River stage zero No dependents

This module implements the Cache interface provided by the Cache::Cache family of modules written by DeWitt Clinton. It provides a practically drop-in replacement for Cache::FileCache. As should be obvious from the name, the backend is based on Berke...

BALDUR/Cache-BerkeleyDB-0.03 - 02 Feb 2006 13:26:20 UTC - Search in distribution

Tie::UrlEncoder - interpolatably URL-encode strings River stage zero No dependents

No longer must you clutter up your CGI program with endless repetitions of line noise code that performs this tricky function. Simply use Tie::UrlEncoder and you instantly get a magic %urlencode hash that gives you an Url Encoded version of the key: ...

DAVIDNICO/Tie-UrlEncoder-0.02 - 25 Apr 2009 00:21:04 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Action - A method dispatch mechanism for Apache River stage zero No dependents

This module reads values out of the HTTP submission and dispatches to code as appropriate. The architecture requires four elements: The apache request This is normally a singleton instance of Apache::Request. The persistent session This is usually an...

SHEVEK/Apache-Action-0.02 - 19 Jan 2004 00:51:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::YANICK - like Yanick? Be like Yanick! River stage zero No dependents

This Task module installs the modules that I use on a regular basis. Wait, there is more! It can also update the modules that I use on a regular basis! To do that, do TASK_UPGRADE=1 cpan -f Task::BeLike::YANICK...

YANICK/Task-BeLike-YANICK-0.9.0 - 21 Jan 2019 19:48:19 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::WebMake - a simple web site management system River stage zero No dependents

WebMake is a simple web site management system, allowing an entire site to be created from a set of text and markup files and one WebMake file. It requires no dynamic scripting capabilities on the server; WebMake sites can be deployed to a plain old ...

JMASON/HTML-WebMake-2.2 - 01 Oct 2001 03:55:19 UTC - Search in distribution
  • HTML::WebMake::Main - a simple web site management system, allowing an entire site to be created from a set of text and markup files and one WebMake file.

Text::EtText - editable-text format for HTML output River stage zero No dependents

EtText is a simple plain-text format which allows conversion to and from HTML. Instead of editing HTML directly, it provides an easy-to-edit, easy-to-read and intuitive way to write HTML, based on the plain-text markup conventions we've been using fo...

JMASON/Text-EtText-2.2 - 01 Oct 2001 03:55:36 UTC - Search in distribution

Book::Chinese::MasterPerlToday::Catalyst - Catalyst Framework River stage zero No dependents

本章主要介绍如何使用 Catalyst 来构建一个程序。 cpan> install Catalyst::Runtime cpan> install Catalyst::Devel cpan> install Catalyst::Manual 详尽的文档请参阅 Catalyst::Manual 前言 所有模块或工具的用意都在于简化您任务所需的代码。 Catalyst 采用当前最流行的 MVC 结构。 * V(View) MVC 中的 V 是比较清晰的,输出可以是直接的文本($c->res->bo...

FAYLAND/Book-Chinese-MasterPerlToday-0.02 - 31 Aug 2009 05:35:44 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Dir - Simple Perl Version of mod_dir River stage zero No dependents

This simple module is designed to be a partial replacement for the standard Apache "mod_dir" module. One of the things that module does is to redirect browsers to a directory URL ending in a slash when they request the directory without the slash. Si...

DWHEELER/Apache-Dir-0.07 - 18 Jun 2011 21:57:22 UTC - Search in distribution

Devel::UseAnyFunc - Import any of several equivalent functions River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Devel::UseAnyFunc allows you to request any one of several equivalent functions from separate modules without forcing a dependancy on a specific one. Motivation As an example, many different modules provide essentially-equivalent URL escaping functio...

EVO/Devel-UseAnyFunc-1 - 28 Aug 2003 03:04:08 UTC - Search in distribution

Class::MixinFactory::ReadMe - About the Mixin Class Factory River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

EVO/Class-MixinFactory-0.92 - 28 Nov 2004 22:45:20 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::View::GraphViz - GraphViz View Class River stage zero No dependents

This is the Catalyst view class for GraphViz. Your application subclass should inherit from this class. This plugin renders the GraphViz object specified in "$c->stash->{graphviz}->{graph}" into the "$c->stash->{graphviz}->{format}" (one of e.g. png ...

JOHANL/Catalyst-View-GraphViz-0.05 - 17 Nov 2005 22:45:38 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::Debug - Enables the output of variable and query debugging information for display in HTML. River stage zero No dependents

HTML::Debug allows the developer to add variables and queries to HTML debugging output. The variables and their values will be color-coded based on type. The queries are displayed with their name, SQL statement, database driver, database name, number...

MRANDALL/HTML-Debug-0.12 - 17 Sep 2007 15:33:58 UTC - Search in distribution

Pod::POM::View::DocBook - DocBook XML view of a Pod Object Model River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a view for "Pod::POM" that outputs the content as a DocBook XML document. (*DocBook* is an XML schema particularly suited for computing articles and books - see <http://www.docbook.org/> for details.) Use the module like any othe...

ANDREWF/Pod-POM-View-DocBook-0.08 - 08 Mar 2009 09:28:35 UTC - Search in distribution

RT::Extension::Announce - Display announcements as a banner on RT pages. River stage zero No dependents

The Announce extension gives you an easy way to insert announcements on the RT homepage so all users can see the message. You may want to display a banner during maintenance or an unscheduled outage to make sure the people fielding customer tickets k...

BPS/RT-Extension-Announce-1.03 - 20 Jul 2020 13:48:29 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::FormTools - Helper module for building forms with multiple related DBIx::Class objects. River stage zero No dependents

Introduction DBIx::Class::FormTools is a data serializer, that can convert HTML formdata to DBIx::Class objects based on element names created with DBIx::Class::FormTools. It uses user supplied object ids to connect the objects with each-other. The o...

DJO/DBIx-Class-FormTools-0.000011 - 23 Jan 2020 13:00:54 UTC - Search in distribution

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