File::Repl - Perl module that provides file replication utilities River stage zero No dependents

The File:Repl provides simple file replication and management utilities. Its main functions are File Replication Allowing two directory structures to be maintained, ensuring files that meet selection logic criteria are mirrored and otherwise synchron...

DROBERTS/File-Repl-2.3 - 03 Nov 2015 18:32:52 UTC

File::ELAN - Parsing and manipulating ELAN files River stage zero No dependents

SIMON/File-ELAN-0.01 - 09 Apr 2014 03:01:37 UTC

File::Util - Easy, versatile, portable file handling River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

File::Util provides a comprehensive toolbox of utilities to automate all kinds of common tasks on files and directories. Its purpose is to do so in the most portable manner possible so that users of this module won't have to worry about whether their...

TOMMY/File-Util-4.201720 - 20 Jun 2020 01:38:34 UTC

File::BLOB - A file (with name, and other metadata) you can BLOBify River stage zero No dependents

One of the most common types of data found in systems ranging from email to databases is a "file". And yet there is no simple way to create a store a file is a chunk of data across all of these systems. Modules designed for email aren't easily reusab...

ADAMK/File-BLOB-1.08 - 08 Nov 2011 05:44:02 UTC

Zing::File - Supervision Tree Generator River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This package provides a mechnism for generating executable supervision trees....

AWNCORP/Zing-0.27 - 12 Feb 2021 17:41:40 UTC

File::BSED - Search/Replace in Binary Files. River stage zero No dependents

This is a perl-binding to "libgbsed", a binary stream editor. "gbsed" lets you search and replace binary data in binary files by using hex values in text strings as search patterns. You can also use wildcard matches with "??", which will match any wi...

ASKSH/File-BSED-0.67 - 14 Aug 2007 14:33:30 UTC

File::Same - Detect which files are the same as a given one. River stage zero No dependents

File::Same uses MD5 sums to decide which files are the same in a given directory, set of directories or set of files. It was originally written to test which files are the same picture in multiple directories or under multiple filenames, but can be g...

MANWAR/File-Same-0.11 - 01 May 2016 07:07:17 UTC

File::PCAP - a pure Perl library to handle libpcap based files. River stage zero No dependents

MAMAWE/File-PCAP-v0.1.0 - 10 Mar 2019 10:08:18 UTC

CDDB::File - Parse a CDDB/freedb data file River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides an interface for extracting data from CDDB-format data files, as used by freedb. It does not read data from your CD, or submit information to freedb....

TMTM/CDDB-File-1.05 - 04 Oct 2005 11:23:15 UTC

File::Open - wrap open/sysopen/opendir and give them a nice and simple interface River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module provides convenience wrappers around "open" and "sysopen" for opening simple files and a wrapper around "opendir" for opening directories. Nothing is exported by default; you have to specify every function you want to import explicitly. F...

MAUKE/File-Open-1.0102 - 16 Apr 2017 20:40:12 UTC

File::Mork - a module to read Mozilla URL history files River stage zero No dependents

This is a module that can read the Mozilla URL history file -- normally $HOME/.mozilla/default/*.slt/history.dat -- and extract the id, url, name, hostname, first visted dat, last visited date and visit count. To find your history file it might be wo...

SIMONW/File-Mork-0.4 - 20 Dec 2015 12:27:17 UTC

File::Edit - A naive, probably buggy, file editor. River stage zero No dependents

HOEKIT/File-Edit-0.0.6 - 18 Apr 2021 13:39:49 UTC

File::Read - Unique interface for reading one or more files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module mainly proposes functions for reading one or more files, with different options. See below for more details and examples. Rationale This module was created to address a quite specific need: reading many files, some as a normal user and ot...

SAPER/File-Read-0.0801 - 18 Oct 2007 22:41:14 UTC

Pod::objects - package with objects for representing POD documents River stage zero No dependents

The following section describes the objects returned by Pod::Compiler and their methods. These objects all inherit from Tree::DAG_Node, so all methods described there are valid as well. The set/retrieve methods all work in the following way: If no ar...

MAREKR/Pod-Compiler-0.21 - 22 Sep 2013 15:41:49 UTC

MARC::File - Base class for files of MARC records River stage two • 27 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

GMCHARLT/MARC-Record-2.0.7 - 24 May 2017 00:44:00 UTC

Mojo::File - File system paths River stage three • 868 direct dependents • 951 total dependents

Mojo::File is a scalar-based container for file system paths that provides a friendly API for dealing with different operating systems. # Access scalar directly to manipulate path my $path = Mojo::File->new('/home/sri/test'); $$path .= '.txt';...

SRI/Mojolicious-9.19 - 02 Jun 2021 09:14:48 UTC

EO::Class - introspection class for Perl. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

EO::Class provides reflection capabilities to Perl and specifically the EO:: tree of modules....

JDUNCAN/EO-0.96 - 18 Jan 2005 21:20:18 UTC

File::Archive - Figure out what is in an archive file River stage zero No dependents

Given an archive file of some kind, these methods will determine what type of archive it is, and tell you what files are contained in that archive. It will also give you the contents of a particular file contained in that archive. This was written fo...

RBOW/File-Archive-0.53 - 10 Dec 1999 02:48:25 UTC

MIME::Body - the body of a MIME message River stage three • 65 direct dependents • 207 total dependents

MIME messages can be very long (e.g., tar files, MPEGs, etc.) or very short (short textual notes, as in ordinary mail). Long messages are best stored in files, while short ones are perhaps best stored in core. This class is an attempt to define a com...

DSKOLL/MIME-tools-5.509 - 05 Apr 2017 18:13:30 UTC

LS::Config - Configuration management object River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

EKAWAS/lsid-perl-1.1.7 - 05 Nov 2007 19:38:52 UTC
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