Net::Ncap - Perl extension for the ncap(3) network data capture library. River stage zero No dependents

Net::Ncap is a Perl binding to the ncap(3) network data capture library. The ncap documentation describes itself thusly: The ncap library is a high level interface for network data capture. The source of network data can be either live traffic or fil...

MSISK/Net-Ncap-1.01 - 03 Sep 2009 21:20:06 UTC

Net::SCTP - A Stream Control Transmission Protocol(SCTP) module for Perl River stage zero No dependents

An SCTP (Stream Control Transport Protocol) module created for Perl using XS with the Net extension because it is a net module. SCTP is a streaming protocol of things like UDP and TCP. It is used in new technologies like LTE for phones. It streams da...

ALUCILLO/Net-SCTP-1.02 - 24 Jun 2015 12:12:54 UTC

Net::OBEX - implementation of OBEX protocol River stage zero No dependents

WARNING!!! This module is still in its early alpha stage, it is recommended that you use it only for testing. A lot of functionality is still not implemented. The module is a Perl implementation of IrOBEX protocol....

ZOFFIX/Net-OBEX-1.001001 - 01 Feb 2014 04:56:26 UTC

Net::SNMP - Object oriented interface to SNMP River stage two • 37 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

The Net::SNMP module abstracts the intricate details of the Simple Network Management Protocol by providing a high level programming interface to the protocol. Each Net::SNMP object provides a one-to-one mapping between a Perl object and a remote SNM...

DTOWN/Net-SNMP-v6.0.1 - 10 Sep 2010 00:15:52 UTC

Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability River stage three • 31 direct dependents • 556 total dependents

This module contains methods to test the reachability of remote hosts on a network. A ping object is first created with optional parameters, a variable number of hosts may be pinged multiple times and then the connection is closed. You may choose one...

RURBAN/Net-Ping-2.74 - 09 Sep 2020 11:07:38 UTC

Net::ZooTool - Moose interface to the Zootool API: River stage zero No dependents

Net::ZooTool is a wrapper to the Zootool bookmarking service. It attempts to follow the api defined in as much as possible. Please refer to their API Documentation site for more information....

QUELCOM/Net-ZooTool-0.0031 - 12 Dec 2011 07:12:31 UTC

Net::Topsy - Perl Interface to the Otter API to River stage zero No dependents

LETO/Net-Topsy-0.03 - 23 Sep 2009 01:21:59 UTC

Net::Prizm - Perl client interface to Motorola Canopy Prizm River stage zero No dependents

Net::Prizm is a module implementing a Perl interface to Motorola's Canopy Prizm SOAP interface. It is compatible with version 3.0r1 of that software and requires the WSDL from Motorola. Net::Prizm enables you to simply access the SOAP interface of yo...

JEF/Net-Prizm-0.04 - 14 Mar 2008 17:22:46 UTC

Net::Vimeo - Make requests via OAuth to Vimeo Advanced API River stage zero No dependents

IMIRELA/Net-Vimeo-0.000004 - 07 Feb 2016 16:07:03 UTC

Net::Gandi - A Perl interface for gandi api River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a Perl interface to the Gandi API. See <>...

HOBBESTIG/Net-Gandi-1.122180 - 05 Aug 2012 12:34:54 UTC

Net::Ikano - Interface to Ikano wholesale DSL API River stage zero No dependents

IVAN/Net-Ikano-0.01 - 11 Aug 2011 20:53:10 UTC

Net::Proxy - Framework for proxying network connections in many ways River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

A Net::Proxy object represents a proxy that accepts connections and then relays the data transfered between the source and the destination. The goal of this module is to abstract the different methods used to connect from the proxy to the destination...

BOOK/Net-Proxy-0.13 - 02 Nov 2014 23:29:26 UTC

Net::Route - Portable interface to the routing table River stage zero No dependents

The Net::Route Module Every OS provides its custom interface to the routing table: Linux' "route" utility is different from BSD's "route show", from Windows' "route print", etc. Parsing all these different output styles in an (otherwise portable) scr...

TEQUETER/Net-Route-v0.02 - 23 Nov 2009 10:54:24 UTC

Net::Saasu - Interface to the Saasu online accounting platform! River stage zero No dependents

NORBU/Net-Saasu-0.2 - 07 Nov 2012 02:17:29 UTC

Net::UpYun - Simple client library for UpYun Restful API. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides very simple interfaces to UpYun Cloud servie,for more details about UpYun storage/CDN clound service, see <>. This module uses WWW::Curl and libcurl for best performance, I just test on Mac Lion and Linux, ma...

DOGGY/Net-UpYun-0.001 - 29 Jan 2012 15:20:10 UTC

Net::OAuth - OAuth 1.0 for Perl River stage two • 35 direct dependents • 79 total dependents

OAUTH MESSAGES An OAuth message is a set of key-value pairs. The following message types are supported: Requests * Request Token (Net::OAuth::RequestTokenRequest) * Access Token (Net::OAuth::AccessTokenRequest) * User Authentication (Net::OAuth::User...

KGRENNAN/Net-OAuth-0.28 - 06 Jan 2012 06:08:03 UTC

Net::JBoss - Bindings for JBoss Management API River stage zero No dependents

HEINCE/Net-JBoss-0.04 - 15 Mar 2016 11:52:30 UTC

Net::SAJAX - Interact with remote applications that use SAJAX. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Provides a way to interact with applications that utilize the SAJAX library found at <>....

DOUGDUDE/Net-SAJAX-0.107 - 23 Oct 2011 04:33:33 UTC

Net::ZooIt - High level recipes for Apache Net::ZooKeeper River stage zero No dependents

Net::ZooIt provides high level recipes for working with ZooKeeper in Perl, like locks or leader election. Net::ZooKeeper Handles Net::ZooIt methods always take a Net::ZooKeeper handle object as a parameter and delegate their creation to the user. Rat...

SUBOGERO/Net-ZooIt-0.22 - 07 Jul 2017 06:40:35 UTC

Net::GPSD3 - Interface to the gpsd server daemon protocol versions 3 (JSON). River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Net::GPSD3 provides an object client interface to the gpsd server daemon utilizing the version 3 protocol. gpsd is an open source GPS daemon from Support for Version 3 of the protocol (JSON) was added to the daemon in versio...

MRDVT/Net-GPSD3-0.19 - 12 Jun 2013 02:18:40 UTC

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