OSGi::Osgish::Shell - Facade to Term::ShellUI River stage zero No dependents

ROLAND/osgish-v0.3.1 - 03 Jan 2012 07:21:10 GMT

Text::Mining::Shell - Command Line Tools for Text Mining River stage zero No dependents

This module provides the methods for a shell-based system for text mining using Term::Shell....

ROGERHALL/Text-Mining-0.08 - 15 Mar 2009 17:06:03 GMT

Path::Router::Shell - An interactive shell for testing router configurations River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

This is a tool for helping test the routing in your applications, so you simply write a small script like showing in the SYNOPSIS and then you can use it to test new routes or debug routing issues, etc etc etc....

NEILB/Path-Router-0.15 - 01 Mar 2016 22:38:26 GMT

CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx - A CPANPLUS GUI Shell written in wxWidgets River stage zero No dependents

This is a GUI shell for CPANPLUS. FURTHER HELP There is full online documentation, accessible via the help menu....

SKAMANSAM/CPANPLUS-Shell-Wx-0.04 - 11 Aug 2008 19:41:51 GMT

Metabrik::Shell::Rc - shell::rc Brik River stage zero No dependents

GOMOR/Metabrik-Repository-1.40 - 13 Mar 2019 10:03:53 GMT

Term::Shell::Pluggable - Pluggable command-line framework River stage zero No dependents

PIN/Term-Shell-Pluggable-0.04 - 17 Dec 2013 19:00:26 GMT

Shell::POSIX::Select - The POSIX Shell's "select" loop for Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MTHURN/Shell-POSIX-Select-0.08 - 30 Jul 2017 16:38:23 GMT

Devel::Trepan::Shell River stage zero No dependents

ROCKY/Devel-Trepan-Shell-1.5 - 21 May 2014 00:27:40 GMT

Org::Shell::Commands - orgsh commands No river data available

PERLANCAR/Org-Shell-0.001 - 21 Feb 2020 10:21:46 GMT

Anansi::Script::Shell - Defines the mechanisms specific to handling command line execution. River stage zero No dependents

This module is designed to be an optional component module for use by the Anansi::Script component management module. It defines the processes specific to handling both input and output from Perl scripts that are executed from a command line. Uses An...

ANANSI/Anansi-Script-Shell-0.05 - 02 May 2019 13:24:22 GMT

WWW::Mechanize::Shell - An interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module implements a www-like shell above WWW::Mechanize and also has the capability to output crude Perl code that recreates the recorded session. Its main use is as an interactive starting point for automating a session through WWW::Mechanize. ...

CORION/WWW-Mechanize-Shell-0.58 - 30 Sep 2019 08:03:25 GMT

Shell::GetEnv::Dumper - store and retrieve environment River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Shell::GetEnv::Dumper is used by Shell::GetEnv to store and retrieve a subprocess's environment. It uses Storable to write and read the %ENV hash from and to disk. Writing the environment is done from within the subshell by executing this module as a...

DJERIUS/Shell-GetEnv-0.10 - 25 Aug 2016 13:55:15 GMT

Metabrik::Core::Shell - core::shell Brik River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This Brik is The Metabrik Shell, where you will be able to play with use, set, get and run Commands from available Briks. You don't need to use this Brik directly. It is auto-loaded by core::context Brik and is stored in its shell Attribute....

GOMOR/Metabrik-1.40 - 13 Mar 2019 10:03:41 GMT

Tree::Shell::Commands - treesh commands No river data available

PERLANCAR/Tree-Shell-0.001 - 13 Feb 2020 12:32:41 GMT

Term::Shell::Enhanced - More functionality for Term::Shell River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This class subclasses Term::Shell and adds some functionality....

MARCEL/Term-Shell-Enhanced-1.101420 - 22 May 2010 09:41:50 GMT

Term::Shell::MultiCmd - Nested Commands Tree in Shell Interface River stage zero No dependents

JEZRA/Term-Shell-MultiCmd-3.01 - 13 Jun 2016 16:32:49 GMT

MediaWiki::Bot::Shell - a shell interface to your MediaWiki::Bot River stage zero No dependents

This provides a shell interface to your MediaWiki::Bot. By initializing one or more MediaWiki::Bot objects and using them for the duration of your shell session, initialization costs are amortized. Configuration data is read from ~/.perlwikibot-shell...

LIFEGUARD/MediaWiki-Bot-Shell-0.002 - 03 Dec 2010 23:49:25 GMT

Hubot::Adapter::Shell - Shell adapter for Hubot River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The shell adapter is an adapter that provides a simple REPL for interacting with a hubot locally. It is useful for testing scripts before deploying them....

AANOAA/Hubot-0.2.8 - 27 Aug 2015 06:24:23 GMT

Games::Nonogram::Shell River stage zero No dependents

This is used internally to handle pseudo-shell interface. Following commands are available in the shell. If you want to solve a loaded puzzle step by step, just hit enter/return key (without commands)....

ISHIGAKI/Games-Nonogram-0.01 - 11 Oct 2007 05:13:16 GMT

Meta::Lang::Xql::Shell - XQL experimentation shell class. River stage zero No dependents

This class, which is derived from Meta::Shell::Shell implements a shell which allows you to experiment with XQL....

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 GMT

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