AnyEvent::Multilog - event-driven interface to a multilog process River stage zero No dependents

This module makes it easy to log via a multilog process. It handles spawning the multilog process and handling its errors....

JROCKWAY/AnyEvent-Multilog-1.102861 - 15 Jul 2011 10:55:06 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Promises - simple implementation of Promises/A+ spec River stage zero No dependents

AnyEvent::Promises is an implementation of the Promise pattern for asynchronous programming - see <>. Promises are the way how to structure your asynchronous code to avoid so called callback hell....

DANIELR/AnyEvent-Promises-0.06 - 11 Mar 2014 11:50:51 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ - An asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client. River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 21 total dependents

AnyEvent::RabbitMQ is an AMQP(Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) client library, that is intended to allow you to interact with AMQP-compliant message brokers/servers such as RabbitMQ in an asynchronous fashion. You can use AnyEvent::RabbitMQ to - * ...

DLAMBLEY/AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-1.22 - 12 Jun 2020 19:00:00 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::SlackBot - AnyEvent Driven Slack Bot Interface River stage zero No dependents

Slack client. Handles Ping Pong on idle conntions, and transparrently reconnects as needed. The guts of the module wrap AnyEvent::WebSocket::Client, keeping the code base very light....

AKALINUX/AnyEvent-SlackBot-1.0005 - 21 Mar 2018 21:45:46 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::SlackRTM - AnyEvent module for interacting with the Slack RTM API River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This provides an AnyEvent-based interface to the Slack Real-Time Messaging API <>. This allows a program to interactively send and receive messages of a WebSocket connection and takes care of a few of the tedious details of e...

HANENKAMP/AnyEvent-SlackRTM-1.1 - 03 Oct 2019 19:02:24 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::SparkBot - Cisco Spark WebSocket Client for the AnyEvent Loop River stage zero No dependents

Connects to cisco spark via a websocket. By itself this class only provides connectivty to Spark, the on_message callback is used to handle events that come in. By default No hanlder is provided....

AKALINUX/AnyEvent-SparkBot-1.012 - 12 Jun 2020 20:17:44 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Beanstalk - Async client to talk to beanstalkd server River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

AnyEvent::Beanstalk provides a Perl API of protocol version 1.3 to the beanstalkd server, a fast, general-purpose, in-memory workqueue service by Keith Rarick. See the beanstalkd 1.3 protocol spec <

GBARR/AnyEvent-Beanstalk-1.170590 - 28 Feb 2017 22:38:13 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Connector - tcp_connect with transparent proxy handling River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 17 total dependents

AnyEvent::Connector object has "tcp_connect" method compatible with that from AnyEvent::Socket, and it handles proxy settings transparently....

TOSHIOITO/AnyEvent-Connector-0.03 - 02 Apr 2018 12:11:21 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Memcached - AnyEvent memcached client River stage zero No dependents

Asyncronous "memcached/memcachedb" client for AnyEvent framework...

MONS/AnyEvent-Memcached-0.08 - 29 Nov 2016 17:54:33 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Processor - Base class to define an event-driven (AnyEvent) task that could periodically be interrupted by a watcher River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

A processor task based on this class process anything that can be divided into processing clusters. Each cluster is processed one by one by calling the process() method. A count is incremented at the end of each cluster. By default, a AnyEvent::Proce...

FREDERICD/AnyEvent-Processor-0.006 - 13 Oct 2015 07:00:04 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::RipeRedis - Flexible non-blocking Redis client River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

AnyEvent::RipeRedis is flexible non-blocking Redis client. Supports subscriptions, transactions and can automaticaly restore connection after failure. Requires Redis 1.2 or higher, and any supported event loop....

IPH/AnyEvent-RipeRedis-0.46 - 05 Dec 2017 13:32:39 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Semaphore - Semaphore implementation for AnyEvent River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a semaphore implementation intended to be used with the AnyEvent framework. It tries to be as simple as possible and to follow AnyEvent style. API The module provides the following methods: $sem = AnyEvent::Semaphore->new($size);...

SALVA/AnyEvent-Semaphore-0.01 - 18 Apr 2013 11:26:20 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Serialize - async serialize/deserialize function River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Sometimes You need to serialize/deserialize a lot of data. If You do it using Data::Dumper or eval it can take You too much time. This module splits (de)serialization process into fixed-size parts and does this work in non-blocking mode. This module ...

UNERA/AnyEvent-Serialize-0.05 - 04 Mar 2011 06:14:00 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::UserAgent - AnyEvent::HTTP OO-wrapper River stage zero No dependents

AnyEvent::UserAgent is a OO-wrapper around AnyEvent::HTTP with cookies support by HTTP::Cookies. Also request callback receives response as HTTP::Response object....

DIONYS/AnyEvent-UserAgent-0.07 - 02 Sep 2014 15:58:04 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::WebDriver - control browsers using the W3C WebDriver protocol River stage zero No dependents

This module aims to implement the W3C WebDriver <> specification which is the standardised equivalent to the Selenium WebDriver API, which in turn aims at remotely controlling web browsers such as Firefox or Chromium....

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-WebDriver-1.2 - 28 Mar 2020 17:06:58 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::BitTorrent - Yet Another BitTorrent Client Module River stage zero No dependents

This is a painfully simple BitTorrent client written on a whim that implements the absolute basics. For a full list of what's currently supported, what you will likely find in a future version, and what you'll never get from this, see the section ent...

SANKO/AnyEvent-BitTorrent-1.0.2 - 25 Sep 2016 16:31:18 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Blackboard - An extension of Async::Blackboard which uses AnyEvent for timeouts. River stage zero No dependents

TAG/AnyEvent-Blackboard-v0.4.10 - 05 Feb 2014 21:51:04 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::ClickHouse - Simple but non-blocking HTTP client for ClickHouse Database River stage zero No dependents

This module is an AnyEvent user, you need to make sure that you use and run a supported event loop. This module implements a simple and non-blocking HTTP client for ClickHouse Database. It supports clickhouse_do, clickhouse_select clickhouse_select_a...

MMV/AnyEvent-ClickHouse-0.031 - 24 Oct 2016 06:36:35 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Connection - Base class for tcp connectful clients River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MONS/AnyEvent-Connection-0.06 - 17 Nov 2010 11:59:25 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::ForkObject - Async access on objects. River stage zero No dependents

There are a lot of modules that provide object interface. Using the module You can use them in async mode....

UNERA/AnyEvent-ForkObject-0.09 - 29 Jul 2011 11:15:53 UTC - Search in distribution

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