Finance::Budget - A module for helping you predict the effectiveness of your budget.

This module consumes information about your budget planning and then creates a series of transactions to project what lays ahead. This can be useful when considering taking on a new car payment or making a big purchase. For example, spending $300 tod...

DYLAN/Finance-Budget-0.06 - 12 Aug 2017 05:09:34 GMT - Search in distribution

EWS::Client - Microsoft Exchange Web Services Client

This module acts as a client to the Microsoft Exchange Web Services API. From here you can access calendar and contact entries in a nicely abstracted fashion. Query results are generally available in an iterator and convenience methods exist to acces...

OLIVER/EWS-Client-1.300000 - 07 Dec 2015 21:28:57 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI::Xref - generate cross-references for Perl code

use PPI::Xref; my $xref = PPI::Xref->new(); # Constructor. PPI::Xref can be used to process files of Perl code or Perl code as a string, and then generate cross-references of its contents. The code is never executed, only parsed as a document tree. N...

JHI/PPI-Xref-0.010 - 29 Jan 2016 22:19:08 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::SearchBuilder - Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects

This module provides an object-oriented mechanism for retrieving and updating data in a DBI-accesible database. In order to use this module, you should create a subclass of "DBIx::SearchBuilder" and a subclass of "DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record" for eac...

BPS/DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.67 - 18 Jul 2016 19:17:06 GMT - Search in distribution

PPI::Find - Object version of the Element->find method

PPI::Find is the primary PDOM searching class in the core PPI package. History It became quite obvious during the development of PPI that many of the modules that would be built on top of it were going to need large numbers of saved, storable or easi...

MITHALDU/PPI-1.236 - 22 Jun 2017 17:03:02 GMT - Search in distribution

SOOT::API - Perl interface to Perl-ROOT wrapper internals

This package exposes some of the internals of the Perl-ROOT wrapper to Perl. All functions are to be considered experimental, mostly for internal use only, and certainly subject to change. If you need a stable API, contact the author(s). EXPORT None ...

SMUELLER/SOOT-0.17 - 25 Dec 2011 15:11:01 GMT - Search in distribution

CommonMark - Interface to the CommonMark C library

This module is a wrapper around the official CommonMark C library *libcmark*. It closely follows the original API. The main module provides some entry points to parse documents. The bulk of features is available through CommonMark::Node objects of wh...

NWELLNHOF/CommonMark-0.280301 - 24 Oct 2017 14:59:10 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Comix - programmatically access comics on the web

This modules eases the programmatical access to comic publishing sites. It deals with the differences in any of them, providing you with an abstraction layer that hides all the weird bits. New sites can be added easily by means of its plugin system. ...

POLETTIX/WWW-Comix-0.1.1 - 04 Sep 2008 01:05:40 GMT - Search in distribution


WBRASWELL/RPerl-3.601000 - 08 Mar 2018 00:29:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Mocha - Test double framework with method stubs and behaviour verification

Test::Mocha is a test double framework inspired by Java's Mockito. It offers a different approach to other mocking frameworks in that instead of setting up the expected behaviour beforehand you ask questions about interactions after execution of the ...

STEVENL/Test-Mocha-0.64 - 30 Sep 2015 08:44:56 GMT - Search in distribution

List::SomeUtils - Provide the stuff missing in List::Util

List::SomeUtils provides some trivial but commonly needed functionality on lists which is not going to go into List::Util. All of the below functions are implementable in only a couple of lines of Perl code. Using the functions from this module howev...

DROLSKY/List-SomeUtils-0.56 - 22 Jul 2017 17:29:13 GMT - Search in distribution


redland is a library providing support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) written in ANSI C with APIs in several other languages. This manual page lists most of the redland public API functions but does not claim to be a complete summary of...

DJBECKETT/Redland- - 30 Nov 2006 19:01:24 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Sqitch::Engine - Sqitch Deployment Engine

App::Sqitch::Engine provides the base class for all Sqitch storage engines. Most likely this will not be of much interest to you unless you are hacking on the engine code....

DWHEELER/App-Sqitch-0.9997 - 15 Mar 2018 21:18:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Alloy::TT - Template::Toolkit role

The Template::Alloy::TT role provides the syntax and the interface for Template::Toolkit version 1, 2, and 3. It also brings many of the features from the various templating systems. And it is fast. See the Template::Alloy documentation for configura...

RHANDOM/Template-Alloy-1.020 - 20 Sep 2013 18:59:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Algorithm::Loops - Looping constructs: NestedLoops, MapCar*, Filter, and NextPermute*

TYEMQ/Algorithm-Loops-1.032 - 24 Jul 2016 03:23:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Regexp::Parser - base class for parsing regexes

This module parses regular expressions (regexes). Its default "grammar" is Perl 5.8.4's regex set. Grammar is quoted because the module does not so much define a grammar as let each matched node state what it expects to match next, but there is not c...

TODDR/Regexp-Parser-0.22 - 12 Sep 2017 16:02:45 GMT - Search in distribution

GBPVR::CDBI - Database Abstraction for GBPVR

DAVIDRW/GBPVR-CDBI-0.04 - 08 Mar 2006 18:54:16 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Atom::OWL - parse an Atom file into RDF

This has a pretty similar interface to RDF::RDFa::Parser. Constructor "new($xml, $baseuri, \%options, $storage)" This method creates a new XML::Atom::OWL object and returns it. The $xml variable may contain an XML (Atom) string, or an XML::LibXML::Do...

TOBYINK/XML-Atom-OWL-0.104 - 11 Sep 2014 09:56:54 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::Template::Compiled - Template System Compiles HTML::Template files to Perl code

HTML::Template::Compiled is a template system which can be used for HTML::Template templates with almost the same API. It offers more flexible template delimiters, additional tags and features, and by compiling the template into perl code it can run ...

TINITA/HTML-Template-Compiled-1.003 - 03 May 2016 12:15:34 GMT - Search in distribution

App::perlstyle - App::Context Perl Style Guide

SPADKINS/App-Context-0.968 - 09 Jun 2010 21:33:19 GMT - Search in distribution

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