Generator/ River stage zero No dependents

HARDAKER/QWizard-3.15 - 17 Sep 2008 15:27:26 UTC - Search in distribution
  • QWizard - Display a series of questions, get the answers, and act on the answers.
  • QWizard_Widgets - Describes the Widgets available to QWizard Generators

Gtk3::WebKit2 - WebKit2 bindings for Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 3 total dependents

This module provides the Perl bindings for the Gtk3 port of WebKit2....

JCARTY/Gtk3-WebKit2-0.012 - 24 Jul 2020 07:31:59 UTC - Search in distribution

App::TimeTracker::Gtk2TrayIcon - Show TimeTracker status in a GTK tray applet River stage zero No dependents

Backend for

DOMM/App-TimeTracker-Gtk2TrayIcon-1.002 - 13 Sep 2011 20:43:22 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Mozilla/Mechanize/Browser/ River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

SLANNING/Mozilla-Mechanize-0.06 - 10 Oct 2009 23:47:57 UTC - Search in distribution

App::cpang - CPAN GUI in Gtk2 River stage zero No dependents

It's about time we have a GUI for *cpan*. Apparently we're not that into GUI, but users are, so we need^Wshould care about it too. This is a rough draft of a basic cpan GUI. It uses App::cpanminus instead of the basic *cpan*. It's not pretty, but it'...

XSAWYERX/App-cpang-0.03 - 08 Sep 2010 22:00:08 UTC - Search in distribution

Perl::Critic::Policy::Compatibility::Gtk2Constants - new enough Gtk2 version for its constants River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

This policy is part of the "Perl::Critic::Pulp" add-on. It requires that if you use certain constant subs from "Gtk2" and "Glib" then you must explicitly have a "use" of a high enough version of those modules. use Gtk2 1.160; ... return Gtk2::EVENT_P...

KRYDE/Perl-Critic-Pulp-97 - 19 Oct 2019 01:22:54 UTC - Search in distribution

PangoConst - the Pango constants without Glib / Gtk2 River stage zero No dependents

This module copies the PANGO_* constants from Gtk2::Pango so that you can use them without having to import/install the whole of Glib and Gtk2. Don't ask me what the PANGO_* constants are doing in Gtk2 rather than in Pango itself. A quote from Gtk2::...

BKB/PangoConst-0.03 - 15 Oct 2016 02:15:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Test::Glade - a simple way to test Gtk2::GladeXML-based apps River stage zero No dependents

GUIs are notoriously difficult to test. Historically this was well deserved as the available perl GUI toolkits did not encourage separation of the view and controller layers. The introduction of the Glade GUI designer and Gtk2::GladeXML changed that ...

NMUELLER/Test-Glade-1 - 08 May 2006 02:50:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Circle::FE::Gtk - Gtk2 frontend for the Circle application host River stage zero No dependents

PEVANS/circle-fe-gtk-0.173170 - 14 Nov 2017 19:01:59 UTC - Search in distribution

EV - perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop River stage three • 72 direct dependents • 105 total dependents

This module provides an interface to libev (<>). While the documentation below is comprehensive, one might also consult the documentation of libev itself (<>...

MLEHMANN/EV-4.33 - 18 Mar 2020 13:21:00 UTC - Search in distribution

POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for any event loop River stage three • 414 direct dependents • 574 total dependents

POE is a framework for cooperative, event driven multitasking and networking in Perl. Other languages have similar frameworks. Python has Twisted. TCL has "the event loop". POE provides a unified interface for several other event loops, including sel...

BINGOS/POE-1.368 - 02 Feb 2020 13:39:17 UTC - Search in distribution

Coro - the only real threads in perl River stage two • 63 direct dependents • 96 total dependents

For a tutorial-style introduction, please read the Coro::Intro manpage. This manpage mainly contains reference information. This module collection manages continuations in general, most often in the form of cooperative threads (also called coros, or ...

MLEHMANN/Coro-6.57 - 29 Jul 2020 13:10:08 UTC - Search in distribution

IO::AIO - Asynchronous/Advanced Input/Output River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 26 total dependents

This module implements asynchronous I/O using whatever means your operating system supports. It is implemented as an interface to "libeio" (<>). Asynchronous means that operations that can normally block your...

MLEHMANN/IO-AIO-4.72 - 03 Apr 2019 03:04:40 UTC - Search in distribution

Ask - ask your users about stuff River stage zero No dependents

The "Ask" suite is a set of modules for interacting with users; prompting them for information, displaying messages, warnings and errors, etc. There are already countless CPAN modules for doing this sort of thing, but what sets "Ask" apart from them ...

TOBYINK/Ask-0.007 - 18 Jun 2013 14:53:13 UTC - Search in distribution

nag - send yourself a reminder River stage zero No dependents

nag is a utility to facilitate invoking "Gtk2::Notify" to send your future self reminders. It causes a notification window with a somewhat eye catching icon to appear on your screen, linger a moment, and then fade away....

DFH/App-Nag-0.002 - 15 Feb 2011 20:58:02 UTC - Search in distribution

Gimp - Write GIMP extensions/plug-ins/load- and save-handlers in Perl River stage zero No dependents

Gimp-Perl is a module for writing plug-ins, extensions, standalone scripts, and file-handlers for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). It can be used to automate repetitive tasks, achieve a precision hard to get through manual use of GIMP, inte...

ETJ/Gimp-2.33 - 11 Apr 2019 19:39:10 UTC - Search in distribution

perlfaq8 - System Interaction River stage zero No dependents

This section of the Perl FAQ covers questions involving operating system interaction. Topics include interprocess communication (IPC), control over the user-interface (keyboard, screen and pointing devices), and most anything else not related to data...

ETHER/perlfaq-5.20200523 - 22 May 2020 03:29:12 UTC - Search in distribution

OpenCL - Open Computing Language Bindings River stage zero No dependents

This is an early release which might be useful, but hasn't seen much testing. OpenCL FROM 10000 FEET HEIGHT Here is a high level overview of OpenCL: First you need to find one or more OpenCL::Platforms (kind of like vendors) - usually there is only o...

MLEHMANN/OpenCL-1.01 - 07 May 2012 01:02:04 UTC - Search in distribution

AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming River stage three • 433 direct dependents • 722 total dependents

AnyEvent provides a uniform interface to various event loops. This allows module authors to use event loop functionality without forcing module users to use a specific event loop implementation (since more than one event loop cannot coexist peacefull...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-7.17 - 18 Sep 2019 01:11:59 UTC - Search in distribution

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